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Datamined player housing items at launch for New World

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Bed_Pirate_Bed01_A_DescriptionBlue, like the endless ocean. Velvet, like your singing voice.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_A_MasterNameMaritime Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_B_DescriptionThis is the bed a mermaid queen would sleep in, if mermaids ever slept.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_B_MasterNameSeafoam Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_C_DescriptionA red velvet bed, the color of battle. Classic pirate king vibes.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_C_MasterNameBloody Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_D_DescriptionSometimes you lie awake at night, thinking about death, but in a way that makes you seem sensitive and interesting to others.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_D_MasterNameGothic Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed02_A_DescriptionPerfect to relax in. Too bad it is way too easy to fall out of. Better not risk it.
Bed_Pirate_Bed02_A_MasterNameSailor's Hammock
chair_pirate_chair01_a_descriptionSit back. Relax. It's good to be the Captain.
chair_pirate_chair01_a_masternameMaritime Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair01_b_descriptionThe soothing color will help keep you calm while making life-or-death decisions.
chair_pirate_chair01_b_masternameSeafoam Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair01_c_descriptionA chair fit for a king. Stolen from a king, in fact.
chair_pirate_chair01_c_masternameBloody Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair01_d_descriptionYou've read that both purple and velvet are signs of royalty, making this chair twice as majestic.
chair_pirate_chair01_d_masternameGothic Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair02_a_descriptionThe decorative turned legs can be used as impromptu weapons in a pinch.
chair_pirate_chair02_a_masternameMaritime Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_chair02_b_descriptionMade with the bronzed skull of the last person to correct your table manners.
chair_pirate_chair02_b_masternameSeafoam Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_chair02_c_descriptionMark your spot at the head of the table with this sumptuous gilded chair.
chair_pirate_chair02_c_masternameBloody Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_chair02_d_descriptionThis chair is the color of the darkened sky before a hurricane.
chair_pirate_chair02_d_masternameGothic Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_stool_a_descriptionYou can feel the tension drain out of your aching bones as soon as you sit down on the plush velvet.
chair_pirate_stool_a_masternameMaritime Velvet Stool
chair_pirate_stool_b_descriptionThe pale light green of this stool makes you feel like you are practically floating the moment you place your tuchus on it.
chair_pirate_stool_b_masternameSeafoam Velvet Stool
chair_pirate_stool_c_descriptionThis red velvet ottoman is so soft and cushy. The gilded feet add an extra dash of panache.
chair_pirate_stool_c_masternameBloody Velvet Stool
chair_pirate_stool_d_descriptionA stool this comfortable almost feels wrong. Almost.
chair_pirate_stool_d_masternameGothic Velvet Stool
Lighting_Pirate_Decor_SkullCandle01_DescriptionSomething very dark and very bright at the same time.
Lighting_Pirate_Decor_SkullCandle01_MasterNameSkull Candleholder
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_a_descriptionThis wheel once guided a mighty ship. Now, it'll help guide you through the dark.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_a_masternameHardworking Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_b_descriptionAfter a long, hard life at sea, this ship's wheel is exploring other career options.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_c_descriptionSalvaged from a shipwreck and expertly restored by a master craftsman.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_c_masternameWell-polished Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_d_descriptionThis wheel once belonged to the ship of the best-dressed pirate crew in the South Seas.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_a_descriptionMiraculously untarnished despite decades spent underwater.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_a_masternameSilver Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_b_descriptionThe patina on this well-preserved candelabra gives away its immense age.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_b_masternameBronze Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_c_descriptionA body washed up onshore with this solid gold candelabra strapped to its back. Unfortunately, it did not make a good flotation device.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_c_masternameGold Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_d_descriptionThis candelabra was recovered from a French shipwreck. Its exquisite detail was revealed once the barnacles were scrubbed off.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_d_masternameBrass Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_a_descriptionThe craze for Quicksilver lamps lasted only a few years. This late-model silver lamp was sold at a deep discount, as most pirates had moved on to the next big thing.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_a_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Silver Replica
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_b_descriptionCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp sparked a craze, and replicas like this one soon became the most-requested item in the furniture workshops of Tortuga.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_b_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Bronze Replica
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_c_descriptionSoon, anyone who was anyone in the pirating world had to have a Quicksilver lamp. This solid gold example was the subject of one fierce bidding war and two subsequent assassinations.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_c_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Gold Replica
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_d_descriptionThe final request of infamous pirate James 'Quicksilver' Forten was that his skull be turned into a wall lamp.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_d_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Original
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall02_DescriptionThe clever use of reflection produces twice the light.
