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New World Original Release date Lore

BackstoryLore1_BodyGreetings traveler. Be aware of deceivers in these parts. I will speak to you the truth of it all. Tell me what you know of Isabelle...
BackstoryLore2_Body2 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 2
BackstoryLore3_Body3 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 3
BackstoryLore4_Body4 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 4
BackstoryLore5_Body5 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 5
BackstoryLore6_Body6 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 6
BackstoryLore7_Body7 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 7
BackstoryLore8_Body8 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 8
BackstoryLore9_Body9 Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 9
FTUE_Body_lore1aThe storm has become nigh unbearable. Gale winds, heavy bursts, roiling sea. The sleepless Captain insists we push ahead, his fixation on the vial of azoth onboard is too strong to combat. The substance is said to multiply the natural properties of all things, but the only thing I have seen it do is increase the Captain's possessive nature and secretive ways. He mutters to himself about a land of conflict, conquering, and endless azoth. None dare challenge him.
“Mere Courage” Log 17
FTUE_Body_lore1bAt the Captain's request I have made a study of this strange vial he carries.
What lies within is neither mineral nor liquid, defying all known properties of matter. It glows a haunting blue, and seems almost to hum when held by human hands.
All who make the perilous journey to Aeternum seek this azoth, but few understand it. I hope I am able to study the wellsprings of this substance said to be found on this strange island, and hope even more that I can send my research back to the Old World.

Almeda Umber
Scholar and Naturalist to the Capital Survey Expedition's “Mere Courage”
FTUE_Body_lore1cI am two hours now wading amongst the wreckage. High water is coming and like to dislodge the ruins of the great ships grounded here. Some look ancient, while our galley appears to be the newest addition to this graveyard of expeditions. I cannot stay, but will forge inland to seek an overlook to make a signal and spy for other survivors.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”
FTUE_Body_lore1dI swear today I saw Almeda, speared through the chest with a timber, same as I witnessed him thrown overboard six days ago. There he was—pale, water-bloated, hissing, incoherent, and yet the same Almeda I shared mess with. I fled from his ghastly visage as he swiped at me with hands decaying. I do not know what shore we have encountered, but it is not the promised land of our dreams. Only purgatory, only a promise of unholy punishment.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”
FTUE_Body_lore2A foul, rotting thing bearing resemblance to our Captain struck at me from the ruins of a sloop. I drove a splintered oar through its neck, but not before it pierced my stomach with its rusted sword.
Cannot stop the bleeding. Shelter here. Must rest.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”
FTUE_Body_lore3Nothing dies
FTUE_Body_lore4aI am beginning to understand why only a few vials of the potent azoth made it back to the Old World. It seems all who crash here are stranded with no hope of sailing out into the persistent storm surrounding the island. Even if I were to find a crew and repair a ship I doubt we would be able to get further than the horizon before being smashed to bits by a choppy and unforgiving sea.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”

FTUE_Body_lore4bThere must be other survivors of the wrecks, though I cannot see them. I see the marks of their presence, footprints tinged with azoth in the sand leading my way forward. I follow these tracks and the strange blue flames that occupy the repurposed ship lanterns along the path. I pray I find some kind of refuge walking in the footsteps of those who came before me.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”
FTUE_Body_lore4cAwoke at camp, injury healed. I cannot judge how much time has passed but it was not the month of recovery that I needed for such a wound. I am restored, but… incomplete. I cannot return to the shore for fear of what I might find there—the carcass of my former self. This place will not let me die, as it has not released any sailor who drowned, only to wash upon these shores. The reaper claims no souls here, and the dead wander.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”
FTUE_Body_lore4dIn the distance I have spotted two grand statues of fine craftsmanship standing against the waves. The tide has receded and there is nothing for me in the muddy grave behind me. Ahead, there is a bar of sand leading to the main land of Aeternum. I know not what I will find there, but it must be better than this.

Joan Caron
Cartwright to the Capital Survey Expedition
Survivor of the wrecked ship “Mere Courage”
Lore_Body_Arch_AnUnpleasantFindApril 17. One of the hunters returned, not with game, but with a strange talisman of bone, etched with red markings – the red might have been blood, but its hue was strange and reminded me of autumn colors in a way I could not explain – touching it something red and wet, yet I could see no stain upon my hand. The sensation lingered for quite some time after, like an unpleasant aftertaste in my thoughts.

When the hunter showed it to Rolfe, Rolfe's temper flared – he cursed the man and told him to cast it away – “it'll draw others,” he spat –“the Withered wear them around their neck like collars,” he claimed.

I had no reason to doubt him, and his reaction was such I scrubbed my hand where I had touched the talisman until it was almost bloody... yet I could still feel it on my skin.

R. Grenville
Lore_Body_Arch_AnUntouchedPianoJanuary 3. I find myself sitting at the piano more of late, yet my fingers do not touch the keys. Of all the items I salvaged from the wreckage, it has withstood time's erosion where all else in my life has not. In burying Genevieve and Simon, I felt as if I buried a part of myself – there is nothing to strive for, nothing more the island holds for me. Even the presence of the nearby outpost I find grating – the incessant traffic of merchant and animals back and forth on the roads, carving up and dividing what they can dig and pluck from the isle.

There must be more, something else I may focus upon. I fear that I will live here forever, aimless. I do not know why the isle did not awaken my wife, my son as it did so many others. Perhaps they had tired of life here. Tired of me, and saw no future in it.

I may never know. But I know this – if I do not steady my racing thoughts, I may try to find the same path as they.

R. Grenville
Lore_Body_Arch_AprilDig...Grenville's like a horse with blinders, but an honest man and fair with the men - perhaps too fair at times. I don't know what he plans once we unearth this stubborn boulder, but the work is safer than spilling more blood for a drop of azoth.

His man, Rolfe, is a sharp but worrisome fellow, his brow seems to gain another furrow with each passing day. His eyes are always to the woods, and he jumps at every shadow and crack of a branch. Each day he presses Grenville for when we might move on. It is not robbers he fears, that much is certain.

Timber and stone we have in plenty, it's game we need. And we'll need to see some coin from Grenville soon, or else the men's work will slow.

Lore_Body_Arch_AzureFlames[Page is burned, but it looks like it was written on after it was burnt, not before.]

My hands shake as I write this. I was a fool. First the Spire, the great light... the light grew above me like the dawn of a second day, and my heart lept with hope – and again, when I saw the torches along the main road blossom into blue flame. It was as if I'd awoken the isle itself!

Then... then a terrible silence from the Spire as the light streaming from it froze in the air, as if paralyzed by touching the Earth. I confess... I was consumed by a growing dread, and I fled along the road, the blue flames leading my steps... as it turned out, here, to the Temple Ruins from before.

The Temple was no sanctuary. Had the azure flames summoned me here? Whatever occurred at the Spire, it had touched here as well, awakening something terrible. I saw the same blue fire that lit the lanterns of the road now burn within the chest of the skeletal figures I had taken for dead... they were not dead, I see now, merely sleeping. Now they walked, blades drawn, circling the Temple with dark intent. What have I awoken?

May the powers of Aeternum have mercy upon my soul.

Lore_Body_Arch_DepartureJanuary 17. I had a curious visitor a few days ago - a Frenchwoman M. Cartier, a tanner of buffalo - but more of the look of a hunter about her, oddly enough. She had heard of me and the piano, and sought me out to see it for herself. She seemed surprised by my disposition, but did not inquire deeply about it. I sensed she had lost someone, yet is at peace with it. Quite uncharacteristic of me, I asked her how she had come to cope.

She said that the isle itself awoke her. Some saw it as a hell, a curse, purgatory – some as a paradise, but that no one truly knew it at all. It was life, she said, and the isle gave birth to all manner of wonders to feed our curiosity. “We were not the first here,” she told me. “Others were here, you can see it in the ruins to the north, the Great Spheres upon the plains. This was a city once, all around us.”

I inquired what happened to this city, and the people before us. She smiled and said, “M. Grenville, perhaps you were brought here to answer that question.”

I gave her words much thought over the past few days. I will seek out these structures and what sense can be made of them – it is better than remaining here and letting more dust gather upon the piano keys.

R. Grenville
Lore_Body_Arch_ExcavationApril 15. The work goes swiftly. We have carried away the soil from beneath the Great Sphere, revealing the full mark carved upon the stone.

Maddie's men labor honest and industrious – they work efficiently, which is well and good, as I am not certain how far my coin will last. Maddie is more worried about provisions - food has proven a challenge, as the scouts find they must range farther and farther from camp for game. This has worried Rolfe, though he has not said why. He is often at the perimeter, staring into the woods.

