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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
BeastGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions451
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard391
HumanoidGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil326
BeastGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark313
GoblinGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil262
BeastGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer242
DevilGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard241
FiendGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard243
HumanoidGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions207
HumanoidGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep205
LycanthropeGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions207
RangedGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep181
BeastGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep153
HumanGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep151
FeyGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard151
BanditGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep153
UndeadGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep141
HumanoidGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer143
DevilGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer120
FiendGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer122
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark121
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer121
Half-OrcGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep123
BeastGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil122
UndeadGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark123
RangedGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard114
DemonGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer102
GnollGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer101
AberrationGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard90
RangedGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer80
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil81
HobgoblinGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil83
ConstructGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard70
UndeadGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil61
GnollGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep51
GnollGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil51
BeastGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard50
DemonGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep51
DemonGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil51
FeyGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions51
GoblinGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer40
ElementalGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard41
ElementalGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil41
AberrationGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep31
RangedGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions31
RangedGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil32
MonstrosityGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark31
Hit-BasedGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep30
BanditGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard20
RangedGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark21
Half-OrcGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard20
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep20
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions20
FeyGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark21
MonstrosityGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer22
HumanGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard23
BanditGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark20
HumanoidGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark22
HumanoidGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard23
HumanGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark20
Half-OrcGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark20
SpawnerGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard10
Hit-BasedGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard10
PlantGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard02
OozeGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer01
MonstrosityGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions01
DemonGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard01
HumanGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer02

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