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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Mechanics_ReportingInteractions with other players can come in many forms. Some are mutually positive, like members of a Company working together to complete a large structure. Some are inherently adversarial, like murder and War. However, none of these interactions should become abusive.

Abusive or discriminatory language, cheating or exploiting, individual harrasment, vulgar character or Company names, and chat spam can all be reported for disciplinary action.

If you see or experience a player engaging in these behaviors, you can report them using their Player Portrait. Hover over the portrait to open the flyout menu, and select Report. In the dialog box, select the type of inappropriate behavior you wish to report and add some details and context in the text box. Finally, click Submit.

While New World presents a hostile world where players can fight and kill each other, it's ultimately a game and should be fun for everyone. Amazon takes these reports seriously, and will follow up appropriately.

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