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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


27 results. (1000 max)
198MurkrowBlackAbundant Shrine
198MurkrowUltraMoonHau'oli Cemetery (Night)
198MurkrowUltraSunHau'oli Cemetery (Night)
198MurkrowMoonVast Poni Canyon, Poke Pelago
198MurkrowSunVast Poni Canyon, Poke Pelago
198MurkrowAlphaSapphireSoaring in the sky
198MurkrowOmegaRubySoaring in the sky
198MurkrowYRoutes 15, 16 (Horde encounter)
198MurkrowXRoutes 15, 16 (Horde encounter)
198MurkrowWhite2Pinwheel Forest (Hidden Grotto)
198MurkrowBlack2Pinwheel Forest (Hidden Grotto)
198MurkrowGoldRoutes 7, 16 (Night)
198MurkrowSoulSilverRoutes 7, 16 (Night)
Safari Zone
198MurkrowHeartGoldRoutes 7, 16 (Night)
Safari Zone
198MurkrowDiamondEterna Forest, Lost Tower (Night)
198MurkrowLeafGreenTrade, Event
198MurkrowFireRedLost Cave
198MurkrowEmeraldTrade, Event
198MurkrowSapphireTrade, Event
198MurkrowRubyTrade, Event
198MurkrowCrystalRoutes 7, 16 (Night)
198MurkrowSilverRoutes 7, 16 (Night)

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