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Datamined player housing items at launch for New World

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Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_A_DescriptionEvery morning, you'll wake from sleep, see this bed, and remember instantly that you've made it in life.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_A_MasterNameTeak Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_B_DescriptionThe red silk sheets will draw joy, luck, and happiness to your home.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_B_MasterNameEbony Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_C_DescriptionThe mix of cool teal silks and warm red woods has an interesting affect in making you feel both alert, yet relaxed.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_C_MasterNameRosewood Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_D_DescriptionA bed extravagantly carved from one block of pure jade. Jade is said to represent good health and long life…in bed.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_D_MasterNameJade Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_A_DescriptionThe rich warm hue of the silk cushions will give you the energy you need to curl up and finish that novel you're reading.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_A_MasterNameGoldenrod Silk Daybed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_B_DescriptionThe contrast between the red silk and the black wood is especially striking.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_B_MasterNameRuby Silk Daybed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_C_DescriptionSuch a tranquil color. What a perfect place for a nap.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_C_MasterNameTurquoise Silk Daybed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_D_DescriptionThe craftsmanship is exquisite, even if the carved jade is a bit cold on your back.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_D_MasterNameWhitegold Silk Daybed
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_A_DescriptionThe curves of this chair are both architectural and ergonomical.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_A_MasterNameCarved Teak Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_B_DescriptionA chair like this almost makes you regret your immortality, just so you could have passed it down to your children.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_B_MasterNameCarved Ebony Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_C_DescriptionThe hue of the wood is so rich and warm, it's almost a shame to cover it up with your butt.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_C_MasterNameCarved Rosewood Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_D_DescriptionSitting in this luminous jade chair is said to open several chakras at once.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_D_MasterNameCarved Jade Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_A_DescriptionThe slim legs of this chair are much sturdier than they look.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_A_MasterNameGraceful Teak Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_B_DescriptionThis antique chair was crafted centuries ago, in a legendary imperial workshop.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_B_MasterNameGraceful Ebony Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_C_DescriptionThe abalone seat of this chair has a strange, beautiful luminosity.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_C_MasterNameGraceful Rosewood Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_D_DescriptionThe combination of jade and abalone will keep you cool on even the hottest summer days.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_D_MasterNameGraceful Jade Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_A_DescriptionFor a stool, this piece offers a surprising amount of lounging space.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_A_MasterNameCarved Teak Stool
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_B_DescriptionRub a bit of walnut oil into this well-loved antique to bring out its original shine.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_B_MasterNameCarved Ebony Stool
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_C_DescriptionSitting on this rich red stool will force you to improve your posture.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_C_MasterNameCarved Rosewood Stool
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_D_DescriptionSitting on this stool feels like sitting at the bottom of a tranquil, sun-dappled pond.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_D_MasterNameCarved Jade Stool
dynasty_armoire01_a_descriptionKeep your wits sharp by trying to remember what you put in all these drawers.
dynasty_armoire01_a_masternameTeak Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_armoire01_b_descriptionIn addition to all the normal drawers, this armoire also contains at least one secret drawer.
dynasty_armoire01_b_masternameEbony Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_armoire01_c_descriptionWith this fine cabinet in your house, don't be surprised if your neighbors start coming to you for medical advice.
dynasty_armoire01_c_masternameRosewood Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_armoire01_d_descriptionIngredients kept in these jade drawers somehow stay fresh longer.
dynasty_armoire01_d_masternameJade Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_bookcase01_a_descriptionThe brass hardware on this antique bookcase is still in incredible condition.
dynasty_bookcase01_a_masternameLarge Teak Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase01_b_descriptionThis multi-level case is perfect for displaying all your curiosities.
dynasty_bookcase01_b_masternameLarge Ebony Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase01_c_descriptionTrue interior design is not about the things you put on the shelves, but about the space you leave between them.
dynasty_bookcase01_c_masternameLarge Rosewood Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase01_d_descriptionNo need to buy fancy first editions. You could put any book on this shelf, and it would still look stunning.