More curiously, Maddie claims she has seen such marks before, on smaller spheres being sold at the outposts. She said the small spheres were scavenged from hunters near the Temple to the East. Rolfe frowned at that and said it wasn't in the ground they found the spheres, but in the rib cages of skeletons there, like stone hearts. Maddie looked unsettled by the news, as did her men. I pressed Rolfe on this, but he refused to speak further. I must secure one of these spheres – after our work here, perhaps a trip to the Temple is in order.

R. Grenville
Lore_Body_Arch_GrowingFearsMay 20. Rolfe again voiced his fears the azoth might awaken that which lies dormant on Aeternum.

The man is a fool, and has not the heart to continue. I reminded him of the great fields of life that blossomed around the obelisks – if that was their power while the obelisks slept, what life might rise should they awake and how could that be naught but a good thing? Do we ourselves not awake each day and are better than when we sleep and know nothing but dreams?

Even my reasoned arguments did not quell the man's doubt. He became quite animated, saying I knew not what might wake at the center Spire... even the dead, the skeletons that encircled the cursed temple might come alive, if their hearts were tied to this land.

I suspect our ways must soon part, though I know his promise of payment keeps him in my shadow for now. If needs must, I will send him away, but before he goes, I will need his azoth for what I plan next. I will unlock the mysteries here, and cast such a light that it will burn away doubts and shadow from fearful minds.

Lore_Body_Arch_IllTidingsGrenville doesn't see it. I do. The Withered WILL be back for its fetish – we need to finish our work here and move on. Perhaps one we could handle, but when it comes, I do not think it will come alone – when they swarm, they're like locusts, consuming everything and everybody in their path.

I feel they are watching us, but the why of it I don't know. Are they waiting to see what Grenville's efforts yield with the sphere? If so, that is a further cause for concern. If he unlocks their purpose - might they somehow make use of it? And to what end?

Lore_Body_Arch_MisfortuneApril 19. I write this far from the excavation, yet I am alive and must recount what happened. Rolfe and I were the only ones I know who managed to escape. It was near dusk, Rolfe had sought me out – one of the guides had gone missing – not deserted, of that Rolfe was certain – it was something else.

His instincts proved true, for as dusk bled out, we heard a distant cry in the woods, then silence – then spotted shapes, hunched, moved amongst the trees. Rolfe became afraid, but to the man's credit, it did not stay his actions, and he pushed me to move. “Where there's one, there's at least two others you can't see,” he hissed to me, and fighting my hesitation, I left the equipment behind.

Cursed isle – these infernal things seek to drive us from knowledge at every turn!

Lore_Body_Arch_RolfeFeb 24. I have secured a guide, a fellow named Rolfe. Unlike the others, seemed undaunted by the tales of obelisks, spheres – even the dead amongst the ruins on the ridge. “They's dead, no life left in them,” he said. “Guarding nothing, Yorick's all.” He told me that you might chance across one of them in the underbrush while hunting, usually near the great stone structures of the isle, like the lighthouse to the south. I asked if he was not curious about them, and he shrugged – and said if I was, and I had coin or azoth to pay him with, then my curiosity was his gain. “Who cares who built them as long as they're naught more than skeletons now – dead and gone is how I prefer, and I'd rather not join them.”

I told him my interest lay with the Spheres... and perhaps this curious temple he mentioned to the east.

R. Grenville
Lore_Body_Arch_TheDigSiteApril 1. Rolfe's guidance proved true. The man brought us to one of the Great Spheres, and said here we might labor without interruption. He also introduced me to a former quartermaster of the E. Stokes company, a stern woman by the name of “Maddie” (Madelaine), who leads a crew of a dozen laborers in need of employment (The Stokes Company came to an unfortunate end when their compound was torched by rivals). She seemed not bitter by the experience, only matter-of-fact, and had no wish to build more walls to be burned down.

The Sphere is partially buried as the others and requires men to dig, but Maddie assured us her crew would put their backs to it if they knew what was good for them – and I had the coin to pay them. I assured them I did. The lie tasted sour in my mouth, but I will figure out a means to pay them – the work on the Great Sphere must begin in the meantime.

R. Grenville
Lore_Body_Arch_TheGreatWork[Page is partially burned] ...seems Rolfe spoke true – the azoth takes on a light in proximity to the obelisk, and I can see a tracery of light where none existed before. And the sound – like a roar, the closer one comes to the stone, as if something caged, waiting to be released.

My path seems clear... if these markings are touched with azoth, then perhaps the obelisk shall reveal its secrets and we will see what lies within. And should my findings prove...

[page is burned, illegible]
Lore_Body_Arch_TheObelisksWhatever powers these obelisks hold, the ancients of Aeternum made use of them – or more likely, shaped them themselves... but to what purpose, I do not know.

Life grows thickly about them, striking blue flowers unlike any I have seen on the isle - and even azoth-infused flora, which we gather carefully.

Rolfe seemed out of sorts, has been since the attack on the dig site. He was hunched to the ground at a stone's throw from the obelisk, staring at it as if listening to something, clutching the vial of azoth I'd paid him with... I had to address him twice before the fellow snapped out of it, still at a loss for words.

After addressing him rather sharply... perhaps sharper than was merited... Rolfe said he felt the azoth... ‘sing' in the presence of the obelisk, and did not know what to make of it.

We shall continue our circuit of the ring of obelisks, then leave the central Spire for last.

Lore_Body_Arch_TheSpireI take no pride in what happened next but do not take this as a writ of confession. Rolfe refused me, and would not part with the azoth he carried. I explained to him, at length, that I was certain of my discovery but lacked the means to test it with the central obelisk, but with his cooperation, we might yet illuminate the secrets of the culture that had come before us.

He grew agitated and said that he would leave at dawn and head back to the Renee's home and seek shelter with the Frenchwoman – and take the azoth with him. He spoke of nameless dangers if I persisted in my efforts, until I grew quite tired of it, and told him I wished to hear no more.

At this point, I ordered him to part with the azoth one last time. He shook his head, and before he could give voice his refusal, I had sunk my knife into his throat. I knew it would not kill him, but I had no use for his body any longer – it was what he carried I needed. If he wanted to go, then so be it. His other belongings would remain should he brave the journey again. I took solely the azoth, and I made a promise that should our paths cross, I would repay him for its use – if Aeternum let him awake as it did for others.

I have one attempt at this – and I shall do so at the central Spire.

Lore_Body_Combat_AfflictionsSome attacks or environments can cause harm in ways other than direct damage. These other forms of damage are called Afflictions.

Characters have a Resistance score for each possible Affliction. These Resistances are determined mostly by your equipment, although several Attributes affect them as well. You can see your current Resistance scores on the Equipment screen.

When you take Affliction damage, your Resistance is depleted by that amount. If you run out of Resistance, you become Afflicted. This has different effects for each type of Affliction:
Poison: deals moderate damage over a long time, and will likely kill you if you do not rest at your Camp.
Corruption: deals massive damage over a short time, and will likely kill you before you can address it. Avoid this at all costs.
Wound: greatly diminishes the rate that you regenerate Stamina.
Frostbite: prevents you from running or dodging.
Disease: quickly depletes your Food and Drink meters.

There is one more Affliction that behaves slightly differently, and that's Drowning. If your head is underwater for too long, you die. Your Resistance to Drowning can't be improved, and no attack can cause it.
Lore_Body_Combat_Attacking*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

Simply wielding a weapon won't dissuade many of your enemies. You'll have to use it. There are a variety of weapons to choose from, each with its own nuances, but they fall into two broad categories: melee and ranged.

Melee weapons are used up close. These are things like swords, spears, clubs, and battleaxes. Each melee weapon has 3 attacks:
• Standard Attack ([LMB]): the base attack for the weapon, and the one you'll likely use most often
• Heavy Attack ([F]): a slow, high damage attack that makes use of GRIT and can break through blocks
• Special Attack ([Q]): this varies by weapon, and costs Mana instead of Stamina to use. For example, using this with a sword does a quick slash and stab combo, but using this with a spear switches to a throwing mode allowing you to use the spear as a ranged weapon
• Sprinting Attack ([SHIFT] + [LMB]): lunges forward during the attack and deals good damage, but can cost a lot of Stamina

You can also equip a shield with any one-handed melee weapon. Shields offer much better Blocking Absorption than a weapon alone, but also replace the Special Attack with a quick but low damage shield bash.

The damage you do with a melee weapon scales with different Attributes depending on the weapon. Most commonly this is Strength.

Ranged weapons are the opposite of melee weapons. They are best used at a distance, and don't offer different attacks. While wielding a ranged weapons, aim it by holding [RMB] and then fire by clicking [LMB]. Clicking [LMB] without aiming will swing the weapon, hopefully clearing you enough space to fire again or retreat.

Firearms like muskets fire their round very quickly, so you don't have to judge travel time to the target. However, they take time to reload.

Bows suffer from the arrow traveling more slowly, and it will drop as gravity affects it. They can fire more quickly than firearms, though.

