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Cook Named T4 Thralls List for Conan Exiles


Showing 36 Cook
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✔️ Name Console Spawn
Abna the Voracious
Ada Frostbite
Bragoras the Baker
Bunoab Bloody-Skull
Ch'epi, Eater of Man-Flesh
Chieftain Alva
Chopper Airk
Corms the Faithful
Dook the Cook
Dv'ai Maggot-Eater
Ennis the Gobbler
Fer the Rotund
Galacus the Gourmand
Gnash the Hungry
Gnashteeth Burning-Meat
Head Chef Neavan
Head Chef Taradis
Jai'ss the Culinarian
Jukona the Fool
Karamheb of the Larder
Lone Fisherman
Maru the Cannibal
Master Chef Thab
Merram the Cook
Razor Gord
Rikkart the Baker
Rum Runner Vald
Tap-Et the Taster
Taris the Ravenous
Taster Pernaddun
Thror Boozehound
Turas the Cook
V'anarr Feasts-On-Fingers
Vatessa the Potent
Vitel Stovebound

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