dynasty_bookcase01_d_masternameLarge Jade Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_a_descriptionEach shelf has a handy railing so your books won't fall off the back.
dynasty_bookcase02_a_masternameNarrow Teak Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_b_descriptionThis bookcase was made before books were even invented.
dynasty_bookcase02_b_masternameNarrow Ebony Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_c_descriptionBooks with upsetting covers can go in the drawers.
dynasty_bookcase02_c_masternameNarrow Rosewood Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_d_descriptionYou'll retain 10% more information from books stored in a jade bookcase.
dynasty_bookcase02_d_masternameNarrow Jade Bookcase
dynasty_cabinet01_a_descriptionThis beautiful teak chest is equally good at storing silks and snacks.
dynasty_cabinet01_a_masternamePainted Teak Chest
dynasty_cabinet01_b_descriptionIf you put your ear to this chest, you might hear the echoes of many years of domestic bliss.
dynasty_cabinet01_b_masternamePainted Ebony Chest
dynasty_cabinet01_c_descriptionThe dragons painted on the doors of this chest will protect its contents from the outside world.
dynasty_cabinet01_c_masternamePainted Rosewood Chest
dynasty_cabinet01_d_descriptionThe artist developed a special type of paint that adheres to jade without damaging it.
dynasty_cabinet01_d_masternamePainted Jade Chest
dynasty_cabinet02_a_descriptionFinally, a convenient way to organize all those weapons you've got lying around.
dynasty_cabinet02_a_masternameTeak Weapon Rack
dynasty_cabinet02_b_descriptionFor extra peace of mind, keep this rosewood weapon rack right next to your bed.
dynasty_cabinet02_b_masternameEbony Weapon Rack
dynasty_cabinet02_c_descriptionThis beautiful mahogany weapon rack comes with a scratch-resistant varnish.
dynasty_cabinet02_c_masternameRosewood Weapon Rack
dynasty_cabinet02_d_descriptionAre those the ancient spears of legend? They must be, to earn a place on this incredible weapon rack.
dynasty_cabinet02_d_masternameJade Weapon Rack
dynasty_decor_ceiling_dishes01_descriptionThese bowls dry super fast when you suspend them from the ceiling.
dynasty_decor_ceiling_dishes01_masternameHanging Wicker Bowls
Dynasty_Decor_Ceiling_Plant01_DescriptionThis multi-tier planter is perfect for growing herbs and spices.
Dynasty_Decor_Ceiling_Plant01_MasterNameHanging Herb Garden
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant02_descriptionThe shoots and cuttings in these planters will grow big and strong under your care.
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant02_masternameHanging Plant Nursery
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant03_descriptionYou've found that the drainage offered by this suspended shelf is perfect for your treasured bonsai.
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant03_masternameHanging Bonsai
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_a_descriptionThe cheerful green color seems to keep the contents fresher.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_a_masternameGreen Clay Pot
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_b_descriptionThe cork stopper makes this pot useful for long-term storage.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_b_masternameRed Clay Pot
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_a_descriptionThis jar is tough enough to stand up to daily use. Usually filled with wine, beer, or oil.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_a_masternameNatural Clay Amphora
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_b_descriptionSealed on top to prevent spillage and evaporation.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_b_masternameRed Clay Amphora
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant01_DescriptionThese bamboo shoots are growing so well, they'll soon need a bigger planter.
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant01_MasterNameLiving Bamboo Planter
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant02_DescriptionWhich is more exquisite, the bamboo or the vase? Ah, that's a philosophical question.
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant02_MasterNameBamboo Display Vase
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant03_DescriptionA no-nonsense clay pot, to store your no-nonsense bamboo poles.