The damage you deal with ranged weapons scales with your Dexterity Attribute.
Lore_Body_Combat_AttackTypesDifferent attacks may deal different types of damage. Ultimately, these all deal damage to a character's Health. What's important about Attack Types is that they determine which Defense and Absorption stats are used to reduce the damage the attack does.

There are 9 Attack Types divided into 2 categories.

Physical Attacks
• Standard: a catch-all category that many beasts and monsters deal
• Slash: damage caused by chopping, dealt by things like sword or axe swings
• Thrust: damage caused by impaling, dealt by things like sword thrusts or arrows
• Strike: damage caused by blunt impact, dealt by things like clubs
• Siege: damage designed to damage structures, and uses your Standard Defense and Absorption

Elemental Attacks
• Magic: damage caused by supernatural effects other than Corruption
• Lightning: damage caused by electricity
• Fire: damage caused by flame and extreme heat
• Void: unnatural damage effective against uncorrupted targets
Lore_Body_Combat_Defending*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

While you can't win a fight without damaging your enemy, it is often defense that determines the victor. Avoiding or limiting damage can give you the advantage you need to swing a close fight in your favor. There are two main ways to defend: dodging and blocking.

Dodging can cost a lot of Stamina, but if done well it prevents all damage simply because you aren't hit. You can dodge at any time by pressing [SPACE] to roll. Holding a direction ([W], [A], [S], or [D]) when you press [SPACE] will cause you to roll in that direction, allowing you to not only avoid the attack but end your dodge in an advantageous position.

Dodging is not without risk, though. If you fail in your timing or direction, you will be hit just as hard as if you'd done nothing, and you will still have spent the Stamina. Masterful dodging can win a fight, but poor dodging can lose one.

Blocking is much easier, but doesn't prevent all damage. With a melee weapon equipped, you can hold [RMB] to block attacks from in front of you. While blocking, you decrease the damage the attack does by a large percentage, which depends on the weapon or shield you're using. You also spend some Stamina. However, the risk is much lower than dodging, and you hold your ground. Be careful to avoid heavy attacks, though, as these may break through your block and deal full damage.

Equipping a shield gives you the best possible blocking absorption. However, they tend to be heavy and affect your Equip Load.
Lore_Body_Combat_DefenseAbsorptionEven the most nimble combatant will eventually be hit. When that happens, your Defense and Absorption stats determine how much of the attack's damage affects you. Defense and Absorption are mostly determined by the armor you are wearing, although some other factors like your Attributes and various Status Effects can affect them. You can see your current Defense and Absorption stats on the Equipment screen.

Defense is a flat number for each Attack Type, and is mostly based on how much of your character is covered by armor of any sort. Cloth gloves provide the same amount of defense as gloves made of steel. Wearing a strong chestpiece but no hat will provide less defense than wearing leather chest and headwear. Defenses are also increased by certain Attributes, like Physique improving your defense to Physical Attacks. Additionally, equipping up to a Heavy Equip Load will grant a bonus to your Physical Defenses.

Absorption is a percentage for each Attack Type, and is derived from the specific pieces of armor you've equipped. Unlike Defense, a heavy chestpiece will have higher Absorption ratings than a light chestpiece of the same Tier. Absorptions are a key differentiator among equipment, and are shown within the items' tooltips.

When you take damage, your Defense and Absorption to the attack's type are used to decrease the amount of damage you take. First, your Defense value is subtracted from the damage. Then, that new value is decreased by your Absorption percentage.

Blocking improves your Absorption to all damage types for the attack you blocked.
Lore_Body_Combat_EquipLoadThe weight of all the items you have equipped, including in your Quickslots, impacts your Equip Load. You can check your current Equip Load in the top left of the Equipment screen. The maximum is determined by your Physique Attribute.

Based on the weight of your equipment, your Equip Load may fall into 1 of 4 categories:

• Light: you'll move a little faster, regenerate Stamina more quickly, and dodge further. You probably won't have very high Absorption stats if you manage to stay in this category, though.
• Normal: this is the baseline and does not modify your stats. This usually means you are wearing medium armor, or light armor with a lot of Quickslots filled.
• Heavy: you move a bit slower, can't roll very far, and regenerate Stamina slower. However, you also gain improved Defenses to Physical Attacks and your GRIT is tougher to break.
• Over-Equipped: you have too much weight equipped, and suffer a number of negative effects. You cannot dodge or sprint, and your Stamina regenerates even slower than Heavy. If you reach this point, unequip some items.

You can hover your mouse over the Equip Load bar on the Equipment screen to see the effects at any time.
Lore_Body_Combat_GritNormally when a character is hit, they suffer a short stagger during which they cannot act. This stagger also interrupts most actions, including attacks. GRIT allows an attacker to overcome this limitation for a short time.

Certain actions activate GRIT for a character. This can be identified by their body being wreathed in gold. While GRIT is active, the character will continue their action even if they are hit. Heavy Attacks with melee weapons usually activate GRIT, allowing the attacker to perform their slow and powerful attack even if a faster attack hits them in the meantime.

GRIT has limits, and can be broken through if enough damage has been dealt recently. Having a Heavy Equip Load increases the amount of damage you need to take before your GRIT is broken.

Most of the time, when you see a character glow in gold it's best to avoid whatever is coming rather than attempt to interrupt it.
Lore_Body_Combat_Healing*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

Healing outside of combat can be done by keeping your Food meter high and resting at your Camp. But these methods are too slow to help much during a fight. Instead, you may want to use Potions or team up and supply healing using a magical Celestial Gauntlet.

Potions are consumables crafted at Arcane Repositories. There are several kinds of Potions that regenerate Health, Stamina, or Mana. Potions have a limited number of uses, so you'll need to resupply after running out. If you have Potions, remember to equip them to a Quickslot so you can use them in combat without stopping to rummage through your Inventory.

Celestial Gauntlets are magic devices which are wielded like weapons, but serve a mostly opposite purpose. While wielding a Celestial Gauntlet, you can use [LMB] to place a magic rune at your feet that heals those within it. It has a moderate radius, allowing you to heal yourself and a number of other players in one casting. If you hold [RMB], you can aim this rune a short distance before clicking [LMB], allowing you to place it where it is most needed in a battle. Using this rune carries a heavy cost to Mana, so you may want to carry Potions to refill your Mana if you want to use a Celestial Gauntlet often.

The Celestial Gauntlet cannot deal damage, and can leave you vulnerable as you cast spells with it. It is best used within a group. Its effectiveness scales with your Faith Attribute.
Lore_Body_Combat_Overview*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

Aeternum is often a dangerous place. Mastering combat is important to your survival. Territorial beasts, corrupted settlers, other players, and even the world itself will try to bring about your early demise. You'd best be prepared.

Many different weapons and techniques are available to use, but all require an understanding of the ebbs and flows of a fight. You'll need to switch between attacking and defending in order to manage your Stamina. Remember that running out of Stamina leaves you vulnerable, unable to dodge, block, or attack effectively.

When entering a fight, prepare by drawing your weapon. This can be done by either pressing the number that corresponds to the Quickslot you've placed the weapon in ([1], [2], or [3]), or by pressing [X] to draw the last weapon you used. While your weapon is drawn, you move slower and sprinting costs Stamina. Only draw your weapon when you're ready to fight, and sheathe it by pressing the same button again when the fight is over.
Lore_Body_Combat_StatusEffectsConsumable items often grant Status Effects. These are small, impermanent buffs to some aspect of your character.

Status Effects come from Tinctures made at Arcane Repositories or from high quality Meals and Drinks from Kitchens.

Status Effects cover a wide variety of effects, including things like increased Resistance to certain Afflictions, improved regeneration of Health, Stamina, or Mana, or high amounts of Absorption against a specific Attack Types.

You can see any active Status Effects above your Health, Stamina, and Mana bars. With the menu or Inventory screens open, you can hover your mouse over any Status Effect's icon for more details on what it does.
Lore_Body_Companies_BuildingIf a player has the permissions to do so, they can build Structures in any Territories that their Company owns. Building is done by first placing a Blueprint, then supplying the required resources.

To place a Blueprint, enable Build Mode (default: [B]). Using Build Mode, you can navigate possible Blueprints using the mouse wheel. When you've found what you want to build, move to where you want the Structure to go and place it, much like you do with your Camp. You can only place Blueprints up to the same Tier as the Territory's Protection Ward.

Once placed, you need to supply the Blueprint with material to actually construct it. These resources are supplied from your Inventory. They do not have to be added all at once, allowing you to make multiple trips.

Structures that can be used, like Refining Stations and Storage Containers, can have a minimum rank set to use it. In order to set this requirement, interact with the Structure yourself and use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen. Most Structures can have this permission set to any rank or even be opened for public use. A Structure with its permissions set to public can be used even by players outside of the Company that owns it.

