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Datamined player housing items at launch for New World

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Bed_Settler_Bed01_A_DescriptionAn ash wood bunk bed crafted by artisan hands. Curl up on the blue comfy comforter and sleep in as late as you like.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_A_MasterNameCerulean Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed01_B_DescriptionThere's no moping in this maple wood bunk bed. The warm, red blankets lifts your spirits all the way to dream land.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_B_MasterNameCherry Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed01_C_DescriptionAn oak wood bunk bed built for two. (Except no one ever takes the top bunk.) So go solo and sleep easy on bright green sheets.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_C_MasterNameGrassy Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed01_D_DescriptionDark mahogany wood. Bright yellow cloth. Bountiful binary bedding. A doubly delightful contrast sure to make anyone rest easy.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_D_MasterNameSunny Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_A_DescriptionBlue sheets and ash wood makes up this simple yet comfortable bed. However this bed isn't really full until you are napping in it.
Bed_Settler_Bed02_A_MasterNameAsh Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_B_DescriptionThis maple wood bed was made with love. (Hence the red sheets.) But it wasn't made for lovin'. Only sleeping. One person at a time!
Bed_Settler_Bed02_B_MasterNameMaple Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_C_DescriptionThe green sheets might look inviting, like bouncy spring grass. But don't be fooled. This oak bed not for jumping. It's for... other stuff...
Bed_Settler_Bed02_C_MasterNameOak Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_D_DescriptionI couldn't possibly sleep in this bed. The yellow sheets are just so bright and happy. The mahogany wood too deep and dark. The mattress... too... soft... zzzZZZzz....
Bed_Settler_Bed02_D_MasterNameMahogany Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Decor_Floor_Dogbed01_DescriptionYour loyal companion deserves nothing less than the best in straw-based bedding.
Bed_Settler_Decor_Floor_Dogbed01_MasterNameStraw Pet Bed
Chair_Settler_Chair01_A_DescriptionThe rugged elegance of this chair elevates any home's style from 'rustic' to 'rustic chic'.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_A_MasterNameAsh Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair01_B_DescriptionThis maple dining chair is warm and inviting, just like you. The iron back supports make it strong enough to support even the weariest back.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_B_MasterNameMaple Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair01_C_DescriptionThis mighty oak chair is bound in iron, for a sitting experience that's as strong as you are.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_C_MasterNameOak Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair01_D_DescriptionNothing like rocking out at the dinner table in this mahogany dining chair.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_D_MasterNameMahogany Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_A_DescriptionThough it looks somewhat rickety, the ash wood in this chair makes it strong and flexible.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_A_MasterNameAsh Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_B_DescriptionThe resonant maple wood in this beautiful chair will inspire any musician who sits in it.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_B_MasterNameMaple Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_C_DescriptionStrong, stately, and surprisingly comfortable. You can see yourself dictating your memoirs from this chair.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_C_MasterNameOak Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_D_DescriptionThis beautifully crafted mahogany rocking chair is not only elegant, it also has great lumbar support.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_D_MasterNameMahogany Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Stool_A_DescriptionThis ash bar stool will support you through the good times and the bad.
Chair_Settler_Stool_A_MasterNameAsh Bar Stool
Chair_Settler_Stool_B_DescriptionMany a festive night has passed in bars across Aeternum, shared by people sitting on stools like this. It'll be a big hit at your housewarming party.
Chair_Settler_Stool_B_MasterNameMaple Bar Stool
Chair_Settler_Stool_C_DescriptionThey say the greatest ruler in Aeternum's history refused his golden throne, preferring instead to sit on a simple oak stool just like this one.
Chair_Settler_Stool_C_MasterNameOak Bar Stool
Chair_Settler_Stool_D_DescriptionThe dark, lustrous wood of this mahogany stool would pair wonderfully with a bold rug.