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant03_MasterNameCut Bamboo Storage Pot
dynasty_decor_floor_weaponrack01_descriptionThis is the armory rack of a person who has had many, many adventures.
dynasty_decor_floor_weaponrack01_masternameCrowded Armory Rack
dynasty_decor_smallvase_a_descriptionThe gemstone luster of this planter is so beautiful, it doesn't even need a plant.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_a_masternameShort Green Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_b_descriptionThis exquisite planter features a crimson overglaze with a design stenciled in silver leaf, in the traditional style.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_b_masternameShort Red Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_c_descriptionThe pattern on this planter is reminiscent of luxurious brocade cloth.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_c_masternameShort Black Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_d_descriptionThe subtle shine of the gold foil on the cream-colored background invites a longer look.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_d_masternameShort Cream Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_e_descriptionThis vibrant blue pigment is hard to source these days. This planter is truly something special.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_e_masternameShort White Porcelain Vase
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes01_DescriptionA wok is an incredibly versatile piece of cookware. You can make almost anything in it.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes01_MasterNameIron Wok Set
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes02_DescriptionThese delicate dishes will be even more beautiful when they're clean.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes02_MasterNameUnwashed China
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes03_DescriptionThese bamboo baskets will serve up plump, glistening, perfectly-steamed dumplings.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes03_MasterNameDumpling Steamer Set
dynasty_decor_table_dishes04_descriptionGraciously host an afternoon tea party, or a midnight cake party. Anytime is the right time with this refined tea set.
dynasty_decor_table_dishes04_masternameTea and Snacks China Set
dynasty_decor_table_dishes05_descriptionA traditional tea ceremony is a chance to unwind, savor the moment, and contemplate the beautiful transience of life.
dynasty_decor_table_dishes05_masternameTea Ceremony Set
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Fishbowl01_DescriptionFeel free to admire, but watch out; this feisty goldfish loves to splash anyone who comes in range.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Fishbowl01_MasterNameGoldfish in Porcelain Bowl
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot01_DescriptionThe fruits of the fall harvest will keep your spirits up during the long, cold Aeternian winter.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot01_MasterNameWinter Flower Arrangement
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot02_DescriptionA good flower arrangement invokes surprise and delight. This contrast of the maidenhair and baby's breath is a prime example.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot02_MasterNameFusion Flower Arrangement
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot03_DescriptionBoth the aster and artemesia flowers are named after ancient goddesses.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot03_MasterNamePoignant Flower Arrangement
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_DescriptionA beautiful place setting increases anticipation for the coming meal.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_MasterNameGoldenrod Place Setting
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_DescriptionIn Aeternum, the soup is usually served after the main course.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_MasterNameRuby Place Setting
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_DescriptionThis dyed bamboo placemat is richly colored and easy to clean.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_MasterNameTurquoise Place Setting
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_DescriptionInvokes the quiet beauty of an imperial garden at your dinner table.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_MasterNameWhitegold Place Setting
dynasty_decor_table_plant01_descriptionHow exquisite. You must take excellent care of this tiny tree. Now where are your tiny tools?
dynasty_decor_table_plant01_masternameBonsai Centerpiece
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary01_DescriptionPractice your fanciest handwriting with this brush set. There is even a book with examples of all the letters in several styles.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary01_MasterNameCalligraphy Brush Set
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary02_DescriptionWith this handy drip-dry brush rack, you'll always have a fresh brush ready to go.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary02_MasterNameLetter-writing Set with Brush Drying Rack
dynasty_decor_table_stationary03_descriptionWith this beautiful brush set with matching case, you, too, can succeed in the world of business.
