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Support Skill Gem List
33 red Shown
Name Letter Primary Secondary Level Mana Cost Mult
Added Fire Damage SupportFRed8120%
Ancestral Call SupportARed4140%
Blood Magic SupportBRed31(245%-196%)
Bloodlust SupportLRed18125%
Brutality SupportURed38130%
Burning Damage SupportbRedBlue31120%
Cast on Melee Kill Support&RedBlue38140%
Cast when Damage Taken Support!RedBlue38100%
Chance to Bleed SupportERed1110%
Cold to Fire SupportxRedBlue18110%
Damage on Full Life SupportfRed18130%
Elemental Damage with Attacks SupportWRedBlue18140%
Empower Support+Red1125%
Endurance Charge on Melee Stun SupporteRed18110%
Fire Penetration SupportVRed31140%
Fortify SupportORed31110%
Generosity SupportGRedBlue31100%
Increased Duration SupportDRed31140%
Iron Grip SupportiRed18100%
Iron Will SupportwRed18100%
Knockback SupportkRed8100%
Less Duration SupportdRed31120%
Life Gain on Hit SupporthRed8150%
Life Leech SupportlRed31130%
Maim SupportmRed8115%
Melee Physical Damage SupportMRed18140%
Melee Splash SupportSRed8160%
Multistrike Support3RedGreen38180%
Ranged Attack Totem SupportRRedGreen8200%
Reduced Mana SupportrRed31100%
Ruthless SupportuRed1110%
Spell Totem SupportTRedBlue8200%
Stun SupporttRed8100%

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