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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
MeleeLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep497
MeleeLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction486
MeleeLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?449
MeleeLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!376
HumanoidLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction334
HumanoidLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!324
HumanoidLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?283
RangedLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!264
PlantLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep240
HumanoidLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep236
DwarfLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?221
ElfLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!213
BeastLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep203
BeastLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction181
RangedLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction174
BeastLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?152
RangedLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?152
FiendLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!154
BeastLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!131
PlantLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction132
DwarfLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction121
Half-OrcLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?110
Half-ElfLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction100
StaticLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction72
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction72
Half-OrcLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction70
AberrationLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!60
HumanLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?62
MonstrosityLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?61
PlantLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?61
ConstructLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep60
HobgoblinLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction60
GoblinoidLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction60
ConstructLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction60
ElfLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep52
DemonLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep40
FiendLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?40
HalflingLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?40
AberrationLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?33
DwarfLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!31
StaticLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!30
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!33
DevilLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!21
AberrationLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction21
RangedLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep22
MonstrosityLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep22
QuaggothLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction20
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?13
StaticLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?10
StaticLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep10
HumanLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep12
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep13
Half-ElfLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep10
Half-OrcLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!10
MonstrosityLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!01
DevourerLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!01
Armor-BasedLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!01
Armor-BasedLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?01
MonstrosityLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction01
FeyLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction01
ElfLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction01
Armor-BasedLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction02

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