dynasty_decor_table_stationary03_masternameBrush Set with Parcels
Dynasty_Decor_Table_TeaSet01_DescriptionServe up a moment of tranquility for yourself and your three closest friends.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_TeaSet01_MasterNameTea Serving Set
dynasty_decor_tallvase_a_descriptionThis precious vase has changed hands many times over the centuries. Now, those hands are yours. Pay no attention to the rumors that it's cursed.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_a_masternameTall Green Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_b_descriptionCreated in China during the Jiajing period, vases like this one are wildly popular in royal courts around the world.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_b_masternameTall Red Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_c_descriptionThis rich black vase, decorated with gold leaf, is a relic of a bygone golden age of luxury.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_c_masternameTall Black Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_d_descriptionThis vase glows with an understated brilliance, like a pearl.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_d_masternameTall Cream Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_e_descriptionThe delicate blue color of the flowers is made with cobalt ore, imported from a hot desert land.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_e_masternameTall White Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_wall_birdcage01_descriptionThis beautiful birdcage is spotlessly clean and ready for a new tenant.
dynasty_decor_wall_birdcage01_masternameRed-lacquered Songbird Cage
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_DescriptionNo view from any window could possibly be better than this.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_MasterNameTeak Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_DescriptionThe best part of these blinds is that you can make the dragons disappear and reappear by tilting the slats.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_MasterNameEbony Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_DescriptionSlatted blinds are a marvelous invention, allowing you to spy on your neighbors without them being able to see you in return.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_MasterNameRosewood Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_DescriptionDragons are said to be able to create clouds with their breath. Drawing these blinds might increase the chance of rain.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_MasterNameJade Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_DescriptionThese silk drapes are a wonderful fusion of both Asian and European forms.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_MasterNameGoldenrod Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_DescriptionThe silver dragons embroidered into these drapes will protect your house from any strife that might try to enter through the window.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_MasterNameRuby Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_DescriptionThe same heavy elements used to create this turquoise dye, like lead and mercury, were also often brewed into popular 'health' elixirs.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_MasterNameTurquoise Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_DescriptionThere are more than twenty Troy ounces of pure gold thread embroidered into each of these panels.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_MasterNameWhitegold Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_DescriptionA golden swath of silk to hang in your window.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_MasterNameGoldenrod Brocade Valance
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_DescriptionAww, they're like tiny little drapes! That's adorable.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_MasterNameRuby Brocade Valance
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_DescriptionThanks to these short curtains, your house will stay nice and cool while the sun is high in the sky.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_MasterNameTurquoise Brocade Valance
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_DescriptionPlacing jade near a window helps infuse incoming fresh air with its many virtues.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_MasterNameWhitegold Brocade Valance
dynasty_decor_wall_fans01_descriptionA famous dancer used this pair of fans in all her performances. When she retired, she passed them down to her granddaughter.
dynasty_decor_wall_fans01_masternameSentimental Silk Fans
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_FlowerPot01_DescriptionIn the language of flowers, this arrangement might symbolize hard-won, bittersweet wisdom.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_FlowerPot01_MasterNamePoignant Flower Hanging Basket
dynasty_decor_wall_flowerpot02_descriptionThis symbolic nest will encourage happiness to come roost in your home.
dynasty_decor_wall_flowerpot02_masternameDecorative Root Ball
dynasty_decor_wall_incense01_descriptionIncense has been burned in China since Neolithic times. Your house smells amazing now.
dynasty_decor_wall_incense01_masternameFragrant Incense Censer
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting01_DescriptionA black ink painting in a bamboo frame. The tight, precise brushstrokes that make up the pine needles have a courtly air.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting01_MasterName"Pine Bonsai" Painting
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting02_DescriptionA placid watercolor painting in a dark wood frame. The mountains wreathed in pre-dawn mists seem to promise the fresh start of a new day.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting02_MasterName"Sunrise Over the Western Mountains" Painting
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting03_DescriptionA black ink painting in a bamboo frame. The four-floor pagoda depicted here is quite peculiar: nearly all pagodas have an uneven number of floors.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting03_MasterName"Improbable Pagoda" Painting
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting04_DescriptionA colorful blockprint in a dark wood frame. The skill of the printer is clearly displayed in the overlapping washes of color in the clouds.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting04_MasterName"Clouds of Heaven" Painting
dynasty_decor_winejug_a_descriptionThis sweet yellow wine is often referenced in classical Chinese literature. The highest quality huanjiu is aged in clay jars for up to twenty years.