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall02_MasterNameReflector Lamp
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall03_DescriptionYoung pirates who use this nightlight no longer fear the dark. There are so many other things to fear instead.
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall03_MasterNamePirate Nightlight
pirate_armoire01_a_descriptionThis armoire has the perfect balance of craftsmanship, practicality, and skulls.
pirate_armoire01_a_masternameHardworking Scrolled Armoire
pirate_armoire01_b_descriptionEvery crack in the wood of this armoire tells a story of the high seas.
pirate_armoire01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Scrolled Armoire
pirate_armoire01_c_descriptionA savvy captain knows: take care of your things, and they'll take care of you.
pirate_armoire01_c_masternameWell-polished Scrolled Armoire
pirate_armoire01_d_descriptionA popular fairytale claims that Bluebeard told his new wife to never, ever, open this armoire.
pirate_armoire01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Scrolled Armoire
Pirate_BathTub01_DescriptionOnly the captain is allowed to indulge in that rarest of pirate luxuries - a bath.
Pirate_BathTub01_MasterNameCaptain's Bath
pirate_bedsidetable_a_descriptionCleverly repurposed from a barrel, this watertight table could serve as a boat for a very small person.
pirate_bedsidetable_a_masternameHardworking Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bedsidetable_b_descriptionIs that a skull on that shelf? Do you bring a skull to bed? Don't answer that question.
pirate_bedsidetable_b_masternameSalt-stripped Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bedsidetable_c_descriptionSo richly burnished, you can hardly tell it used to be a humble barrel.
pirate_bedsidetable_c_masternameWell-polished Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bedsidetable_d_descriptionThe rum in this barrel was aged for twelve years before the barrel found new life as a table. Even now, the sweet smell lingers.
pirate_bedsidetable_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bookcase01_a_descriptionA good library is a great comfort to a sleepless captain on those long, lonely nights at sea.
pirate_bookcase01_a_masternameHardworking Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase01_b_descriptionThe finish might been washed off this bookcase by the hard salt sea, but it still holds just as much knowledge as ever.
pirate_bookcase01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase01_c_descriptionA pirate must be well-read, if he wishes to move undetected in high society.
pirate_bookcase01_c_masternameWell-polished Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase01_d_descriptionThe bookcase once housed the personal library of the child King. He enjoyed books with lots of pictures.
pirate_bookcase01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_a_descriptionThis multifunctional piece of furniture serves as a bookcase, a writing desk, and a dresser. So practical!
pirate_bookcase02_a_masternameHardworking Tall Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_b_descriptionThe wood is worn, but the brass hardware looks brand new. Was this bookcase deliberately roughed up?
pirate_bookcase02_b_masternameSalt-stripped Tall Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_c_descriptionCrafted with love in a Parisian workshop, generations ago.
pirate_bookcase02_c_masternameWell-polished Tall Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_d_descriptionThe history behind this antique bookcase would make any museum curator green with envy.
pirate_bookcase02_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Tall Bookcase
pirate_cabinet01_a_descriptionA safe and stylish place to store your finery.
pirate_cabinet01_a_masternameHardworking Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet01_b_descriptionThe little skull-shaped drawer-pulls on this dresser are surprisingly charming.
pirate_cabinet01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet01_c_descriptionWow. Even the underside of this dresser is polished to a mirror finish.
pirate_cabinet01_c_masternameWell-polished Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet01_d_descriptionThe main thing that separates a good pirate captain from a legendary one is good costume design. This dresser can help with that.