Chair_Settler_Stool_D_MasterNameMahogany Bar Stool
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_A_DescriptionMade with extra bright-burning tallow candles, this chandelier is the perfect mix of utility and ambiance.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_A_MasterNameWarm Iron Chandelier - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_B_DescriptionThe light from this chandelier is universally flattering, and will make you even more good-looking than you already are.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_B_MasterNameWarm Iron Chandelier - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_C_DescriptionThe cool tones of this chandelier's light are intended to mimic daylight, to help get you through those long Aeternian winters.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_C_MasterNameCool Iron Chandelier - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_D_DescriptionAzoth threads woven through the wicks of these candles provide a subtle blue-ish glow, and are also said to cause vivid dreams.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_D_MasterNameCool Iron Chandelier - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_A_DescriptionThe strength of this lantern's light makes it difficult to use for nefarious purposes. However, it's very popular with home decorators.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_A_MasterNameWarm Iron Lantern - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_B_DescriptionThe soft, warm light of this lantern in your window will always guide you home.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_B_MasterNameWarm Iron Lantern - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_C_DescriptionThis lantern casts a clean, sharp light, like the sun reflecting off fresh snow.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_C_MasterNameCool Iron Lantern - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_D_DescriptionThis lantern is perfect for sitting around and telling ghost stories late at night.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_D_MasterNameCool Iron Lantern - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_A_DescriptionShines a warm, relaxing light into even the darkest corners of your home.
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_A_MasterNameWarm Iron Sconce - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_B_DescriptionFor when you want light, but not a lot of it. Just the right amount.
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_B_MasterNameWarm Iron Sconce - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_C_DescriptionThe cool light from this wall sconce helps you make calm, rational decisions. Popular with doctors and accountants.
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_C_MasterNameCool Iron Sconce - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_D_DescriptionDo you consider yourself more of a winter person? Then this is the perfect wall sconce for you!
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_D_MasterNameCool Iron Sconce - Dim
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug01_DescriptionA yellow rug shaped like the sun. Make you feel warm and happy just looking at it.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug01_MasterNameRound Sunny Rug
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug02_DescriptionThis cheerful green rug feels especially good on bare feet. It reminds you of spring grass.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug02_MasterNameCurved Grassy Rug
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug03_DescriptionThe bright blue dye used in this rug was made with a mixture of azoth and oak tree bark. The color can't be exactly replicated anywhere else in the world.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug03_MasterNameOval Cerulean Rug
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug04_DescriptionThis cheery red rug is fully reversible. Unfortunately, the other side is also red.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug04_MasterNameRectangle Cherry Rug
Settler_Armoire01_A_DescriptionAsh is also known as "firelight" wood, and gives off a wonderful long-burning heat due to its density. Not that you'd ever burn your beautiful ash armoire, of course.
Settler_Armoire01_A_MasterNameAsh Armoire
Settler_Armoire01_B_DescriptionIf you shut yourself into this armoire on a quiet night, you might be able to hear the wood around you resonate with the music of the cosmos.
Settler_Armoire01_B_MasterNameMaple Armoire
Settler_Armoire01_C_DescriptionAn immortal owner needs an immortal place to store their clothes. The oak armoire is sturdy enough to withstand the ravages of both time and small explosions.
Settler_Armoire01_C_MasterNameOak Armoire
Settler_Armoire01_D_DescriptionJust because you're a settler doesn't mean you have to settle for less than the best. This mahogany armoire is proof of your exquisite taste.
Settler_Armoire01_D_MasterNameMahogany Armoire
Settler_Bookcase01_A_DescriptionThe top interior decorator in Aeternum adores the weathered look of this compact ash bookcase, making it a very popular piece.
Settler_Bookcase01_A_MasterNameAsh Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase01_B_DescriptionThere's no finer place to store all your old sea maps and star charts. You won't be needing them here on Aeternum.
Settler_Bookcase01_B_MasterNameMaple Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase01_C_DescriptionThis oak bookcase is perfect for displaying your favorite flowers, for a bright pop of color and a soothing fragrance.