To repair or demolish a structure, approach its interact point and press the key for More Options (default: [R]). This will allow you to select what you want to do using your mouse.
Lore_Body_Companies_OverviewEvery player in New World is a member of a Company, even if they are the only member of their own. Players can join each other's Companies, which allows them to work together to achieve things they couldn't alone.

To invite someone to your Company, use the flyout on their Player Portrait. To join someone else's Company, you will need to be invited in the same way. Once you've received an invitation, you can accept it from the Social Menu.

You do not need to leave your Company before joining another. You will be removed from your previous Company automatically.

All claimed Territories and player-built Structures are owned by Companies, and can be used by any member with adequate permissions. This means that any Territory you claim or Structure you build is to the benefit of your Company and all its members. Conversely, leaving a Company means you lose access to those Structures since it's the Company that owns them, not the player.

Companies will also want to capture and defend Territories. They usually do this through War, which allows them to fight each other without the usual criminal penalties. Wars also include a Siege phase, during which the Defender's Territories' protection can be bypassed.

Companies have Treasuries that the Governor and Consuls can withdraw from. Any member of the Company can provide money to this Treasury, making it easy to collect funds for Company use, like buying Claim Charters.

Up to 50 players can be in a single Company. Players cannot be members of multiple Companies at once.
Lore_Body_Companies_RanksCompany members each have a Rank. Depending on their Rank, members have access to perform various actions on behalf of the Company.

Every Company has a Governor who has all possible permissions. The Governor is the leader of the Company, and holds the power to set the status of every other member. For the Governor to leave the Company, they must promote a different member to be the new Governor. The only exception is if the Governor is the only member of the Company, in which case they cannot leave it without joining a new one.

The Ranks tab of the Company screen allows you to explore all the available ranks and their permissions. Additionally, most Company Structures can have a rank requirement set. This allows Companies to have even more fine grain control over who can use each Structure.

Higher ranks offer a member more potential since they can access more aspects of the Company, but they also offer risk to the Company because the member could then sabotage things. Beware of spies and double agents.
Lore_Body_Companies_SiegeEvery Company may set a Siege Window. This is the time of day that a Siege phase will take place when defending in a War.

It is very important to set this time to a time that most of the Company's members are available! This time must be set before the War begins, so set it as soon as possible. If you are the Governor of your Company, make efforts to ask your members what time works for them most reliably. If War is declared on you and none of your members are online during your Siege Window, the attackers will be able to take one of your Territories uncontested, even if you've paid for protection.

To set your Company's Siege Window, use the Siege Window tab in the Company screen.
Lore_Body_Companies_TerritoriesIn order to start building Structures, a Company must claim Territory. Territories are spread around Aeternum, and vary in size and resources. There is no limit to the number of Territories a single Company can hold.

In order to claim a Territory, a member of the Company must use a Claim Charter on the vacant Protection Ward. Claim Charters are purchased at Trading Posts. They cost a lot and can be dropped just like any other item, so be careful when carrying the Charter to the Territory.

If a Territory is already held by another Company, it cannot be claimed until its Protection Ward is destroyed. If protection is not active for the Territory, this can be done through Criminal action. If protection is up on the Territory, then the Company that wishes to take the Territory must declare War.

Once claimed, Company members with adequate permissions can manage aspects of the Territory from its Protection Ward. At the Protection Ward, you can improve the Tier of your Territory and purchase protection for it.

Upgrading a Protection Ward allows the construction of higher Tiers of Structures. When you interact with the Protection Ward and choose to upgrade it, a new Blueprint is placed over the Protection Ward. You must then supply the required resources as you would any other Blueprint in order to complete the upgrade.

Purchasing protection for a Territory prevents all Structures, including the Protection Ward itself, from being damaged. This protection can be bypassed briefly during a Siege, but is otherwise impenetrable. Keeping protection up on a Territory allows you to not have to worry about bandits and raiders destroying your progress. Protection requires both Coin and Azoth to maintain.

Remember that protection only applies within a certain radius of the Protection Ward, and it does not protect players.
Lore_Body_Companies_TreasuryMany aspects of managing a Company require funding. To that end, Companies have Treasuries. These act as a shared location for storing the Company's funds.

Any member of a Company may deposit Coin into the Company Treasury. To do this, use either the Treasury tab in the Company screen or the Give Coin button in your Inventory.

Only a Company's Governor and Consuls can withdraw from the Treasury. The Governor can withdraw any amount at any time. They can also set a limit for how much Coin that the Consuls can withdraw in one day. Consuls may only withdraw Coin up to this limit. The Governor could also choose to remove this limit altogether.

The Treasury is a great way to collect the required Coin for Territory protection, new Claim Charters, and declaring War.
Lore_Body_Companies_WarIn order to capture Territories from each other, Companies can declare War. To declare War, you can use the Map or the All Companies menu. Declaring War costs a significant amount of Coin, and you can only declare War on a Company that owns at least one Territory. The exact cost varies based on a number of factors, including difference in size between the Companies.

War plays out in a number of Phases, each with slightly different rules of engagement.

When War is first declared, it enters the Pre-War phase. During this phase, the Companies still may not attack each other without commiting a crime. This phase grants the Defending Company the opportunity to muster their forces, and prevents surprise attacks while most of a Company's members are offline.

After the Pre-War phase comes the Battle phase. During this phase, the involved Companies can attack each other freely without any criminal punishment. Territory protections are active, however. The length of the Battle phase can vary depending on when the War was started and what time the Defender's Siege Window is set for.

The next phase is Siege. The Siege phase takes place during the Defending Company's Siege Window. During this phase, the Attacking Company can bypass the Defending Company's protection on their Territories. This means the attacker can destroy one of the Defender's Protection Wards even if they've paid for protection. This phase ends early if a Protection Ward is successfully destroyed.

After the Siege phase, the War enters a Resolution phase. The Companies can still attack each other during this phase just like during the Battle phase. However, during this phase the Defending Company can declare a counter attack. This is a special way of declaring War that costs less than the initial attack and skips the Pre-War phase. Instead, a counter attack's Battle phase starts immediately after the Resolution phase ends. If no counter attack is declared, the War ends when the Resolution phase does.

You can see the times that each phase will take place in the popup that appears when you choose to declare War, before committing and spending the Coin. While at War, you can check on what phase it is in and when the next one starts in the Wars tab of the Company screen.
Lore_Body_Crafting_GatherCrafting always requires materials. Raw, unrefined resources are gathered from around Aeternum, and usually require using Gathering Tools. There are several Trade Skills related to gathering. These increase the number you collect and grant a chance to gather resources of a higher Rarity. These skills are also required to refine that type of resource into higher Tier materials.

Some items don't require tools to gather. Flint can be found on the ground all over Aeternum, but especially along the beaches. Small amounts of Wood can be gathered from bushes without the need for tools. Turkeys can be harvested for meat and feathers without a knife. If a tool you do not have is required, you will see that requirement in place of the option to gather when you approach.

A simple Tier 1 version of each Gathering Tool can be crafted at your Camp. They only require Flint and Wood, which can be gathered without tools, and have no skill requirement to craft.
Lore_Body_Crafting_Gather2There are 4 kinds of gathering tools: Logging Axes, Pickaxes, Sickles, and Skinning Knives. Each has a corresponding Trade Skill to increase its effectiveness.

A Logging Axe or Hatchet is used to chop trees to gather Wood. Trees can be found almost anywhere in Aeternum, though in more corrupted areas they may be withered and provide unusable wood. Wyrdwood trees are rare, and tend to grow in dangerous and Lawless Areas, but the Wyrdwood they provide is required for the highest Tiers of items. The Logging and Carpentry Trade Skill improves how much you gather from each tree, grants a chance to receive higher Rarity Wood, and allows refining the Wood.

A Pickaxe or Pick is used to gather stone from Boulders and ore from metal veins like Iron Veins. Boulders are common, but are found most densely in Highlands areas. Ore Veins are less common, and are also most likely to be found in Highlands areas. You can use the Map to identify Highlands areas to search. Starmetal and Orichalcum are rare metals that only appear in dangerous and Lawless Areas. They are required for the highest recipe Tiers. The Mining, Stonecutting, and Smelting Trade Skill helps you gather more from Boulders and Ore Veins, grant a chance to gather higher Rarity resources, and allows you to refine those resources.

A Sickle is used to harvest various plants, both mundane and alchemical. Throughout Aeternum, plants like Hemp, Vegetables, Herbs, and Alchemical Ingredients can be found growing in the wild. Hemp provides Fibers, which are important to creating cloth and clothing. Vegetables and Herbs are used in many Provisioning recipes to create meals, and can be grown by Companies in their owned Territories. Alchemical Ingredients are unique to Aeternum, and provide the power needed to create Potions and Magical Gauntlets. The Harvesting and Weaving Trade Skill lets you gather more from plants, gives you a chance to gather higher Rarities of resources from plants, and allows you to weave Fibers into cloth.