pirate_cabinet01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_a_descriptionLook at all those drawers. You'll be able to store all your billowing silk shirts in here.
pirate_cabinet02_a_masternameHardworking Tall Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_b_descriptionYou might need a ladder to reach those top drawers. That's where you'll hide the good stuff.
pirate_cabinet02_b_masternameSalt-stripped Tall Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_c_descriptionEven if you've got nothing to wear but rags, you need a nice place to put them.
pirate_cabinet02_c_masternameWell-polished Tall Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_d_descriptionOn windy nights, you can hear the skulls whisper fashion tips to one another. Or was that just a dream?
pirate_cabinet02_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Tall Dresser
Pirate_Decor_Anchor01_DescriptionA fond remembrance of a ship blown to bits long ago.
Pirate_Decor_Anchor01_MasterNamePirate Anchor
Pirate_Decor_BoneWreath01_DescriptionDespite its realistic appearance, this bone wreath was actually whittled from basswood.
Pirate_Decor_BoneWreath01_MasterNameImitation Bone Wreath
Pirate_Decor_CageBones01_DescriptionWhy deal with shelving when you have a perfectly good ceiling cage to store your extra stuff.
Pirate_Decor_CageBones01_MasterNameStorage Cage
Pirate_Decor_Cannonballs_DescriptionThese cannonballs never saw action in battle.
Pirate_Decor_Cannonballs_MasterNameIron Cannonballs
Pirate_Decor_Chains01_DescriptionYou never know what kind of thing you might need to hang from your ceiling.
Pirate_Decor_Chains01_MasterNameShort Iron Chain
Pirate_Decor_Chains02_DescriptionYou could use it as a swing, if you have really good balance.
Pirate_Decor_Chains02_MasterNameLong Iron Chain
Pirate_Decor_Chains03_DescriptionAfter a life at sea, many pirates can't get to sleep without the soothing rattle of iron chains.
Pirate_Decor_Chains03_MasterNameExtra Long Iron Chain
pirate_decor_curtain01_a_descriptionThe view out the window can only be enhanced by hanging this blue velvet fabric above it.
pirate_decor_curtain01_a_masternameMaritime Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain01_b_descriptionNot enough velvet in your house? Here's an easy and fabulous fix.
pirate_decor_curtain01_b_masternameSeafoam Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain01_c_descriptionThis red velvet valance gives a sumptuous look to any captain's window.
pirate_decor_curtain01_c_masternameBloody Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain01_d_descriptionThis velvet valance is much too elegant to be useful.
pirate_decor_curtain01_d_masternameGothic Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain02_a_descriptionThese curtains have the maximum number of tassels allowed by Aeternian law.
pirate_decor_curtain02_a_masternameMaritime Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain02_b_descriptionKeeps your cabin warm and cozy on cold nights.
pirate_decor_curtain02_b_masternameSeafoam Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain02_c_descriptionThese curtains are so lovely, you won't even want to look out the window.
pirate_decor_curtain02_c_masternameBloody Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain02_d_descriptionThe captain is the only person on the ship allowed to sleep in. These heavy velvet curtains will block out every trace of early morning sun.
pirate_decor_curtain02_d_masternameGothic Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_a_descriptionThese curtains are somehow both opulent and threadbare at the same time.
pirate_decor_curtain03_a_masternameMaritime Ragged Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_b_descriptionNo need to draw these curtains. They'll let the daylight through either way.
pirate_decor_curtain03_b_masternameSeafoam Ragged Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_c_descriptionThese curtains might have been the height of luxury...once.
pirate_decor_curtain03_c_masternameBloody Ragged Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_d_descriptionFor when there is darkness in your soul, but not too much.
pirate_decor_curtain03_d_masternameGothic Ragged Curtains
Pirate_Decor_DrinkCrate01_DescriptionA crate of grog bottles. It might not be fancy, but at least there's a lot of it.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkCrate01_MasterNameGrog Crate
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet01_DescriptionTechnically, this canteen is meant to be used for water.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet01_MasterNameCanteen Set
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet02_DescriptionBeer provides vital nutrition and calories to sailors on long voyages. It often contains less than 1% alcohol.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet02_MasterNameSmall Beer Set
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet03_DescriptionThis drinking set is used to imbibe alcohol in moderation, and in accordance with all local laws and statutes.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet03_MasterNameModerate Drinking Set
Pirate_Decor_Globe01_DescriptionYou'll never see the world outside Aeternum again. But at least you can look at this globe.
