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New World Original Release date Lore

99_MSQ_Aeternum_Body_2_01When Corruption comes to smolder

In the furnace of men's souls

We, the deathless shields, will shoulder

All the fires the future holds
99_MSQ_Aeternum_Body_2_02Join our battle, share our fire

Meet us on the barricade

When dark rises, we rise higher

Ironclad and unafraid
99_MSQ_Aeternum_Body_2_03Chains of duty, chosen freely,

Never rust and will not break

All Aeternum can sleep deeply

The Soulwardens are awake

Here, the last of the Wardens are laid to rest

No corpses to bury, hearts and souls sacrificed long ago

Memories may fade, but this testament to courage shall remain.
99_MSQ_Body_01_01Journal of Warden Alazar


It's as I feared. My leg is useless, broken in the battle. Pravin and Michael carried me to Arcturus Tower, but I can see that my weight is a burden. They're already exhausted…there's still so much further to run.

I told them to leave me behind. I knew they'd get farther without me. They refused, like I knew they would. Michael swore the loudest. But in the end, even he couldn't disobey my orders.

I've barricaded the doors and lit a bonfire on the roof. The enemy can't fail to see it. Hopefully, they'll take the bait. If I can buy enough time for the others to escape, I don't care what happens to me.
99_MSQ_Body_01_02Journal of Warden Alazar


This will be my last entry. It's just me and the stars now. To the south, my Soulwardens are running. From the north, Corruption's army comes. Only I can see them both, from up here.

Some people live their last moments in a dungeon. I'm lucky to have the stars for company.

They've reached the foot of the tower. I, Yonas Alazar, am honored to have served as the Soulwarden Commander for all these

Wait. One of my Soulwardens is coming back. What is Michael doing? I ordered them all to run!

That stubborn LUNATIC is going to get himself Corrupted!

I've gone on the run. I am so sorry to leave you to face Captain Isabella's wrath alone. Whatever she does to you will be less horrible than what she had planned. Perhaps that's some small comfort? I hope so.

I couldn't let her go through with it. I couldn't let her become the monster she wanted to be.

My final request of you is to distract her until I can escape the island with the box. She will certainly kill you for it, and maybe worse; still, I must ask, for the sake of our long friendship. If that's not enough, for the sake of every living thing in this world. Even now, I fear it is too late for I hear the Heretic's laughter. Hellish echoes that plague my waking thoughts and haunt my nightmares.

I must flee. Go with God, friend, if you can still find him.

- Father Dante
99_MSQ_Body_01_04I heard the Heretic's voice again last night, in Isabella's quarters. They were discussing something. I ran in, crucifix in hand, but Isabella was alone. She watched as I searched the room, smiled as the crucifix fell from my fingers. I let her embrace me, and felt her body shake with silent laughter.

Did I imagine it? Was I finally going mad? The devil is certainly within his right to play tricks on me. Only a madman could think a wooden crucifix capable of saving Isabella's soul. Only a hypocrite could love her.

I had to leave her. I couldn't leave her. Not until what I discovered tonight.

- Dante
99_MSQ_Body_01_05My Isabella,

As you struggled in the fever's grip, I invoked the ancient rite. I would not see your soul damned to the Pit even if it meant condemning my own. When your fever finally broke, I hoped for an instant that God had returned you to me.

But it's the devil that delights in the hopes of weak men. I finally see that the creature that came back is not the woman I loved.

The truth is, until tonight, I've never done a single thing worthy of reward. Saving your soul was never within my power. The only thing left for me to do was steal it, and save the world from what you've become.

We will not meet in Heaven. I hope that we never meet again. To spend my life guarding this box…to grow old, to die alone, imagining the hate you feel for me…that will be my reward.

Goodbye, my love.

- Dante
99_MSQ_Body_02_02Placeholder text for Thorpe's Challenge

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