A Skinning Knife is used to cut Rawhide from dead animals, and to collect their Meat. Many types of wildlife can be found across Aeternum. Most allow the harvesting of Rawhide, but some species like Elk have a chance of providing Animal Horn, and others like Wolves could provide Animal Fangs. Explore to find the types of areas each species prefers. The Tracking, Skinning, and Tanning Trade Skill lets you harvest more resources from animals, gives you a chance to harvest higher Rarities of those resources, allows you to tan Rawhide into leather, and gives you the ability to track animals on your Compass at the top of the screen.
Lore_Body_Crafting_OverviewCrafting is a major part of New World. Most weapons, armors, tools, and utilities must be crafted by a player. Even players who don't craft items themselves rely on others who do for their equipment.

The process of crafting an item often involves several steps, some of which require Trade Skills. For steps in the process you don't have the necessary skills for, you'll have to work with another player or check the Trading Post for what you need.

The steps to craft an item are:
1. Gather Raw Resources
2. Refine Materials - Tier 1 recipes can usually skip this step and use the raw resources directly
3. Craft the Item(s)

It is often a good idea to work backwards when trying to make a specific item. Use a Crafting Station to view all of the recipes for that station. Select the type of item you want to make to open the recipe Tiers. Select the Tier of item you wish to make to see its recipe. You can also pin the recipe as an Objective so you can easily keep track of what you need.
Lore_Body_Crafting_RarityMany items can have a Rarity and a Craftsmanship rating.

To craft an item of a higher Rarity, you need to use higher Rarity materials. As the name suggests, higher Rarity materials are tougher to obtain. They require more ranks in the relevant gathering Trade Skill as well as a bit of luck to obtain.

Craftsmanship is a representation of how well made an item is. If you have enough ranks in the relevant crafting Trade Skill, you have a chance to craft items of higher quality.

Using a higher Rarity of the primary material will increase the Rarity of the final item, which is always better. Using a higher Rarity of any material, including the primary material, combines with your ranks in the corresponding Trade Skill to increase your chances of crafting at a higher Craftsmanship. You can see your chances of crafting at each possible Craftsmanship level while viewing the Recipe. Just like Rarity, having a higher Craftsmanship results in an item with better stats.

When you craft the item, you automatically make a Crafting Roll. You'll see the results of your roll on the Quality Bar when making the item.

Items that are both high Rarity and high Craftsmanship are extremely valuable. Making these requires a significant amount of investment, both in the form of skill and valuable resources.
Lore_Body_Crafting_RecipesWhen you visit a Crafting Station, you are presented with a number of types of items. If the item is presented in white, you have the materials and skill to craft one or more of its Tiers. If the item is in red, you are missing one or more of the requirements. You can click the item to view the specific Tiers and Recipes either way.

After selecting an item type, you can see the different Tiers of the item this station can craft. Click a different Tier's column to view its Recipe. While viewing a Recipe, you can select what Rarity of each material you want to use, and see how those changes affect your odds of crafting it at each possible Craftsmanship level. For equippable items, you can switch from the Craftsmanship view to see the resulting item's stats, or you can hover your mouse over each section of the Quality Bar to see the item's stats should you roll that Craftsmanship.

If you lack the materials to craft any given recipe, you can choose to pin that recipe to the HUD as an Objective. Doing this keeps all the required ingredients visible as you play, so you can easily keep track of what to seek out.

It's very common that you cannot refine all the materials needed for a recipe. You'll need to work with other players or use the Trading Post to get anything you can't supply yourself.
Lore_Body_Crafting_RefiningMost recipes require materials that have been refined. Refining is done at Refining Stations, which can be found at Outposts or built by Companies on their Territories. Refining Stations have Tiers associated with them and can only refine materials up to that Tier.

The Woodshop is used to refine Wood into Timber, Lumber, and Planks. It requires ranks in the Logging and Carpentry Trade Skill to use, and higher Tier refining requires a higher level of skill.

The Smelter is used to refine precious metals into Ingots, as well as to create Charcoal from Wood. Ranks in the Mining, Stonecutting, and Smelting Trade Skill are required to smelt Ingots, but anyone can create Charcoal. A higher rank is required to craft higher Tier Ingots.

The Loom is used to weave Fibers into cloth like Linen, Sateen, and Silk. It requires ranks in the Harvesting and Weaving Trade Skill to create cloth, with higher Tiers requiring more ranks.

The Tanning Station is used to turn Rawhide into Leather. It requires ranks in the Tracking, Skinning, and Tanning Trade Skill to use, and requires more ranks to craft higher Tiers of Leather.
Lore_Body_Crafting_StationsCrafting Stations are structures where crafting can be done. Each allows crafting recipes of a certain type, and require a different Trade Skill to use. Crafting Stations can be found in Outposts or built by Companies on their Territories. Each has a Tier, and can only be used to craft recipes of that Tier or below.

Forges have recipes for Melee Weapons, Shields, Gathering Tools, and Heavy Armors.

Workshops have recipes for Ranged Weapons, Ammunition, and Siege Weapons.

Outfitting Stations have recipes for Light and Medium Armors, Bags, and Trinkets.

Kitchens have recipes for food and drinks that provide a wide range of benefits in addition to filling your Food or Drink meter.

Arcane Repositories have recipes for Tinctures, Potions, Weapon Coatings, and Magical Gauntlets.

Your Camp is also a Crafting Station, but is a bit unique in that it has recipes for a very wide range of items. Many of these recipes don't require refined resources, but don't always have options for every Tier. The Tier of your Camp and the ability to craft the recipes found there is determined by your ranks in the Wilderness Survival Trade Skill.

While viewing a Crafting Station, you can use the tabs at the top to switch to viewing recipes from any other Crafting Station. However, you cannot craft items for a station you are not using.
Lore_Body_GettingStarted_CoinCoin is earned by killing enemies or by selling items at Trading Posts located within each Outpost. Once earned, your Coin is safe. You do not drop it when defeated in combat.

The simplest option to earn Coin is by defeating Corrupted or Angry Earth enemies. In addition to Coin, they also may drop Talismans and Animorum, which are dropped by various enemies throughout Aeternum. These items have no other use, but they can be dropped if you die. This makes it a good idea to sell them quickly. Talismans and Animorum are unique in that they can be sold directly to the Trading Post.

Other items can be posted for sale, but another player must buy them for you to earn any Coin. Players can post an item for sale, which leaves the item available for others to purchase at a price set by the seller. Additionally, players can order an item, which offers to purchase a specific item for a price set by the buyer. You can sell instantly to these buy orders, or post an offer for your item in hopes that it will be purchased later.

For more info, the Systems Guide has a full chapter dedicated to the Trading Post.
Lore_Body_GettingStarted_LevelingUpWhen you level up, you'll be rewarded points you can spend on Attributes and Trade Skills. You can spend these points however you see fit. There are no classes in New World.

You can open the Progression screen at any time (default: [K]). There you can spend any points you've accrued to enhance your capabilities. Points are either Attribute points or Trade Skill points. They are not shared.

Attributes are an expression of your character's overall capabilities as a person. They determine things like your total HP and Stamina, your defense against various types of damage, and whether or not you can wield certain weapons. You can hover your mouse over each attribute to learn about its affects, and you can experiment with your points to see their effects before committing to them.

Trade Skills represent your ability to perform different actions. This includes harvesting, refining, and crafting items. You can see the specific effects of each level of a trade skill by mousing over the number for any given level.

You won't be able to unlock every point in every skill. You'll need to work with other players or use the Trading Post to obtain high tier equipment.
Lore_Body_GettingStarted_OutpostsOutpost are un-claimable neutral settlements that can be used by any player. They are spread throughout Aeternum with one or two in each major region.

Outposts house a number of important benefits and stations, including:
• Outposts are the only place to access Trading Posts
• Most outposts offer Sanctuary, where non-criminals cannot be attacked
• Every Outpost has an Inn, which can be activated as respawn location
• Outposts offer free storage for items personal to each character. Each outpost's storage is unique, meaning items stored at one outpost cannot be retrieved at a different outpost.
• Outposts offer a number of crafting stations for public use. Each contains a different selection of stations.
Lore_Body_GettingStarted_SanctuariesSome areas of Aeternum act as either a Sanctuary or a Lawless Area. These have largely opposite effects.

In a Sanctuary, non-criminals cannot be harmed by other players. Criminal Intent cannot be enabled in these areas. If you have time on your Criminal Timer, however, other players may still hurt you since Criminal Intent is not required to do so. This makes Sanctuaries a haven for players who have not committed any recent crimes, but incredibly dangerous for those who have. Most Outposts are Sanctuaries, with a few exceptions.