Pirate_Decor_Globe01_MasterNameOld World Globe
Pirate_Decor_JewelBox01_DescriptionWhen your ship is being pursued by howling ghosts, you can look at this loot and know that it was all worth it.
Pirate_Decor_JewelBox01_MasterNamePirate Jewel Box
Pirate_Decor_LootArrangement01_DescriptionThis beautiful mixed-metal tea set was crafted in one of the finest workshops in Damascus.
Pirate_Decor_LootArrangement01_MasterNameOttoman Tea Set
Pirate_Decor_Map01_DescriptionThis map of Aeternum is beautiful, but unfinished. There's still much left to discover.
Pirate_Decor_Map01_MasterNameMap of Aeternum
Pirate_Decor_Map02_DescriptionA rolled-up map holds infinite possibilities.
Pirate_Decor_Map02_MasterNameTightly Furled Map
Pirate_Decor_MapTools01_DescriptionNothing can be more final than a threatening letter to your enemies. Except, perhaps, how your enemies might respond to said letter.
Pirate_Decor_MapTools01_MasterNameCaptain's Writing Set
Pirate_Decor_MapTools02_DescriptionThese tools once belonged to the most talented cartographer who ever sailed the Mediterranean Sea.
Pirate_Decor_MapTools02_MasterNameCartographer's Tools
Pirate_Decor_Oars01_DescriptionEven in the golden age of sailing, sometimes you've got no choice but to row.
Pirate_Decor_Painting01_DescriptionA melancholy painting in a silver and burlwood frame. The proud captain of this Spanish galleon never got around to getting her portrait painted while she was still in one piece.
Pirate_Decor_Painting01_MasterName"The Amaranta" Painting
Pirate_Decor_Painting02_DescriptionA beatific painting in an arched silver frame. To a pirate, there's no sight more beautiful than a port that he had given up hope of ever reaching.
Pirate_Decor_Painting02_MasterName"Journey's End" Painting
Pirate_Decor_Painting03_DescriptionA timeworn painting in an oval frame. After lights out, sailors used to trade whispered stories about ghost ships like the one in this painting.
Pirate_Decor_Painting03_MasterName"Flying Dutchman" Painting
pirate_decor_placesetting01_descriptionThe tranquil color encourages your guests to linger over dessert.
pirate_decor_placesetting01_masternameMaritime Place Setting
pirate_decor_placesetting02_descriptionYes, it's hard to get food stains out of velvet. But this is a matter of style.
pirate_decor_placesetting02_masternameSeafoam Place Setting
pirate_decor_placesetting03_descriptionYou treat your dinner guests with respect, but also gently remind them that you can have them killed at any time.
pirate_decor_placesetting03_masternameBloody Place Setting
pirate_decor_placesetting04_descriptionWith this place setting, any meal becomes a kingly feast.
pirate_decor_placesetting04_masternameGothic Place Setting
Pirate_Decor_PotsAndPans01_DescriptionA sturdy set of iron cookware is worth its weight in stolen gemstones.
Pirate_Decor_PotsAndPans01_MasterNameShip's Cookware
Pirate_Decor_Ropes01_DescriptionThese ropes are so beautifully rigged, they could bring an old sailor to tears.
Pirate_Decor_Ropes01_MasterNamePirate Rigging
Pirate_Decor_Ropes02_DescriptionThe fibers of this old fishing net remember the struggle of every fish it ever caught.
