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New World Original Release date Lore

TalesofExpeditions_Body_01_01On this day the merry band of warriors five seek to explore the overgrown garden first scouted by our legionnaires. What we may find within may be riches or ruin, but in either outcome this slice of Eden must be documented and explored for its proximity to our forward camps.

We, consisting of Lucius, Hadriana, Marcellus, Domitia, and Cassia of the reserves, fear not for our own lives but for the lives of the innocents that may be affected should this grove contain dangers within.

TalesofExpeditions_Body_01_02After fighting our way through the Dryad soldiers who protect this place it is clear that something valuable is hidden within.

Stranger than this, though, is a substance that Marcellus stepped in while fending off a Dryad's blows. It is a blood orange, viscous material that I quickly gathered a sample of. It seems to infect all natural things in the garden, but none of us were willing to see its effects on humans just yet.

Could this substance repel the Dryads? Can it be contained to only the Dryads, or will it spread to those we try to protect? For now we save the sample for analysis back at camp.

TalesofExpeditions_Body_01_03The sample in Cassia's pocket has overtaken her with a clinging sickness. The Dryads avoid her seemingly on principle now, and go for our weakest party members instead of her strong bulwark.

With Cassia suffering this way and the injuries Hadriana has sustained we can go no further. We have failed in our mission, and when we are resurrected at the next shrine we shall turn back, never to enter this forsaken place again.

TalesofExpeditions_Body_02_01An Edict from Her Majesty and Grace, Empress Zhou Taiying:

All resources gathered, whether by sickle or sword, must be brought to the Dynasty Shipyard to be forfeit immediately to the Dynasty. Any person or persons caught withholding supplies shall be punished swiftly and severely.
TalesofExpeditions_Body_02_02An Edict from Her Majesty and Grace, Empress Zhou Taiying:

The Corrupted forces of The Tempest are to be respected and allied with. No infighting shall be tolerated, as all hands must come together to create the fleet that will cleanse the world. The Tempest's forces are a gift, and shall be treated as such.
TalesofExpeditions_Body_02_03An Edict from Her Majesty and Grace, Empress Zhou Taiying:

Regarding the feeding schedule of Oro and Joven, they are to be kept hungry to hone their rage and clear their minds. Anyone caught feeding the Tempest's Tigers are to be fed to the Ebonscale Alligators without trial.
TalesofExpeditions_Body_03_01Father says it is a great honor to serve the Ancients. They have been benevolent towards our existence ever since we washed upon the shores of this deathless island.

I am ready to undertake the transformation. I know it shall bestow great blessings upon my parents and sister when I undergo my metamorphosis into a Guardian.

TalesofExpeditions_Body_03_02Three fellow humans join me in this journey today, prepared to offer ourselves as Guardians to the Ancients. Eight Ancients in their ethereal robes guide us through the cave system towards our fate, eyeing us as if we might flee. Is there a reason to flee? This knot in my stomach will not untangle.

TalesofExpeditions_Body_03_03I have never seen a being so large in all my days. Its one-eyed gaze grips my heart with fear. I look back to the cave system and realize I would not know my way back even if I tried.

The first among us steps up to receive the blessing, and his hands are shaking just like mine. Are we throwing our lives away for the sake of a species we barely understand? I think of father, mother, and sister. Will I even recognize them once this is done?

I am scared, and the cries coming from the man transforming sound pained. Have I made a terrible mistake?

TalesofExpeditions_Body_04_01Working with Simon Grey is near impossible at times. The man's ego is bigger than the Shattered Obelisk and he's going to get all the credit when it's been my men and I digging for him.

I swear, if it weren't for Barkimedes I'd be out of here.

-Foreman Nakashima
TalesofExpeditions_Body_04_02The mural depicted on the walls calls for intense inspection.

These gems around the hearts of the people depicted—what could they be? Do they hold the soul, or a part of it? If we could get this mural off the wall and into the daylight I might be able to study it better. I wonder if Nakashima would be able to isolate it.

-Simon Grey
TalesofExpeditions_Body_04_03Our next step in solving this mystery will have to be near the Amrine Temple. We will gather our supplies and make our discoveries there, I can feel it in my bones.

-Simon Grey
TalesofExpeditions_Body_05_01**There is a drawing of a group of alligators. The smallest one is circled in angry red ink with text you cannot decipher above it.**

Bab pab rutukep nâ idok a pixadaxoxo mah mipung. Yâd dekev uwâmik'ot an veyi yi mah axo. P'â gandobde gayuraok tiv nâ mixig mi ba itki yi pixadax? Pin ketir yâd mah veb xabti a wu mah yâd fibdâ ikumo kia , ti ruko robtoki pad ti fibdâok fa royenvong mah 'a ko.
TalesofExpeditions_Body_05_02**On the page is a drawing of the Myrkgard Church in exquisite detail signed ‘T'.**

Isabella a wux t'enggâf xa Myrkgard uvendâ. Iknir mipung k'ufâ ngo tiv pad ikitkâ t'epud. Wu a mah runa, a piñab mah 'a kengâ.
TalesofExpeditions_Body_05_03**A drawing of a sealed box is ferociously scribbled over with repeating phrases that you do not understand the meaning of.**


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