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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Progression_TradeSkillsYour ability to craft, gather, and refine items is determined by your Trade Skills. These skills align with the various Crafting Stations and Refining Stations.

Crafting Skills
These skills are required to craft items at their respective Crafting Stations. Having more ranks in these skills allows you to craft more recipes and grants improved chances to craft with a higher Craftsmanship. These are:
• Blacksmithing
• Engineering
• Outfitting
• Cooking
• Alchemy

Gathering and Refining
These skills are required to refine resources at Refining Stations. In addition to granting the ability to refine resources, higher ranks also improve your ability to gather the related resource and grant a chance of getting a higher Rarity of raw material. These are:
• Logging and Carpentry
• Mining, Stonecutting, and Smelting
• Harvesting and Weaving
• Tracking, Skinning, and Tanning

Personal Skills
These skills can cover a range of abilities. Each has use outside of Outposts. These are:
• Wilderness Survival: this improves the Tier of your Camp, and unlocks the ability to craft more recipes there
• Repairing: this allows you to repair items at the cost of fewer resources and with a decreased loss of maximum durability

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