In a Lawless Area, committing crimes does not increase your Criminal Timer. You still have to enable your Criminal Intent (default: [U]), but your Criminal Timer will not be increased regardless of what actions you take. These are areas where player vs. player combat is common, and anyone can turn on you in an instant without suffering the usual penalties. Lawless Areas are dangerous, but often offer some of the highest Tier resources. Some Outposts are Lawless Areas. You can tell if an Outpost is Lawless from its icon on the Map.
Lore_Body_GettingStarted_SocialThere is strength in numbers, and cooperation is key to overcoming the greatest challenges Aeternum presents. There are a few key ways to work with others.

First, you can create a Group with other players. You can use the Social Menu or Local Players list to invite other players to a Group. Doing this will help you to keep track of their location, health, and map marker. Groups are short term and can be left at any time. Up to 5 players can be in one. They're the best way to work with others when adventuring or heading into a battle.

For longer term cooperation, players can join each other's Company. You can use the Social Menu to invite others to your Company, which you created along with your character. Companies can have major impacts on Aeternum, including claiming Territories and declaring War. Members of Companies each have a rank, granting them various permissions like the ability to invite others, place structure blueprints, and withdraw items from the Company's storage. You can find information and controls for your Company in the Company screen (defaut: [G]).

You can also add players as a Friend so that you can see when they're online and make grouping with them easier in the future. By clicking their Player Portrait, you can click the Add Friend button to send a Friend Request. If they accept, they'll be listed in the Social Menu so you can see their status and do things like invite them to a Group or send them a Whisper without needing to search for them.
Lore_Body_GettingStarted_StartingLocationWhen you first enter Aeternum, you'll appear on one of a few beaches. These areas act as a Sanctuary, where other players cannot attack you as long as you are not a Criminal.

These areas have a limited variety of resources to get you started, but won't get you very far without heading inland. Drowned Sailors raised by the Corruption of Aeternum roam these beaches, so it's best to move on quickly.
Lore_Body_GettingStarted_WarCompanies throughout Aeternum can declare War on each other. During a War, the Companies involved can attack each other without the usual Criminal penalties. Wars take place over a set amount of time, and have a Pre-War phase to allow defenders to prepare.

Each Company has the ability to set a Siege Window from the Company screen (default: [G]). While defending, the defending Company's Territory Protection can be ignored by attackers during this window. This means that their claim can be taken during this time, even if they've paid for protection. Companies should make sure that their Siege Window is set to a time that is easy for their members to participate, maximizing their chances of repelling attacks during this time of vulnerability.

For more detailed information about Territories and War, there is a chapter of the Systems Guide dedicated to it.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_CampingWhile exploring Aeternum, make sure to always place your Camp (default: [Y]). Your camp acts as a respawn point, basic crafting station, and rest area to replenish your Health and Mana.

You can destroy your Camp by holding the same button used to place it. You do not need to be near it to do so. This lets you break camp from anywhere so you can place a new one without going back. Both placing and destroying your Camp are free, so do it often to make sure it's always nearby.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_Combat*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

When faced with an enemy, you can draw an equipped weapon by pressing its Quickslot number, [1], [2], or [3]. Alternatively, you can press [X] to redraw your last used weapon. Press the button again to sheathe the weapon.

With a melee weapon drawn, use [LMB] for a basic attack. Melee weapons also have a heavy attack ([F]) and a special attack ([Q]). Use the heavy attack if you can't break through an opponent's blocking. The special attack varies by weapon, so experiment with how to integrate it into your combat style.

With a ranged weapon drawn, hold [RMB] to aim the weapon and press [LMB] to shoot.

To avoid incoming damage, you can attempt to dodge by pressing a direction and [SPACE] at the same time. Or, while a melee weapon is equipped, you can attempt to block the attack by holding [RMB]. Both of these come at a large cost to Stamina, and must be used carefully to avoid becoming exhausted.

Stamina is a large part of combat. Most actions cost Stamina, and once you run out you enter an exhausted state. While exhausted, your basic attack becomes weak and slow, and you cannot roll or block. Be careful to monitor your Stamina so you aren't vulnerable at the wrong moment. Making sure you are well hydrated increases the rate that Stamina regenerates, so keep your Drink meter topped off to maximize your effectiveness.

Magic and special attacks consume Mana. Mana is slow to regenerate, so be careful not to burn it too quickly.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_CraftingEvery character can craft a number of simple items at their Camp. As you increase in level, you can invest in Trade Skills that allow you to craft other items and use other Crafting Stations.

To craft an item, first visit the Crafting Station. Your Camp acts as a Crafting Station for the Wilderness Survival skill, but there are several other types of Crafting Stations as well. Each crafting Trade Skill has a different station it uses. While you can view the recipes for other stations, you can only create items for the station you are at.

From the Crafting Station, you can then choose the type of item you wish to make. Items you lack the resources for are in red, but you can still click them for more details.

After selecting an item type, you'll need to choose what Tier of that item you want to make. Higher Tiers require rarer resources and higher skills.

Within the Tier, you can select the Rarity of each material you wish to use.

Finally, press the Craft button to make your new item.

For more detailed information on Crafting, view the Crafting chapter of this How to Play topic.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_CrimeAeternum is a dangerous place, and many take to banditry and murder. Any player may attack another player at any time, with two exceptions:
• You cannot hurt a player in your Group or Company
• You cannot hurt a non-criminal in a Sanctuary, which includes most Outposts

To prevent you from committing crimes accidentally, you must enable Criminal Intent (default: [U]) in order to damage players or player-made structures, including Camps. Players who have enabled their Criminal Intent but have not actually committed a crime have their names appear in yellow. A player who has committed a crime will have their name shown in red.

Crime comes with punishment. The magic of Aeternum is less forgiving, and offers little respite for criminals. When a player commits a crime, they receive a Criminal Timer. This is increased with subsequent crimes up to a maximum value. When a player has time remaining on their Criminal Timer, they:
• Can be attacked by other players. Those other players will not receive criminal penalties for attacking the criminal.
• Can be attacked in Sanctuaries. This means even Outposts are not safe for criminals.
• Drop their Equipment in addition to their Inventory when they die. They will respawn with nothing, and others can pick up the weapons and armor they've dropped.

Players can commit 4 different crimes. The worst crime they still have a timer for is listed in their nameplate. These crimes are:
• Vandalism: damaging a player-made structure
• Pillaging: destroying a player-made structure
• Assault: damaging another player
• Murder: killing another player

Remember, any crimes committed in a Lawless Area do not add to your Criminal Timer, and do not carry the usual penalties. If you're looking for ad-hoc player vs. player combat, Lawless Areas offer a way to find that without the same level of punishment as elsewhere in Aeternum.

Crime comes with a lot of risk. Be careful if you choose that path, and be aware of the costs.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_FoodDrinkYour Food meter is a representation of how well fed your character is. Eating food increases it, which in turn increases the rate you regain Health. Running out won't kill you, but if it gets too low you won't heal over time at all anymore. It's important to keep this meter high in order to keep going after a fight.

The easiest sources of food are Berries found on bushes and simple Cooked Meat made at your camp from meat harvested from dead animals.

Similarly, your Drink meter is a representation of how well hydrated your character is. Drinking increases the meter, which improves the rate you regain Stamina. Even with an empty drink meter, your Stamina will still regenerate. However, having a high Drink meter will make sure Stamina refills quickly, and can be the difference in a tough battle.

The easiest way to refill Drink is simply from Fresh Water. Find a river or lake, collect some, and drink up.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_InventoryWhenever you gather a resource or pick up an item it is added to your Inventory (default: [TAB]). These items are divided into 6 groups:
• Weapons, which can be wielded in combat.
• Apparel, which can be equipped to improve your stats or just dress up.
• Ammo, which must be equipped in order to use a ranged weapon. Arrows are for bows and cartridges are for firearms.
• Utilities, which can be used from your Inventory or equipped to a Quickslot. Most utilities are consumed when used. You can't eat the same meal twice.
• Tools, which are used to gather resources. Tools do not need to be equipped, just set as active. Your character will use the active tools automatically.
• Resources, which covers everything else. Mostly, these are items that are used to craft other items, but it also includes things like Talismans and Animorum.

In order to equip an item, you can double click it or click and drag it to the left. To drop it or place it into a storage container, hold [SHIFT] and click it or drag it to the middle of the screen. Equipped items are no longer in your Inventory, so don't forget where you put that potion.

Clicking an item will lock its tooltip open, and allow you to perform other actions like repairing, salvaging, or comparing it. The actions that are available vary by item.

Items have weight. Items in your Inventory count against your Encumbrance. When you are carrying more than your Encumbrance limit, you will not be able to roll, run, or sprint. If you reach more than twice your Encumbrance limit, you will not be able to walk at all.

