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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


24 results. (1000 max)
328TrapinchBlack2Desert Resort, Reversal Mountain
328TrapinchShieldRoute 6, Hammerlocke Hills
Rolling Fields, Axew's Eye, Dusty Bowl (Max Raid Battle)
328TrapinchSwordRoute 6
Rolling Fields, Axew's Eye, Dusty Bowl (Max Raid Battle)
328TrapinchUltraMoonHaina Desert
328TrapinchUltraSunHaina Desert
328TrapinchMoonHaina Desert
328TrapinchSunHaina Desert
328TrapinchAlphaSapphireRoute 111
328TrapinchOmegaRubyRoute 111
328TrapinchYRoute 13, Friend Safari (Ground)
328TrapinchXRoute 13, Friend Safari (Ground)
328TrapinchWhite2Desert Resort, Reversal Mountain
328TrapinchRubyRoute 111
328TrapinchWhiteWhite Forest
328TrapinchBlackTrade, Event
328TrapinchSoulSilverSafari Zone
328TrapinchHeartGoldSafari Zone
328TrapinchPearlRoute 228 (Poké Radar)
328TrapinchDiamondRoute 228 (Poké Radar)
328TrapinchEmeraldRoute 111, Mirage Tower
328TrapinchSapphireRoute 111

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