Settler_Bookcase01_C_MasterNameOak Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase01_D_DescriptionIf you're going to go to the trouble of owning all these impressive books, you may as well display them in this impressive mahogany bookcase.
Settler_Bookcase01_D_MasterNameMahogany Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_A_DescriptionNo metal fasteners were used in the joinery of this ash bookcase. Its craftsmanship is second to none.
Settler_Bookcase02_A_MasterNameAsh Large Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_B_DescriptionThe same wood that went into this bookcase is also used by luthiers to craft Aeternum's finest musical instruments.
Settler_Bookcase02_B_MasterNameMaple Large Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_C_DescriptionThis bookcase is sturdy enough to hold all your hopes and dreams for the future.
Settler_Bookcase02_C_MasterNameOak Large Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_D_DescriptionThis bookcase of gleaming mahogany lends you an air of confidence when you stand in front of it. Try it out!
Settler_Bookcase02_D_MasterNameMahogany Large Bookcase
Settler_Cabinet01_A_DescriptionJust imagining all the things you could put in these tiny drawers fills you with a sense of excitement.
Settler_Cabinet01_A_MasterNameAsh Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet01_B_DescriptionThis maple chest of drawers will keep your collection safe and sound. What collection? Any collection!
Settler_Cabinet01_B_MasterNameMaple Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet01_C_DescriptionWhat's inside the drawers isn't important. What really matters is that you did your best.
Settler_Cabinet01_C_MasterNameOak Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet01_D_DescriptionThis chest has four drawers, one for each of the major accessory groups: capes, half-capes, falconry gloves, and socks.
Settler_Cabinet01_D_MasterNameMahogany Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet02_A_DescriptionSome people claim that clothes kept in this ash wood cabinet will never go out of fashion.
Settler_Cabinet02_A_MasterNameAsh Cabinet
Settler_Cabinet02_B_DescriptionThere is a custom on Aeternum that a young woodsman must use his own two hands to make a cabinet out of the first tree he ever fells.
Settler_Cabinet02_B_MasterNameMaple Cabinet
Settler_Cabinet02_C_DescriptionYou can't just hide your secrets in any old cabinet. There's a saying on Aeternum: 'oak never tells'.
Settler_Cabinet02_C_MasterNameOak Cabinet
Settler_Cabinet02_D_DescriptionThe cubbyholes in this mahogany cabinet are the perfect place to store your various medals and commendations.
Settler_Cabinet02_D_MasterNameMahogany Cabinet
Settler_Decor_Desk_ClothArrangement01_DescriptionSewing is one of the most practical skills any adventurer can have. No one else is going to mend your pants for you.
Settler_Decor_Desk_ClothArrangement01_MasterNameSewing Accessories
Settler_Decor_Desk_FloralArrangement01_DescriptionLife on Aeternum can be stressful. Flower arrangement is a healthy way to unwind after a day full of dying.
Settler_Decor_Desk_FloralArrangement01_MasterNameFloral Design Accessories
Settler_Decor_Desk_PaperArrangement01_DescriptionYou can write about whatever you want with this desk set. It's here to support you and your literary dreams.
Settler_Decor_Desk_PaperArrangement01_MasterNameDesk Accessories
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace01_DescriptionMany a retired adventurer has spent their golden years poking at the fire and thinking of the past.
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace01_MasterNameFireplace Poker Set
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace02_DescriptionA bellows for the optimists. A bucket of water for the realists.
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace02_MasterNameFireplace Accessories
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace03_DescriptionWhat better place to store your precious books than near an open flame?
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace03_MasterNameFireplace Books
Settler_Decor_FloralArrangement01_DescriptionThe scent of these cheerful yellow flowers is strongest at solar noon, earning them the nickname 'sunbathers'. On the summer solstice, they can be smelled from up to fifty yards away.