dynasty_decor_winejug_a_masternameHuangjiu Amphora
dynasty_dresser01_a_descriptionFashions change with the seasons, but a good teak dresser is timeless.
dynasty_dresser01_a_masternameTeak Dresser
dynasty_dresser01_b_descriptionPerhaps you could stage a fun diorama behind the center doors. No one else has to know.
dynasty_dresser01_b_masternameEbony Dresser
dynasty_dresser01_c_descriptionThe red color invites joy; the chrysanthemum drawer pulls denote longevity. With this dresser, you'll be happy forever.
dynasty_dresser01_c_masternameRosewood Dresser
dynasty_dresser01_d_descriptionThe best jade is slightly translucent. Best put anything embarrassing at the bottom of the drawer.
dynasty_dresser01_d_masternameJade Dresser
dynasty_shelf01_a_descriptionA beautiful display for your smallest treasures, netsukes, tchotchkes, trinkets, gewgaws, knickknacks, bric-a-brac, or whatever is closest to your heart.
dynasty_shelf01_a_masternameTeak Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf01_b_descriptionHaving this beautiful rosewood shelf on your wall is the perfect excuse to start some kind of whimsical collection.
dynasty_shelf01_b_masternameEbony Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf01_c_descriptionThis shelf might look dainty and delicate, but it can hold a great deal of heavy items and still remain on the wall.
dynasty_shelf01_c_masternameRosewood Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf01_d_descriptionThis piece is more than a mere shelf. What you place on it is immaterial. In itself, it is a monument to the taste and authority of its owner.
dynasty_shelf01_d_masternameJade Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_a_descriptionThis handsome teak shelf is the perfect blend of form and function. Plus, it's naturally water-repellent.
dynasty_shelf02_a_masternameTeak Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_b_descriptionThe right-angled bracing below the shelf is not only pleasing to the eye, but also helps distribute the weight.
dynasty_shelf02_b_masternameEbony Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_c_descriptionThe perfect place to display a priceless family heirloom, or perhaps an interesting rock you found on your morning walk.
dynasty_shelf02_c_masternameRosewood Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_d_descriptionThis exquisite shelf is only big enough to display one item. Choose carefully.
dynasty_shelf02_d_masternameJade Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_stove01_a_descriptionThere's no better place to prepare a heavenly feast.
dynasty_stove01_a_masternameDynastic Stove
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_a_descriptionThe light from this lucky lantern is said to scare away hungry monsters that lurk in the darkness.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_a_masternameFour-tasseled Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_b_descriptionThis majestic eight-tasseled hanging lantern was once reserved for use only in the imperial palace.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_b_masternameEight-tasseled Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_c_descriptionThe warm yellow glow of this iron lantern makes you feel safe, like someone is watching over you.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_c_masternameTemple Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_d_descriptionEvery day is a party with this red paper lantern. There are no exceptions.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_d_masternameFestival Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_a_descriptionIf you die out in the wilderness, this cheerful lantern will light a safe path for your soul to return.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_a_masternameCutout Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_b_descriptionIts unique round design allows it to shed its light equally in all directions.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_b_masternameRound Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_c_descriptionThis brass lantern is a microcosm of a universe in harmony.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_c_masternameTemple Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_d_descriptionFor some reason, the oil in this elaborate iron lantern seems to last twice as long as it should.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_d_masternameChrysanthemum Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_a_descriptionThis red triple lantern provides three times the protection against evil spirits.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_a_masternameFestival Wall-mounted Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_b_descriptionWith iron banding and a waterproof, fireproof coating, this lantern could withstand a hurricane.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_b_masternameIron-bound Wall-mounted Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_c_descriptionThe simplicity of this paper lantern means that nothing will come between you and the light.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_c_masternameSimple Wall-mounted Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_d_descriptionThere's no need to fear the dark, even if you're short on table space.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_d_masternameTemple Wall-mounted Lantern
