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Priest_Set_Focus_Durability Named T4 Thralls List for Conan Exiles

Showing 6 Priest_Set_Focus_Durability
Name↕️ Console Spawn Profession↕️ Race↕️ Faction↕️ Male %↕️
Amn'Ut The BlessedPriest_Set_Focus_DurabilityZingarianElite_Relic_Hunter100%
Chosen of SetPriest_Set_Focus_DurabilityKushiteVotaries_Of_Skelos0%
Elles the MediumPriest_Set_Focus_DurabilityKushiteElite_Votaries_Of_Skelos0%
Guzala the WorshipfulPriest_Set_Focus_DurabilityStygianElite_Relic_Hunter100%
Nasa the UnholyPriest_Set_Focus_DurabilityZamorianElite_Blackhand_Pir0%
Thaumaturge Ptah-MunPriest_Set_Focus_DurabilityStygianElite_Relic_Hunter0%

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