Settler_Decor_FloralArrangement01_MasterNameHanging Basket of Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants01_DescriptionAn arrangement of winter blooms. The red berries of the firethorn are said to ease homesickness when eaten. They are a traditional welcoming gift for newcomers to Aeternum.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants01_MasterNamePot of Winter Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants02_DescriptionDelphinium flower cultivation is a popular pastime on Aeternum, and garden competitions can be cutthroat. The plant contains deadly alkaloids, and "accidental" poisonings occur frequently.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants02_MasterNamePot of Blue Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants03_DescriptionA colorful display of aster and wormwood that soothes a tired soul.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants03_MasterNamePot of Pink Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow01_DescriptionA wheelbarrow is a marvelous invention. Now you no longer have to transport manure with your bare hands.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow01_MasterNameWooden Wheelbarrow
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow02_DescriptionA good garden takes sweat to plant and time to grow. Your trusty wheelbarrow will be with you every step of the way.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow02_MasterNameWheelbarrow of Garden Supplies
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes01_DescriptionWhen the wind blows from the south, the colorful ribbons and melody reminds you of your childhood. Ring any bells?
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes01_MasterNameColorful Wind Chimes
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes02_DescriptionIt takes a pretty stiff wind to rattle these chunky copper chimes. But when they chime, it is a sound to behold.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes02_MasterNameRobust Wind Chimes
Settler_Decor_Painting01_DescriptionA serene oil painting in an ash wood frame. No one is quite sure how the artist got the bear in this painting to stand still for six hours.
Settler_Decor_Painting01_MasterName"Bear in Meadow" Painting
Settler_Decor_Painting02_DescriptionA haunting watercolor painting in a maple wood frame. It is so rich with atmosphere that the viewer can almost feel the chilly mist on their skin.
Settler_Decor_Painting02_MasterName"Beyond the Gate" Painting
Settler_Decor_Painting03_DescriptionA painting that captures the essence of an Aeternian sunrise within a fine oak frame. The painter nearly drove herself mad trying to capture the passing of autumn with the coming of winter.
Settler_Decor_Painting03_MasterName"Mountain Dawn" Painting
Settler_Decor_Painting04_DescriptionIt is hard to tell which is nicer; the oil painting of a scenic river, or the carved and polish mahogany frame it rests within.
Settler_Decor_Painting04_MasterName"Spring River" Painting
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes01_DescriptionSimple dishes, carved from simple wood, for simple meals. What could be more simple?
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes01_MasterNameWooden Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes02_DescriptionA good host always has enough plates to make sure that no one leaves hungry.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes02_MasterNameStacked Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes03_DescriptionWashing the dishes can be a risky proposition when you have to go down to the river to do it. But the mallet does provide some protection.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes03_MasterNameDirty Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes04_DescriptionThe wear and tear on these dishes is a testament to countless meals savored to the last bite.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes04_MasterNameWell-Loved Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans01_DescriptionIn the Old World, a good cauldron was often passed down through the generations. Here in Aeternum, nothing gets passed down.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans01_MasterNameCauldron Cooking Set
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans02_DescriptionCooking is a very important survival skill in Aeternum. Anyone who has ever tried to eat raw boar meat will understand why.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans02_MasterNameCampfire Cooking Set
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans03_DescriptionYou've gained mastery over fire. Prove your dominance by using it to cook a delicious meal.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans03_MasterNameSturdy Cooking Set
Settler_Decor_Table_FloralArrangement01_DescriptionA sprinkle of lemon juice will keep your flowers looking as fresh as the day you cut them.
Settler_Decor_Table_FloralArrangement01_MasterNameFresh Flowers Assembly
Settler_Decor_Table_KitchenArrangement01_DescriptionYou're ready to create a culinary masterpiece. Now all you need is the food.
Settler_Decor_Table_KitchenArrangement01_MasterNameMeal Prep Set
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_DescriptionIs this the aftermath of a meal, or the beforemath? (Beforemath is a common word in Aeternum.)
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_MasterNameCerulean Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_DescriptionThis tableware is almost too pretty to use, unless you're hungry, and the bright red placemat makes you real hungry for fresh fruit.
