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New World Original Release date Lore

Lore_Body_Mechanics_CraftingEvery character can craft a number of simple items at their Camp. As you increase in level, you can invest in Trade Skills that allow you to craft other items and use other Crafting Stations.

To craft an item, first visit the Crafting Station. Your Camp acts as a Crafting Station for the Wilderness Survival skill, but there are several other types of Crafting Stations as well. Each crafting Trade Skill has a different station it uses. While you can view the recipes for other stations, you can only create items for the station you are at.

From the Crafting Station, you can then choose the type of item you wish to make. Items you lack the resources for are in red, but you can still click them for more details.

After selecting an item type, you'll need to choose what Tier of that item you want to make. Higher Tiers require rarer resources and higher skills.

Within the Tier, you can select the Rarity of each material you wish to use.

Finally, press the Craft button to make your new item.

For more detailed information on Crafting, view the Crafting chapter of this How to Play topic.

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