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New World Original Release date Lore

Lore_Body_Mechanics_CrimeAeternum is a dangerous place, and many take to banditry and murder. Any player may attack another player at any time, with two exceptions:
• You cannot hurt a player in your Group or Company
• You cannot hurt a non-criminal in a Sanctuary, which includes most Outposts

To prevent you from committing crimes accidentally, you must enable Criminal Intent (default: [U]) in order to damage players or player-made structures, including Camps. Players who have enabled their Criminal Intent but have not actually committed a crime have their names appear in yellow. A player who has committed a crime will have their name shown in red.

Crime comes with punishment. The magic of Aeternum is less forgiving, and offers little respite for criminals. When a player commits a crime, they receive a Criminal Timer. This is increased with subsequent crimes up to a maximum value. When a player has time remaining on their Criminal Timer, they:
• Can be attacked by other players. Those other players will not receive criminal penalties for attacking the criminal.
• Can be attacked in Sanctuaries. This means even Outposts are not safe for criminals.
• Drop their Equipment in addition to their Inventory when they die. They will respawn with nothing, and others can pick up the weapons and armor they've dropped.

Players can commit 4 different crimes. The worst crime they still have a timer for is listed in their nameplate. These crimes are:
• Vandalism: damaging a player-made structure
• Pillaging: destroying a player-made structure
• Assault: damaging another player
• Murder: killing another player

Remember, any crimes committed in a Lawless Area do not add to your Criminal Timer, and do not carry the usual penalties. If you're looking for ad-hoc player vs. player combat, Lawless Areas offer a way to find that without the same level of punishment as elsewhere in Aeternum.

Crime comes with a lot of risk. Be careful if you choose that path, and be aware of the costs.

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