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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


24 results. (1000 max)
276TaillowBlack2Breed Swellow
276TaillowUltraMoonBreed Swellow
276TaillowUltraSunBreed Swellow
276TaillowAlphaSapphireRoutes 104, 115, 116, Petalburg Woods, Soaring in the sky
276TaillowOmegaRubyRoutes 104, 115, 116, Petalburg Woods, Soaring in the sky
276TaillowYRoute 8 (Horde encounter)
276TaillowXRoute 8 (Horde encounter)
276TaillowWhite2Breed Swellow
276TaillowRubyRoutes 104, 115, 116, Petalburg Woods
276TaillowWhiteBreed Swellow
276TaillowBlackBreed Swellow
276TaillowSoulSilverCherrygrove City (Headbutt trees)
276TaillowHeartGoldCherrygrove City (Headbutt trees)
276TaillowPlatinumBreed Swellow
276TaillowPearlBreed Swellow
276TaillowDiamondBreed Swellow
276TaillowLeafGreenTrade, Event
276TaillowFireRedTrade, Event
276TaillowEmeraldRoutes 104, 115, 116, Petalburg Woods
276TaillowSapphireRoutes 104, 115, 116, Petalburg Woods

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