Similarly, items you have equipped count against your Equip Load. This includes any items in your Quickslots. As your Equip Load increases, you will move slower and dodging will cost more Stamina. If you exceed your maximum Equip Load, you will not be able to roll or sprint.

You can view the consequences of being Encumbered or Over-Equipped by hovering your mouse over the weight bar for each.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_Movement*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

Use [W][A][S][D] to move around the world, and move the mouse to turn the camera.

Hold [SHIFT] to sprint. This costs Stamina while your weapon is drawn. If you have a lot of distance to travel, you can press [=] to toggle autorun. While autorunning, you sprint forward without needing to hold any other keys. Sprinting at a low ledge will cause your character to climb it.

Use [TAB] to open your Inventory. You can double click or drag items from your Inventory on the right to your Equipment on the left. Weapons and consumables are placed in a Quickslot. Armor and ammo are equipped in an apparel slot.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_ReportingInteractions with other players can come in many forms. Some are mutually positive, like members of a Company working together to complete a large structure. Some are inherently adversarial, like murder and War. However, none of these interactions should become abusive.

Abusive or discriminatory language, cheating or exploiting, individual harrasment, vulgar character or Company names, and chat spam can all be reported for disciplinary action.

If you see or experience a player engaging in these behaviors, you can report them using their Player Portrait. Hover over the portrait to open the flyout menu, and select Report. In the dialog box, select the type of inappropriate behavior you wish to report and add some details and context in the text box. Finally, click Submit.

While New World presents a hostile world where players can fight and kill each other, it's ultimately a game and should be fun for everyone. Amazon takes these reports seriously, and will follow up appropriately.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_RespawnDying in Aeternum is considerably less permanent than in the rest of the world, but it is not without consequence. When you die, you drop all items in your inventory on the spot, and your equipped items suffer a significant amount of durability loss. If you are a Criminal at the time of your death, you drop your equipment as well. Anyone can pick up the items you drop, but if you can get back to the location before anyone does then you can recover it all.

When you die, you'll need to choose a location to respawn at. You can respawn at your placed Camp, at a nearby Outpost if you've visited its Inn, at a house owned by your Company, or at a random Starting Location. With the exception of the random Starting Location, each of these has a cooldown before you can use them a second time. If a respawn location is on cooldown, you cannot spawn there and must choose another option. Replacing your Camp does not reset its cooldown.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_SocialMenuThe Social Menu is how you access controls for other players. It contains a search bar, shows pending invitations, and lists your friends. You can search any player by name, even if they are offline.

Sending invites to players is done through their Player Portrait. Hovering your mouse over a Player Portrait opens a flyout menu with buttons to do things like invite the player to a Group, inviting them to your Company, sending them a Whisper (private chat message), adding them as a Friend, or Muting or Blocking their communications.

Anywhere Player Portraits appear offer the same flyout. This includes chat messages, the Nearby Players list, and your Company Roster.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_TechnicalNew World is still in active development, and some issues could arise from this. If you run into any bugs, please let the developers know by reporting them through the forums at The forums offer a direct connection to the devs, and may already have a solution or work-around for your issue, so check there for support.

If your character gets stuck in a position you cannot escape from, you can type "/unstuck" without the quotes into chat to be moved a short distance away. This command is only intended to be used if you find yourself unable to navigate on your own, like falling between rocks you cannot climb out from. It is not for escaping an enemy base or avoiding a fight. Once you use "/unstuck" you will have to wait a period of time before it becomes available again.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_UI*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

The most straight forward way to reach most aspects of the user interface is to press [ESC] to open the main nav bar. This shows a series of buttons across the top of your screen, social and group controls to the left, and enables interaction with other HUD elements like chat.

The Company screen ([G]) is where you can manage your Company and view the others in the game. This is where to go to manage Company members, set your Siege Window, control your Company treasury, and declare War.

The Map ([M]) shows the layout of Aeternum. You can zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel, pan by clicking and dragging, and place a waypoint with [RMB]. Mousing over an Outpost or Landmark will offer additional information and, in the case of Outposts, the ability to view your Outpost Storage there.

The Journal ([J]) is where you can manage your objectives (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED) and read collected Lore documents. You are looking at the Journal now.

The Progression screen ([K]) lets you view your character's attributes and trade skills, as well as the stats that are derived from them. It's also where you spend points to improve your character after leveling up.

The Settings screen contains a large number of options for display, audio, and controls. You can use it to change these things at any time.

The Social Menu allows you to search for other players. Once you've found one, you can hover over their Player Portrait to access a number of options. This includes sending a Friend Request, a Group or Company Invite, sending a Whisper, or blocking all of their communications in the future.

The Nearby Players list only appears if there is someone else nearby, and gives easy access to their Player Portrait. In a crowded area, it will only show 5 other players, so you may still need to use the normal Social Menu to access options for a specific player.

Chat appears to the left of the screen. Press [ENTER] to enable typing, and press [ENTER] again after inputting your message to send it. Chat can be in a number of channels, selectable by the dropdown next to the input box.

Emotes are available by holding [P] and selecting an option with the mouse. Alternatively, if you know the emote's slash command you can type it into chat. Emotes are short animations your character can perform to express a simple emotion or sentiment, like cheering or beckoning someone over.
Lore_Body_Mechanics_VitalsHealth is an overall representation of your character's overall wellness. If you run out, you die. It regenerates over time as long as you keep your Food meter high enough. You can speed up this regeneration with magic, consumables, or by resting at your camp. Your maximum is determined by your Constitution attribute.

Stamina is used by most combat actions. Running out leaves you exhausted and vulnerable, so manage it carefully. It will regenerate over time, but having a low Drink meter will cause it to regenerate slower. Your maximum is determined by your Endurance attribute.

Mana is used for magic and special attacks. It regenerates slowly, and is not tied to Food or Drink. Resting at your camp speeds up its regeneration rate significantly, so if you're relying on Mana make sure to bring potions or take time between fights. Your maximum mana is based on your Intelligence and Faith attributes, and the regeneration rate is determined by your Focus attribute.
Lore_Body_Outpost_AuroraAeternaeTravelers – know that the former outpost of Wind's Pointe is no more, it has taken on a new name from the aurora that now shines over us. Our doors are open to ALL pilgrims who seek the light that shines within the great ring of stones. In the aurora's light, cast aside fear, hold fast to faith. The Aurora Aeternae is fury, frozen - wrath, suspended – and it shields us all, for it is heaven's herald.

Yet like heaven's mysteries, let the light of the Aurora Aeternae ever remind us that not all secrets of Aeternum are for us to uncover, else one day the sun within the stone shall blossom with its full light and consume us all. To seek and never be content is Grenville's folly, the ‘scholar' who caused the blue flames of the road to be lit, the cursed dead of the eastern ruins to rise, and awoke this second sun in these lands – what knowledge did he gain when consumed by the aurora's light?
Lore_Body_Outpost_FirstLightBy order of Malcolm Rotheschilde, Lord of this post, all pilgrims are welcome at Firstlight Station.

Here, the first light of Aeterna beckons to all who seek these shores. As it called to us with its holy radiance, it shall call to others. But in its shadows, lie dangers - keep within Firstlight Station at night, for Withered devils infest the Breakwater Bay to the Southwest. Skeletons of explorers, slow in dying, the flesh stripped from them mark the paths to warn away the foolhardy – if you choose to travel to the Bay, no rescue party will come for you - and none shall mourn your passing.

Also beware the lighthouse to the East. The paths that wind around the base of the monument walk with a different kind of dead, older than us, perhaps older than any – and they still grip ancient blades and their eyes blazing with Azoth.

No stories to scare children these - they are truth. Do not test them.
Lore_Body_Outpost_FortVelazquezFrom Consolation do you come, then continue on in our graces.

Before you ask, yes, the legends of the red fountain are true – crimson Azoth awaits in the center of the isle, red with corruption, and we are content at Fort Velazquez to watch you leave in search of it as the Captain did when he abandoned his crew on Aeterna's shores.

We will give no warnings, no words of caution – the devils that hound us, Withered and Corrupted things all, are proof of where red-drenched temptations lead.
Lore_Body_Outpost_LordEverettsAll cast from the sea are welcome in Wind's Edge

Shelter from the wind for those seeking trade

Those who stand with my brother Miles

Will swing in the wind from a noose

Bounties on Withered and Wolf pelts paid here

Skilled hunters for both needed

Everett Duncan, Rightful Lord of Windsward
Lore_Body_Outpost_MonarchStationMONARCH BAY this may be, but in this fort be NO Kings, Queens, Lords, and other royal bastards - only those willing to WORK the land, and STAND with their fellow BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

AZOTH does not come freely, but at least here, you STAND beside others who, like you, may NEVER see their homes again, and have committed to making AETERNA theirs – not for any lord, not for any King or Queen, but for the PROMISE of the future Azoth brings.

