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Conan Exiles Master NPC Spawn table Smelter_4


Total Shown: 49 (500 max)
Name↕️ Console Profession↕️
Abras the SmelterSmelter_4
Alakar Burning-HandsSmelter_4
Amara Soot-fingerSmelter_4_Purge
Astak BlackfootSmelter_4
Astrid of the ForgeSmelter_4_Purge
Bak\'T the SmelterSmelter_4_Purge
Black MarkelSmelter_4_Purge
Brengel CoalstokerSmelter_4_Purge
Chieftain ValdaSmelter_4
Daya LeaddrinkerSmelter_4
Fingal FiretenderSmelter_4
Flametender KhetSmelter_4_Purge
Gerin the SmelterSmelter_4
Hap\'Zebat of the FurnaceSmelter_4_Purge
Henwas BlacknailsSmelter_4_Purge
Hith SilverfingerSmelter_4
Hor\'Tapesh the SmelterSmelter_4_Purge
Hrugn Raging-FireSmelter_4_Purge
Idra SparkeyesSmelter_4
Ilo IronbarSmelter_4_Purge
Jon the TinkererSmelter_4
Khorim of the SandsSmelter_4_Purge
Larathiel of AsuraSmelter_4
Lohar the BurnedSmelter_4_Purge
Loich Molten-HandSmelter_4_Purge
Macrin Black HandSmelter_4
Master Smelter EalisSmelter_4_Purge
Master Smelter JiusSmelter_4
Master Smelter N\'uissSmelter_4_Purge
Master Smelter WaasSmelter_4_Purge
Matias SnowmeltSmelter_4
Matias the AccursedSmelter_4
Melicoma the WatcherSmelter_4
Murzi SmolderfingerSmelter_4_Purge
N\'put ForgeboundSmelter_4_Purge
Noam of AkkhariaSmelter_4
Parkel Torched-BottomSmelter_4_Purge
Smelter BriusSmelter_4
Smelter TorinnSmelter_4
Smelter UltannSmelter_4
Smelter YrkonnSmelter_4
Stoker BramSmelter_4_Purge
Stoker Bram the AccursedSmelter_4_Purge
Strai Ember-eyeSmelter_4_Purge
Thran of the Flowing SteelSmelter_4_Purge
Thunkmek IronwroughtSmelter_4_Purge
Tiberius Burning-BritchesSmelter_4_Purge
Varia of the FurnaceSmelter_4_Purge
Yael of ShemSmelter_4

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