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03_GreatCleave_Body_05_01**The page is covered in strange symbols and markings, looking like no language you have ever encountered, yet somehow the sounds come unbidden into your mind. You recognize the circle-and-split-fork design used as the banner by the Corrupted across Aeternum. Could this be their language?**

Ubemabayib mit'enggâf fip'anda ambi. Ngo atwak fi 'av mifiwo ñâb. Wu p'â kuñ mip'ânfâp ag, p'â edendakti pad Aeternum ven af.
03_GreatCleave_Body_05_02**This page is covered with the symbols and markings you've come to know as the Corrupted language. The foreign sounds fill your head as you read. This page has a crude drawing of a smelter, and some liquid being poured into crucibles.**

Miven pad fangok fi Aeternum yi kot'une ñân p'â ve urompi xapwing ambi. Âbtahâr pad azoth deñâñogambi euwângubda rongembi. Ngo xagimbi he akimbi ika'atku miwod itkâ âbtawungu 'ufoxo axo.
03_GreatCleave_Body_05_03**A page with the cramped symbols of the Corrupted language. Taking up much of the page is a sketch of skulls and bones being pounded to dust.**

Ubamabayib rugi impane 'adoh uwâkombe azoth kevambi yi detwek. Baguf xak'ov bab mi a p'ânvâboxo pab ambi. Xa xauwâñâb ñâna ko, ngo uwâkombe 'ami xaipix xa pab veh axo, he mip'âtweg ubaxahev xakong ambi.
03_GreatCleave_Body_05_04**Another page with more of the Corrupted writing. This page has a drawing of miners digging ore from the depths, and what appears to be one of the Corrupted Cultists leading a ritual.**

Xafang bing Magmebeg umik'ig vetix at pa ngub a, fa nena pad miwonuykañ a atkifitorambi. Xayi miawi xa ñâtwap mi'anutu mip'u nguboxo.
03_GreatCleave_Body_05_05**Yet another page written by the Corrupted. Along the side of the page are images of trees being cut and dragged away for some unknown purpose.**

Xayup pad tif tid gufoxo ubatif mimak'â'a fi pab nero yi p'â ag 'umbi mi a. Bar vetimbi, uatkiguf panumbi heñ ika'atku axo he ngo ubaguf miwod kengâmbi.
03_GreatCleave_Body_06_01To the attention of: General Alazar
Name: James Sexton, Soulwarden
Current post: Eastburn Outpost, Great Cleave
Requested post: Anywhere else

Add'l. Notes:
I'll take whatever we've got. Send me to the front lines in Shattered Mountain, if that's what it takes. No battle can be more painful than the memories I have here, with her.
03_GreatCleave_Body_06_02Patricia, my love,

The tincture isn't working. My leg is turning black, and the ice is creeping toward my heart. I was in such a hurry to leave this place, I got sloppy. I let the Corrupted overwhelm me. Now, it seems, I'll never leave.

How ridiculous, to lie in the snow and wait for the end, to scribble my last words in the dark! I wish you'd ran away with me, all those times I asked. If only I'd found the right words then.
Maybe this is for the best. When they recover my Heartgem from my corpse, they'll lay it next to yours.

I'll be with you soon.
03_GreatCleave_Body_07_01My followers have completed construction of the village, under my guidance. I have spent much of my time planning our future, and one thing concerns me: the Corruption to the north, past the Ancient gate. And while some called me a fool to do so, I set forth to see this evil for myself.
I ventured north of the gate, able to avoid the attentions of the demons long enough to learn what I needed to. But, fate decided to set me on a new path. Climbing through the mountain passes, I slipped and found myself in a ruin of the Ancients. Inside, artifacts and riches filled the cave to the brim, but what drew me in were the murals on the wall. I did not recognize something specific in them at first, but having studied the spiritual paths of many, I should be able to recognize a ritual!
From my loose understanding of the murals, I believe the Ancients had a way of sanctifying areas on the island, explaining why the settlements to the south are protected from attack. These murals showed me how to do the same! This may be the best way to protect my flock, to give them the peace that so many of them deserve.
I claimed the artifacts in the cave, bringing back as many as I was able to carry, and have matched many to the murals. I must determine how this ritual was done so that I may perform it here for the village, and will not rest until I do!
03_GreatCleave_Body_07_02I have done it. I now understand how the Ancients performed their wonderful, terrible, ritual. I have already taken the first steps, distributing the tokens to each of the townsfolk.