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_MasterNameCherry Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_DescriptionYou might just lose sight of your meal if you were to have a picnic on the grass, that is, if the ants don't get to it first.
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_MasterNameGrassy Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_DescriptionEvery meal you eat makes you feel a bit happier, a bit brighter when you use this place setting. I wonder why?
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_MasterNameSunny Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_DescriptionA thick, blue drape to block the light from a window. Perfect for those who like to sleep until noon.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_MasterNameCerulean Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_DescriptionYou won't feel dreary with this delightfully dapper drape. The bright red reminds you of fresh fruit.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_MasterNameCherry Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_DescriptionIf you don't want to look out a window at the green rolling hills, you can look at this drape instead, with its green rolling fabric.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_MasterNameGrassy Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_DescriptionYou can have a bright outlook with this drape, even if you can't look out a window through it.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_MasterNameSunny Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_DescriptionA lovely blue colored fabric hanging loosely. For those who want all the style of a curtain with none of the utility.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_MasterNameCerulean Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_DescriptionThink of this bright red fabric like a window hat. It is pretty, and does very little to keep the light out.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_MasterNameCherry Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_DescriptionBring the outdoors in with some grassy green fabric. Drapery never looked so good.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_MasterNameGrassy Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_DescriptionAdd some lovely color with this happy fabric. You can hang it above your windows, your door, your bed. Any wall you like!
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_MasterNameSunny Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_DescriptionThe sky's the limit with these blue sky drapes. It's the next best thing to being outside.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_MasterNameCerulean Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_DescriptionFrame your window with style. And nothing says 'style' like these cherry colored drapes. They really make the room pop.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_MasterNameCherry Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_DescriptionBring the spirit of the forest inside with these long green drapes. Their tallness reminds you of trees.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_MasterNameGrassy Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_DescriptionYou won't be able to tell where the window stops and these curtains begin on a sunny day.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_MasterNameSunny Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath01_DescriptionThis exuberant wreath uses dried flowers, so you can get that summertime feel even in the dead of winter.
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath01_MasterNameSummertime Wreath
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath02_DescriptionHanging a wreath of delphiniums on your door or in your window means that you're ready for visitors. Hope the place is clean!
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath02_MasterNameDelphinium Wreath
Settler_Dresser01_A_DescriptionThis single-source dresser was crafted from the wood of one ash tree, which had lived a long, full life with no regrets.
Settler_Dresser01_A_MasterNameAsh Dresser
Settler_Dresser01_B_DescriptionTo make a maple dresser of this quality, the artisan must completely clear their mind of all thoughts. Then, they say, the dresser makes itself.
Settler_Dresser01_B_MasterNameMaple Dresser
Settler_Dresser01_C_DescriptionOak wood is associated with the king of gods in many mythic traditions. Your socks and underwear deserve nothing less.
Settler_Dresser01_C_MasterNameOak Dresser
Settler_Dresser01_D_DescriptionThis dresser has been burnished with a rich oil, to bring out the grain of the wood. Your unmentionables will be stored in luxury.
Settler_Dresser01_D_MasterNameMahogany Dresser
Settler_Shelf01_A_DescriptionThe flexible joints of this ash shelf can support the heaviest of collectible figurines.
Settler_Shelf01_A_MasterNameAsh Wall Shelf
Settler_Shelf01_B_DescriptionThis maple shelf calls out for something soft and comforting, like your favorite stuffed animal.
Settler_Shelf01_B_MasterNameMaple Wall Shelf
Settler_Shelf01_C_DescriptionOak trees are the most likely to be hit by lightning. Luckily, this shelf is specially insulated.
Settler_Shelf01_C_MasterNameOak Wall Shelf
Settler_Shelf01_D_DescriptionThis shelf is perfect for displaying your most expensive violin. You have one of those, right?
Settler_Shelf01_D_MasterNameMahogany Wall Shelf
Settler_Stove01_A_DescriptionThis stove takes time to heat up, but will stay warm long after the fire burns down.
