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Support Skill Gem List
38 Shown
NameSecondaryLevelMana Mult
Added Cold Damage SupportC8130%
Additional Accuracy SupportaRed8100%
Advanced Traps SupportR31120%
Blind Supportx8100%
Block Chance Reduction SupportBBlue18100%
Cast On Critical Strike Support&Blue38140%
Cast on Death Support!Blue38100%
Chain Supportc38150%
Chance to Flee SupportzBlue8100%
Charged Traps SupportFBlue31130%
Cluster Traps SupportL38150%
Cold Penetration SupportV31140%
Culling Strike SupportX18110%
Deadly Ailments SupportiBlue18130%
Enhance Support+1115%
Faster Attacks SupportA18115%
Faster Projectiles Supportj31110%
Fork SupportY31130%
Greater Multiple Projectiles SupportP38165%
Hypothermia SupportD31120%
Ice Bite SupportK31130%
Lesser Multiple Projectiles Supportl8140%
Lesser Poison SupportO1110%
Mana Leech Supportm31100%
Mirage Archer SupportM4140%
Multiple Traps SupporttBlue8140%
Onslaught SupportnRed1110%
Physical Projectile Attack Damage Supportd18120%
Pierce Supportp1110%
Point Blank Supportb18120%
Poison Supporto31135%
Slower Projectiles SupportJ31140%
Swift Affliction Supportr31125%
Trap and Mine Damage SupportWBlue18130%
Trap SupportTBlue8110%
Vile Toxins Supporte38120%
Void Manipulation SupportvBlue8120%
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