P.S. If you pride yourself a Scholar – we have NO need of you. The words writ here are the most that shall be spent in these walls.

P.S.S. If you bear the mark of the Red Sign – you are less than a Scholar and less than a dog. If seeking your “fortune,” seek it by drowning in the Corrupted of the Cleave, for that's the only fortune your greed deserves.
Lore_Body_Outpost_TrueDuncansWatchTravelers take heed – East of Wind's Watch, avoid the Town of Violets

Withered lie thick as the flowers there

All refugees, castaways, company men – esp. tradesmen - I grant you shelter within these walls

But those of Wind's Edge who have cast your lot with my “brother” Everett,

May you die at Wind's Edge with the bastard

- Order of Miles Duncan, the only Duncan who holds the true and rightful claim to the Windsward
Lore_Body_Outpost_WeaversPostTradesmen, Craftsmen, Companies all –

You are welcome to trade, but you may not spill blood here.

No dueling, no fighting, none is allowed,

Even if Aeterna somehow permitted violence within this claim.

Make of the forge and inn as you will, but to those seeking trouble,

Piss off somewhere else.
Lore_Body_Outpost_WeaversStationAll are welcome here, lest you speak ill of the witch that once dwelled in the Fen – for those that do, you will find no shelter here.

Many she helped in her life, and Weaver's Fen honors her sacrifice, and her efforts.

Speak ill of her or curse the Fen, and many curses in return will fall upon your head. Seek out her path and her journey may help you as it helped others.
Lore_Body_Progression_AttributesMost of a character's stats are derived from their Attributes. Each Attribute contributes to one or more important numbers, like maximum Health or Equip Load. There are 8 Attributes you can invest in:
• Constitution: determines maximum Health and improves Frostbite Resistance.
• Endurance: determines maximum Stamina, improves your Defense against Lightning Damage, and improves your Wound Resistance.
• Physique: determines maximum Equip Load, improves your Defense against Physical Damage, and improves your Poison Resistance.
• Strength: improves your Defense against Fire Damage and improves the damage done by many melee weapons. It is also required in order to equip many melee weapons.
• Dexterity: improves your Absorption against Fall Damage and improves the damage done by ranged weapons and light melee weapons. It is also required in order to equip many weapons.
• Intelligence: determines maximum Mana and improves your Defense against Fire Damage and Lightning Damage. It also improves the damage of Elemental Gauntlets, and is required to equip one.
• Focus: determines Mana regeneration rate and improves your Defense against Magic Damage
• Faith: determines maximum Mana, improves your Defense against Void Damage, and improves your Corruption Resistance. It also improves the effectiveness of Celestial Gauntlets, and is required to equip one.

When you place points, you can see their effect on your stats before committing. Once committed, you will have to Respec in order to reallocate them.
Lore_Body_Progression_RespecAt certain Levels you will gain the option to Respec. When you choose to Respec, all points you've invested will be returned so that you can spend them in a new way. This means you are never truly locked in to any rank you've gained, so you can spend your points without fear of regretting the investment.

Respeccing is done on Attributes and Trade Skills separately.
Lore_Body_Progression_TradeSkillsYour ability to craft, gather, and refine items is determined by your Trade Skills. These skills align with the various Crafting Stations and Refining Stations.

Crafting Skills
These skills are required to craft items at their respective Crafting Stations. Having more ranks in these skills allows you to craft more recipes and grants improved chances to craft with a higher Craftsmanship. These are:
• Blacksmithing
• Engineering
• Outfitting
• Cooking
• Alchemy

Gathering and Refining
These skills are required to refine resources at Refining Stations. In addition to granting the ability to refine resources, higher ranks also improve your ability to gather the related resource and grant a chance of getting a higher Rarity of raw material. These are:
• Logging and Carpentry
• Mining, Stonecutting, and Smelting
• Harvesting and Weaving
• Tracking, Skinning, and Tanning

Personal Skills
These skills can cover a range of abilities. Each has use outside of Outposts. These are:
• Wilderness Survival: this improves the Tier of your Camp, and unlocks the ability to craft more recipes there
• Repairing: this allows you to repair items at the cost of fewer resources and with a decreased loss of maximum durability
Lore_Body_Progression_XPCharacters in New World have a Level. This broadly represents their capabilities, with higher level characters having more Attributes and Trade Skills than lower level characters. However, level alone is not a full measure of someone's combat or crafting effectiveness. It depends on how those points were allocated.

As you fight, gather, and craft you will earn XP. When you've accrued enough XP you will gain a Level. The amount of XP you need to earn varies, increasing as your level does. Earning level 10 requires more XP than earning level 2.

You can see your current progress towards your next level along the bottom of the screen. When you gain XP, you will see the amount added appear briefly and the bar will fill further. When it fills completely, you gain a Level.

When you gain a Level, you are awarded points to spend on either Attributes or Trade Skills. These points are not interchangable, and which you gain and how many depends on the Level you just reached. Gaining a Level provides no other benefit, so you have to spend your points on the Progression screen (default: [K]) to improve your abilities.
Lore_Body_TradingPost_BuyTabAll purchases are made through the Trading Post's Buy Tab. There are two methods of making a purchase:
• Browse posted items, and buy them directly
• Place a Buy Order for a specific item to be fulfilled later by another player

Direct purchases are simple. You can browse all the items that have been posted by looking through the list. You can filter these items using the search bar or the category options on the left. When you find an item you want to buy, just select it to see a breakdown of the costs, including a tax charged by the Trading Post. Once you buy the item, it will be added to your Inventory. You can only purchase items that were posted to the Outpost you are at.

If you can't find the item you want, or it isn't available for a price you'll accept, you can place a Buy Order. To place a Buy Order, you need to identify the specific item you want by using the search bar or clicking into the filters until you find it. Once you drill down to the item, you will be presented with the option to order it. Clicking the button will open a window where you can define how many, what Rarity or Craftsmanship you'll accept (if applicable for the item), how much you're willing to pay, and the maximum time the order should remain active for. When the order is fulfilled, the item will be added to the Outpost Storage where you placed the order.

Placing a Buy Order requires paying a Listing Fee, which is determined by a combination of the price you are offering, the quantity, and the duration. If you do not have enough Coin for the Listing Fee, you cannot place the order. This fee is not refunded if the order expires.

The Buy Tab is also where you can purchase a Claim Charter, which is necessary to claim a Territory for your Company.
Lore_Body_TradingPost_MyOrdersThe My Orders tab allows you to see all of your open Buy Orders, items you've posted for sale, and your past transactions. You cannot edit open orders or sales, but you can cancel them before they expire.

Canceling costs nothing, but the Listing Fee you paid is not refundable.
Lore_Body_TradingPost_OverviewEvery Outpost in Aeternum includes a Trading Post. There you can buy and sell items for Coin.

The market is entirely player driven. Every item available for sale was posted by a player, and every item you wish to sell must be bought by a player. The only exceptions are Talismans and Animorum, which are dropped by Corrupted and Angry Earth enemies. These items can be sold directly to the Trading Post for Coin, and have no other purpose.

Trading Posts offer three views:
• The Buy Tab
• The Sell Tab
• The My Orders Tab

The Trading Post works on the concept of postings and orders. Players can post items for sale, and they can also order items for purchase. Doing this requires a fee determined by how much the post or order is worth and how long it will be available.

Every Outpost has a separate inventory. Items and orders are placed at a specific Outpost's Trading Post, and are not transferable. You can view items and orders at different Outposts by using the location dropdown menu to select another location, but you cannot make the purchase or sale without traveling there.
Lore_Body_TradingPost_SellTabItems can be sold using the Trading Post's Sell Tab. Most items are sold using one of two methods:
• Fulfilling a Buy Order
• Posting an item

Talismans and Animorum are exceptions. These items can only be sold directly to the Trading Post by clicking the button in the top left of the Sell Tab. They have no other use, so sell any you have every time you visit.

Fulfilling a Buy Order is a mirror of purchasing an item. When you select an item to sell, you will be shown any open orders for that item. Alternatively, you can switch to viewing All Items to see what orders have been placed even if you don't have the item being requested. When you click on an open order, you'll be able to select how many to sell if the order is for multiple, and how much you'll make from the sale. Click Sell Now to make the transaction immediately.

Posting an item is done by selecting the item from the list in the My Sellable Items view. Clicking the button opens a window that lets you set the quantity, price, and duration of your posting. Each of these values factors into the Listing Fee, which you'll need to pay to post your item. Once posted, the item will be removed from your inventory or storage and held until it is sold or the posting expires. If the posting expires, the item will be returned to the Outpost Storage where you posted the item. The Listing Fee is non-refundable.

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