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug01_descriptionThis silky-soft rug features a stylized keystone border. Its symmetrical perfection speaks to the mastery of the court artist who wove it.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug01_masternameGoldenrod Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug02_descriptionThe sharp contrast of the dark red and the bright silver calls to you in ways you never knew.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug02_masternameRuby Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug03_descriptionSurround this jewel-toned silk rug with neutral colors to draw the viewer's eye.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug03_masternameTurquoise Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug04_descriptionThe pure simplicity of the colors only highlights the pure mastery of the craftsmanship that is the majesty of this rug.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug04_masternameWhitegold Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug05_descriptionThe bright orange of this woven mat always brings a smile to your face. You just can't help it. It's such a happy color.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug05_masternameGoldenrod Woven Floor Mat
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug06_descriptionThe deepness of the red is so striking, no one will ever notice you swept all the dust under it.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug06_masternameRuby Woven Floor Mat
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug07_descriptionA traditional woven bamboo design, dyed a surprising blue-green. An easy-to-clean pop of color for your floor.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug07_masternameTurquoise Woven Floor Mat
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug08_descriptionIf you look carefully, you can see the delicate balance of gold and cream colors interwoven perfectly into what appears to be a solid color.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug08_masternameWhitegold Woven Floor Mat
Storage_T3_Dynasty_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Such fine craftsmanship, and a style rarely seen.
Storage_T3_Dynasty_MasterNameDynasty Storage Chest
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_A_DescriptionThis type of carved table is extremely popular among the merchant classes of Beijing.
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_A_MasterNameTeak End Table
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_B_DescriptionThis antique end table is in pristine condition. It would definitely spark a bidding war in the auction houses of Europe.
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_B_MasterNameEbony End Table
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_C_DescriptionPlacing this end table next to your bed is sure to bring dreams of happiness.
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_C_MasterNameRosewood End Table
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_D_DescriptionThe latticework on this jade table is breathtaking. How did they carve that without cracking the stone?
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_D_MasterNameJade End Table
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_A_DescriptionIt's easy to write poetry at this low desk. Being close to the earth provides inspiration.
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_A_MasterNameTeak Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_B_DescriptionThe elegant simplicity and graceful wear of this low writing desk whispers "old money".
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_B_MasterNameEbony Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_C_DescriptionIf you want to do any writing at this desk, you will have to place a mat and sit on the floor. It's the proper method.
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_C_MasterNameRosewood Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_D_DescriptionAny letters written at this commanding jade desk automatically become Proclamations.
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_D_MasterNameJade Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Table01_A_DescriptionTeak trees don't grow on Aeternum, making this imported table especially prized.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_A_MasterNameTeak Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table01_B_DescriptionThis latticed table is an Aeternum original, created by a Chinese master craftsman. He wash up with the remains of his ship after a storm.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_B_MasterNameEbony Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table01_C_DescriptionThe minimalist lines and understated aesthetic of this table places its origin squarely in the Ming Dynasty period.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_C_MasterNameRosewood Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table01_D_DescriptionThis solid jade table weighs over twelve hundred pounds. You should probably keep your cool, because this baby is unflippable.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_D_MasterNameJade Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_A_DescriptionThe perfect place to put a pitcher of iced tea. The abalone top will help keep the ice from melting.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_A_MasterNameGraceful Teak Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_B_DescriptionThis particular type of iridescent abalone used for this tabletop is unique to Aeternum.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_B_MasterNameGraceful Ebony Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_C_DescriptionEither they used a whole bunch of abalone to make the top for this table, or that was one really huge shellfish.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_C_MasterNameGraceful Rosewood Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_D_DescriptionWhen the sunlight hits the abalone in exactly the right way, you can almost imagine a face just below the surface.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_D_MasterNameGraceful Jade Table

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