Pirate_Decor_Ropes02_MasterNameFishing Net Decoration
Pirate_Decor_RumCrate01_DescriptionAn ingenious pirate managed to smuggle a whole shipment of fine cognac out of France by disguising it in these humble rum bottles.
Pirate_Decor_RumCrate01_MasterNamePirate Rum Crate
pirate_decor_rumjug01_descriptionThe very last bottle of this particular vintage left in the world.
pirate_decor_rumjug01_masternameClouded Glass Jug
Pirate_Decor_Scroll01_DescriptionA pirate scholar's treatise on the great Stormwall of Aeternum.
Pirate_Decor_Scroll01_MasterNameScholarly Scroll
Pirate_Decor_Scroll02_DescriptionAn old letter of marque - once a free pass to pillage and terrorize, now just a fond memento.
Pirate_Decor_Scroll02_MasterNameLetter of Marque
Pirate_Decor_Sign01_DescriptionSeeing this sign outside a tavern door lets you know that you're in for a fun and wholesome time.
Pirate_Decor_Sign01_MasterNamePirate Sign
Pirate_Decor_SkullHat01_DescriptionThis proud pirate swore he'd rather die than be parted from his beloved hat.
Pirate_Decor_SkullHat01_MasterNameSkull With Fancy Hat
Pirate_Decor_Swords01_DescriptionThese swords aren't just for show. They're kept meticulously polished and sharpened in case of a dueling emergency.
Pirate_Decor_Swords01_MasterNameShip Wheel Swords Display
Pirate_Decor_Telescope01_DescriptionThis state-of-the-art brass telescope is a great comfort for former sailors who once used the stars to navigate the open sea.
Pirate_Decor_Telescope01_MasterNameBrass Telescope
Pirate_Decor_WaterBarrel01_DescriptionFilled with sweet water transported from the fresh glacier brooks of northern Aeternum.
Pirate_Decor_WaterBarrel01_MasterNameFreshwater Barrel
Pirate_Decor_WaterTub01_DescriptionOne benefit of being a landlubber: clothes cleaned in fresh water cause way less chafing.
Pirate_Decor_WaterTub01_MasterNamePirate Washtub
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement01_DescriptionA selection of fine weapons, taken off the bodies of adversaries who made the mistake of fighting fair.
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement01_MasterNamePirate Weapon Arrangement
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement02_DescriptionThese beautiful flintlock pistols have a walnut stock and a top firing rate of three rounds per minute.
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement02_MasterNameFlintlock Pistols
Pirate_Keg01_DescriptionThis keg is proof that you throw the best parties in town. The whole crew is invited!
Pirate_Keg01_MasterNamePirage Crew Keg
pirate_shelf01_a_descriptionThis shelf holds everything a well-stocked galley needs.
pirate_shelf01_a_masternameHardworking Galley Shelf
pirate_shelf01_b_descriptionYou can store your balsamic vinegar on this shelf without worrying about ruining the finish.
pirate_shelf01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Galley Shelf
pirate_shelf01_c_descriptionThis shelf might be a practical piece of furniture, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve fancy gold scrollwork.
pirate_shelf01_c_masternameWell-polished Galley Shelf
pirate_shelf01_d_descriptionA cheeky combination of luxury and coziness that's sure to turn heads.
pirate_shelf01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Galley Shelf
Pirate_Sink01_DescriptionThe ingenious copper mechanism atop this sink actually heats the water as you pump it! Incredible!
Pirate_Sink01_MasterNameCopper Water Pump
pirate_stove01_a_descriptionThe iron will keep your vittles hot for a long, long time.
pirate_stove01_a_masternameOrnate Cast-Iron Stove
pirate_stove01_b_descriptionIf copper was good enough for the ancient Romans, it's good enough for you.
pirate_stove01_b_masternameOrnate Copper Stove
pirate_stove01_c_descriptionThis stove was a special order from a pirate captain who loved to cook.
pirate_stove01_c_masternameOrnate Bronze Stove
pirate_stove01_d_descriptionThis stove proves that you have money to burn.
pirate_stove01_d_masternameOrnate Gold Stove
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug01_DescriptionOften placed in a lady's cabin, because a woman's bare feet touching the wood of the ship was considered bad luck.
