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Lore_Body_Mechanics_VitalsHealth is an overall representation of your character's overall wellness. If you run out, you die. It regenerates over time as long as you keep your Food meter high enough. You can speed up this regeneration with magic, consumables, or by resting at your camp. Your maximum is determined by your Constitution attribute.

Stamina is used by most combat actions. Running out leaves you exhausted and vulnerable, so manage it carefully. It will regenerate over time, but having a low Drink meter will cause it to regenerate slower. Your maximum is determined by your Endurance attribute.

Mana is used for magic and special attacks. It regenerates slowly, and is not tied to Food or Drink. Resting at your camp speeds up its regeneration rate significantly, so if you're relying on Mana make sure to bring potions or take time between fights. Your maximum mana is based on your Intelligence and Faith attributes, and the regeneration rate is determined by your Focus attribute.

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