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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

FTUE_Body_lore1aThe storm has become nigh unbearable. Gale winds, heavy bursts, roiling sea. The sleepless Captain insists we push ahead, his fixation on the vial of azoth onboard is too strong to combat. The substance is said to multiply the natural properties of all things, but the only thing I have seen it do is increase the Captain's possessive nature and secretive ways. He mutters to himself about a land of conflict, conquering, and endless azoth. None dare challenge him.
“Mere Courage” Log 17
FTUE_Body_lore4aI am beginning to understand why only a few vials of the potent azoth made it back to the Old World. It seems all who crash here are stranded with no hope of sailing out into the persistent storm surrounding the island. Even if I were to find a crew and repair a ship I doubt we would be able to get further than the horizon before being smashed to bits by a choppy and unforgiving sea.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”

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