Settler_Stove01_A_MasterNameIron Settler's Stove
Settler_Stove01_B_DescriptionThis handsome stove is rust-resistant and waterproof up to a depth of 30 feet.
Settler_Stove01_B_MasterNameSteel Settler's Stove
Settler_Stove01_C_DescriptionThis stove gives off heat even when there's no fuel inside. Unsettling, but saves on heating costs.
Settler_Stove01_C_MasterNameStarmetal Settler's Stove
Settler_Stove01_D_DescriptionIn the Old World, orichalcum was so rare that it was almost mythical. Here on Aeternum, it makes for a very shiny stove.
Settler_Stove01_D_MasterNameOrichalcum Settler's Stove
Storage_T3_Settler_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Made with the hope for a long, happy life.
Storage_T3_Settler_MasterNameHope Storage Chest
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_A_DescriptionThe energy in your house seems so much lighter, now that you have this ash end table.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_A_MasterNameAsh End Table
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_B_DescriptionNo matter what you keep next to your bed, this maple end table will not judge you.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_B_MasterNameMaple End Table
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_C_DescriptionThis oak end table is strong enough to hold all your hardest-hitting books and periodicals.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_C_MasterNameOak End Table
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_D_DescriptionWhen you wake up screaming in the night, the reassuring presence of mahogany bedside table will help calm you.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_D_MasterNameMahogany End Table
Table_Settler_Decor_Garden_PicnicTable01_DescriptionThis weather-beaten picnic table has seen many birthday parties in its day.
Table_Settler_Decor_Garden_PicnicTable01_MasterNamePicnic Table
Table_Settler_Desk01_A_DescriptionYou are a popular person with many friends. Keep in touch with all of them by writing letters at this attractive ash desk.
Table_Settler_Desk01_A_MasterNameAsh Desk
Table_Settler_Desk01_B_DescriptionWriting at this desk could inspire a symphony. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen.
Table_Settler_Desk01_B_MasterNameMaple Desk
Table_Settler_Desk01_C_DescriptionWhen houseguests see this mighty oak desk, they'll say, "Wow. This desk must belong to a very important person." That person is you.
Table_Settler_Desk01_C_MasterNameOak Desk
Table_Settler_Desk01_D_DescriptionLook left. Look right. None of your neighbors have more exquisite taste in desks than you do.
Table_Settler_Desk01_D_MasterNameMahogany Desk
Table_Settler_Table01_A_DescriptionWhen you're not hungry enough for a full meal, this snack-sized ash dining table is just right.
Table_Settler_Table01_A_MasterNameAsh Small Table
Table_Settler_Table01_B_DescriptionThis sturdy table is perfect for use as a workbench. Unleash your creative side!
Table_Settler_Table01_B_MasterNameMaple Small Table
Table_Settler_Table01_C_DescriptionThis oak table may be small, but it holds memories of being the mightiest tree in the forest.
Table_Settler_Table01_C_MasterNameOak Small Table
Table_Settler_Table01_D_DescriptionNo matter what you put on this mahogany table, it will be exactly the right choice.
Table_Settler_Table01_D_MasterNameMahogany Small Table
Table_Settler_Table02_A_DescriptionAsh wood has natural protective and healing properties. You'll never get indigestion from food eaten off this table.
Table_Settler_Table02_A_MasterNameAsh Large Table
Table_Settler_Table02_B_DescriptionJust think of the warm, nourishing meals you and your loved ones will eat off this table.
Table_Settler_Table02_B_MasterNameMaple Large Table
Table_Settler_Table02_C_DescriptionA dining table needs to be sturdy. This oak table can hold a feast and a half without even creaking.
Table_Settler_Table02_C_MasterNameOak Large Table
Table_Settler_Table02_D_DescriptionThe rich red hue of this magnificent table whispers 'luxury'. Not too much; just enough.
Table_Settler_Table02_D_MasterNameMahogany Large Table

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