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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


27 results. (1000 max)
235SmeargleBlackRoute 5 (Swarm)
235SmeargleUltraMoonRoute 2
235SmeargleUltraSunRoute 2
235SmeargleMoonRoute 2
235SmeargleSunRoute 2
235SmeargleAlphaSapphireTrade, Event
235SmeargleOmegaRubyTrade, Event
235SmeargleYRoute 7, Friend Safari (Normal)
235SmeargleXRoute 7, Friend Safari (Normal)
235SmeargleWhite2Trade, Event
235SmeargleBlack2Trade, Event
235SmeargleWhiteRoute 5 (Swarm)
235SmeargleGoldRuins of Alph
235SmeargleSoulSilverRuins of Alph Safari Zone (Morning/Day)
235SmeargleHeartGoldRuins of Alph Safari Zone (Morning/Day)
235SmearglePlatinumRoutes 208, 212 (North) (Poke Radar)
235SmearglePearlRoute 212 (North) (Poke Radar)
235SmeargleDiamondRoute 212 (North) (Poke Radar)
235SmeargleLeafGreenTrade, Event
235SmeargleFireRedTrade, Event
235SmeargleEmeraldArtisan Cave
235SmeargleSapphireTrade, Event
235SmeargleRubyTrade, Event
235SmeargleCrystalRuins of Alph (Morning/Day)
235SmeargleSilverRuins of Alph

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