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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


25 results. (1000 max)
365WalreinBlack2Undella Bay (Surfing in rippling water) (Winter)
365WalreinSwSh-DLCFrigid Sea (Wanderer)
365WalreinUltraMoonEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinUltraSunEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinMoonEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinSunEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinAlphaSapphireEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinOmegaRubyEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinYEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinXEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinWhite2Undella Bay (Surfing in rippling water) (Winter)
365WalreinRubyEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinWhiteUndella Bay (Surfing in rippling water) (Winter)
365WalreinBlackUndella Bay (Surfing in rippling water) (Winter)
365WalreinSoulSilverEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinHeartGoldEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinPlatinumEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinPearlEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinEmeraldEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
365WalreinSapphireEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)

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