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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Outpost_FirstLightBy order of Malcolm Rotheschilde, Lord of this post, all pilgrims are welcome at Firstlight Station.

Here, the first light of Aeterna beckons to all who seek these shores. As it called to us with its holy radiance, it shall call to others. But in its shadows, lie dangers - keep within Firstlight Station at night, for Withered devils infest the Breakwater Bay to the Southwest. Skeletons of explorers, slow in dying, the flesh stripped from them mark the paths to warn away the foolhardy – if you choose to travel to the Bay, no rescue party will come for you - and none shall mourn your passing.

Also beware the lighthouse to the East. The paths that wind around the base of the monument walk with a different kind of dead, older than us, perhaps older than any – and they still grip ancient blades and their eyes blazing with Azoth.

No stories to scare children these - they are truth. Do not test them.

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