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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_GettingStarted_SocialThere is strength in numbers, and cooperation is key to overcoming the greatest challenges Aeternum presents. There are a few key ways to work with others.

First, you can create a Group with other players. You can use the Social Menu or Local Players list to invite other players to a Group. Doing this will help you to keep track of their location, health, and map marker. Groups are short term and can be left at any time. Up to 5 players can be in one. They're the best way to work with others when adventuring or heading into a battle.

For longer term cooperation, players can join each other's Company. You can use the Social Menu to invite others to your Company, which you created along with your character. Companies can have major impacts on Aeternum, including claiming Territories and declaring War. Members of Companies each have a rank, granting them various permissions like the ability to invite others, place structure blueprints, and withdraw items from the Company's storage. You can find information and controls for your Company in the Company screen (defaut: [G]).

You can also add players as a Friend so that you can see when they're online and make grouping with them easier in the future. By clicking their Player Portrait, you can click the Add Friend button to send a Friend Request. If they accept, they'll be listed in the Social Menu so you can see their status and do things like invite them to a Group or send them a Whisper without needing to search for them.

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