No, I mustn't! It is wrong, it is foolish, it is evil! Their wills exterminated! I don't... I need, I must...

As the Herald of this flock, it falls to me to make the hard decisions for everyone. I held a meeting at the church and explained that the ritual would protect this hilltop... and all in attendance agreed that we must do whatever we can to protect ourselves...

Something in those ruins, unclear how... I am fighting for control, but I feel it winning. I have given my most trusted follower specific instructions on what to do. Being near the stone lends me strength, but I know it must be consumed in the ritual. This... will be the last time I have control, and I cannot stop the ritual. But... my flock, they will not be taken by Corruption. Their souls, their minds, will be freed. It is the only way.
03_GreatCleave_Body_08_01There is a creature, a blue winged serpent that lurks in the Great Cleave's waters. Some don't believe it exists, but I've had it on my line more than once and that is one tricky beastie.

I've heard it roaring in the night, breaching the water like a dolphin to let loose its terrible cry. One day it shall be mine, and then no one will doubt me.
03_GreatCleave_Body_08_02The Soulwardens, a noble order of Aeternum, are at times all that stand between the southern settlements and complete Corruption.

They operate in Corruption-heavy areas and dish out punishment towards those who would attack innocents and spread their Corrupted filth whether by offering power or force.

They may have just arrived but they're already doing some good for this island, so I've thrown my support behind them. Will you help me as well, Machera?
03_GreatCleave_Body_09_01Bi xak'ub pad xap'âni, kot'uneok t'etâknângik at ambi uyih pad. Mav kot'uneok tu añipambi 'ag K'ox Eipa, yi kot'uneok ñix ambi.
Mav kot'uneok tu 'ag Eâbtak'ongek manâx, t'ei kot'uneok tu ambi yâmbi.
He kot'uneok tu t'etâknângik 'adoh, yi kot'uneok ñix ambi. Ngo bih fa kot'uneok ven t'etâknângik at ambi.
Epab eher pad bih Eipa ven ambi. He bih eipa i'âba Ketiro 'apâmbi ven ba rungegambi.

Paikitkâ Ubakomeo Oseguera
03_GreatCleave_Body_09_02He xa Âbtafixok Âbtak'ukook bih Ubeipa uwâruknâr fipin ungok.

Ngo bih Eâbtabig Eâbtak'uko Uwâruna axo.
Bing Ingot fipin Uwâñi p'â yâk'up fa. Bing Uwâkombe fipin Âbta'atku p'â dek'ân fa.
K'o ñâkaok pad k'oba he de, Uwângov p'â ngokoxo.

Paikitkâ Ubakomeo Oseguera
03_GreatCleave_Body_09_03He xa Âbtafixok Âbtak'ukook bih Ubeipa uwâruknâr fipin ungok.

Ngo bih Eâbtabimbi Eâbtak'uko 'Atkâ axo.
Mab bih Uwâñi fipin p'â Ngo'ook p'â k'unoxo. Mab Ngo'ook fipin 'Agmox p'â rompuxo fa.
Xa kendu mirux urompu.
Xa Tik.
Xa Ngoñ.
Xa Gab.

Paikitkâ Ubakomeo Oseguera
03_GreatCleave_Body_09_04He xa Âbtafixok Âbtak'ukook bih Ubeipa uwâruknâr fipin ungok.

Ngo bih Eâbta'ag Eâbtak'uko Yiñâmbâ axo.
Yed 'Agmox fipin Magmebeg p'â kâknahoxo. Yed 'Agmox fipin p'â At'u vevu xamitâñ ganexo.
Xa Uwâgañ fipin miñâg p'â 'afahoxo.

Paikitkâ Ubakomeo Oseguera
03_GreatCleave_Body_09_05He xa Âbtafixok Âbtak'ukook bih Ubeipa uwâruknâr fipin ungok.

Ngo bih Eâbtubafix Eâbtak'uko bih Eâbtabig, bih Eâbta'atki, he bih Eâbtakendu ambi.
Xa Eâbtakendu, Uwângov p'â ngokoxo.
Xa Eâbtakendu, Eâbtak'uko p'â ngokoxo.
Âbtakenduok fa Eâbtativ eher pad bih Ewupwat ven ambi.

Paikitkâ Ubakomeo Oseguera

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