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New World territory standing choices

65 choices
LevelXPTotal XPChoiceChoiceChoiceTitle
2375525 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageNewcomer
48251,950 Trading Tax XP Gain StorageNewcomer
61,2754,275 XP Gain Trading Tax StorageKnown
81,7257,500 Trading Tax XP Gain StorageKnown
102,17511,625 Trading Tax XP Gain StorageWell Known
122,62516,650 Trading Tax Faction Tokens StorageWell Known
143,07522,575 Trading Tax Faction Tokens StorageWell Known
163,52529,400 Trading Tax Faction Tokens StorageRespected
183,97537,125 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageRespected
235,10060,375 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageAdmired
286,22589,250 Standing Gain Storage GatherProminent
337,350123,750 Station Fee Storage Property TaxProminent
388,475163,875 Storage Faction Tokens GatherDistinguished
439,600209,625 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxDignified
4810,725261,000 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageDignified
5311,850318,000 Station Fee Trading Tax StoragePrestigious
5812,975380,625 Standing Gain Storage GatherPrestigious
6314,100448,875 Station Fee Storage Property TaxIllustrious
6815,225522,750 Storage Faction Tokens GatherIllustrious
7316,350602,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxVaunted
7817,475687,375 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageVaunted
8318,600778,125 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageAcclaimed
8819,725874,500 Standing Gain Storage GatherAcclaimed
9320,850976,500 Station Fee Storage Property TaxHonored
9821,9751,084,125 Storage Faction Tokens GatherHonored
10322,5001,196,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxRenowned
10822,5001,308,750 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageRenowned
11322,5001,421,250 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageRenowned
11822,5001,533,750 Standing Gain Storage GatherEsteemed
12322,5001,646,250 Station Fee Storage Property TaxEsteemed
12822,5001,758,750 Storage Faction Tokens GatherEsteemed
13322,5001,871,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxCelebrated
13822,5001,983,750 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageCelebrated
14322,5002,096,250 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageCelebrated
14822,5002,208,750 Standing Gain Storage GatherFamous
15322,5002,321,250 Station Fee Storage Property TaxFamous
15822,5002,433,750 Storage Faction Tokens GatherFamous
16322,5002,546,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxVenerable
16822,5002,658,750 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageVenerable
17322,5002,771,250 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageVenerable
17822,5002,883,750 Standing Gain Storage GatherRevered
18322,5002,996,250 Station Fee Storage Property TaxRevered
18822,5003,108,750 Storage Faction Tokens GatherRevered
19322,5003,221,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxPreeminent
19822,5003,333,750 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StoragePreeminent
20322,5003,446,250 Station Fee Trading Tax StoragePreeminent
20822,5003,558,750 Standing Gain Storage GatherEminent
21322,5003,671,250 Station Fee Storage Property TaxEminent
21822,5003,783,750 Storage Faction Tokens GatherEminent
22322,5003,896,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxExalted
22822,5004,008,750 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageExalted
23322,5004,121,250 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageExalted
23822,5004,233,750 Standing Gain Storage GatherAstral
24322,5004,346,250 Station Fee Storage Property TaxAstral
24822,5004,458,750 Storage Faction Tokens GatherAstral
25322,5004,571,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxLuminary
25822,5004,683,750 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageLuminary
26322,5004,796,250 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageLuminary
26822,5004,908,750 Standing Gain Storage GatherFabled
27322,5005,021,250 Station Fee Storage Property TaxFabled
27822,5005,133,750 Storage Faction Tokens GatherFabled
28322,5005,246,250 Storage Trading Tax Property TaxLegendary
28822,5005,358,750 Standing Gain Faction Tokens StorageLegendary
29322,5005,471,250 Station Fee Trading Tax StorageLegendary
29822,5005,583,750 Standing Gain Storage GatherLegendary

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