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Armorer Named T4 Thralls List for Conan Exiles


Showing 48 Armorer
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✔️ Name Console Spawn
Aldrik of the North Sea
Apet the Smith
Arcen Brokenfingers
B'naru Heavyhands
Blacksmith Nepta
Chelkus the Smith
Chieftain Aslaug
Diana Steelshaper
Enis Ironwrought
Finnbar of Cimmeria
Ghamm the Worn
Grrr Legbiter
Hanar of Bossonia
Harkin the Fleecer
Irniz of the Furnace
Jehungir Horseshoe
Joka Ironfist
Llarn Steeltoe
Makiela Hide Ripper
Mar the Maker
Master Armorer Keel
Master Armorer Sasai
Master Armorer Surn
Master Armorer Tulos
Muhingo War Maker
Njoror Battleborn
Ogrus Iron-eater
Oisun the Smith
Orqina Steeltongue
Red Rorik
Rimel the Shaggy
Saken Bristlebeard
Siesse Blacktongue
Silas the Weathered
Tarris Leatherbinder
Ternis Burnbritches
Than Hammerblow
Tilutan the Indestructible
Uras the Strong
Werk of the Lost Tribe
Wynne Thick-Skin
Zoara of the Marshes

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