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug01_MasterNameCurved Maritime Rug
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug02_DescriptionThe beautiful color is worth the effort it takes to keep it clean.
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug02_MasterNameRound Seafoam Rug
rug_pirate_decor_rug03_descriptionThe rich red color of this rug hides bloodstains extremely well.
rug_pirate_decor_rug03_masternameCrescent Bloody Rug
rug_pirate_decor_rug04_descriptionBewitchingly soft on your bare toes.
rug_pirate_decor_rug04_masternameOval Gothic Rug
Storage_T3_Pirate_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. The kind of chest every pirate dreams of digging up.
Storage_T3_Pirate_MasterNameBooty Storage Chest
Table_Pirate_Counter01_DescriptionWith convenient built-in barrel storage!
Table_Pirate_Counter01_MasterNameShort Barrel Countertop
Table_Pirate_Counter02_DescriptionThis counter is perfect for counting your treasure. The mallet is for anyone who tries to interrupt you.
Table_Pirate_Counter02_MasterNameLong Barrel Countertop
table_pirate_desk01_a_descriptionThis desk is just for fun. Everyone knows that the best part of being a pirate is - no paperwork.
table_pirate_desk01_a_masternameHardworking Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_desk01_b_descriptionWatch out for splinters in your writing hand.
table_pirate_desk01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_desk01_c_descriptionThis desk is perfect for writing poetry and ransom notes.
table_pirate_desk01_c_masternameWell-polished Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_desk01_d_descriptionA legendary pirate queen once wrote letters to her many lovers at this desk.
table_pirate_desk01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_dresser01_a_descriptionIt's important to look your best while raining terror down on your enemies.
table_pirate_dresser01_a_masternameHardworking Vanity Table
table_pirate_dresser01_b_descriptionPlace this handsome vanity table near your front door, to make sure your hat looks good before you leave.
table_pirate_dresser01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Vanity Table
table_pirate_dresser01_c_descriptionYou wake in a cold sweat. There's someone in the room! Wait, no... it's just your reflection in this fine vanity mirror.
table_pirate_dresser01_c_masternameWell-polished Vanity Table
table_pirate_dresser01_d_descriptionThis gilded vanity was a custom order from a Dutch workshop that specializes in pirate décor.
table_pirate_dresser01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Vanity Table
Table_Pirate_Island01_DescriptionImagine how many off-key sea shanties this double keg countertop has heard.
Table_Pirate_Island01_MasterNamePirate Keg Kitchen Island
table_pirate_table01_a_descriptionA table for those with great taste and a big appetite for culinary adventure.
table_pirate_table01_a_masternameHardworking Dining Table
table_pirate_table01_b_descriptionThe bronze skulls, ever-present reminders of death, help you truly savor your meal as if it were your last.
table_pirate_table01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Dining Table
table_pirate_table01_c_descriptionBeing invited to dine at the Captain's table is a great honor for a humble pirate.
table_pirate_table01_c_masternameWell-polished Dining Table
table_pirate_table01_d_descriptionImagine how much champagne and caviar this table could hold. (And yet somehow, still not enough.)
table_pirate_table01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Dining Table
table_pirate_table02_a_descriptionPerfect for a small, tight-knit crew.
table_pirate_table02_a_masternameHardworking Small Table
table_pirate_table02_b_descriptionThis style of table is becoming increasingly popular in Aeternum, even among landlubbers.
table_pirate_table02_b_masternameSalt-stripped Small Table
table_pirate_table02_c_descriptionElegant, yet space-efficient. Captain approved.
table_pirate_table02_c_masternameWell-polished Small Table
table_pirate_table02_d_descriptionContains a hidden compartment for snacks. Very expensive snacks!
table_pirate_table02_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Small Table

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