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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Mechanics_RespawnDying in Aeternum is considerably less permanent than in the rest of the world, but it is not without consequence. When you die, you drop all items in your inventory on the spot, and your equipped items suffer a significant amount of durability loss. If you are a Criminal at the time of your death, you drop your equipment as well. Anyone can pick up the items you drop, but if you can get back to the location before anyone does then you can recover it all.

When you die, you'll need to choose a location to respawn at. You can respawn at your placed Camp, at a nearby Outpost if you've visited its Inn, at a house owned by your Company, or at a random Starting Location. With the exception of the random Starting Location, each of these has a cooldown before you can use them a second time. If a respawn location is on cooldown, you cannot spawn there and must choose another option. Replacing your Camp does not reset its cooldown.

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