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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_GettingStarted_SanctuariesSome areas of Aeternum act as either a Sanctuary or a Lawless Area. These have largely opposite effects.

In a Sanctuary, non-criminals cannot be harmed by other players. Criminal Intent cannot be enabled in these areas. If you have time on your Criminal Timer, however, other players may still hurt you since Criminal Intent is not required to do so. This makes Sanctuaries a haven for players who have not committed any recent crimes, but incredibly dangerous for those who have. Most Outposts are Sanctuaries, with a few exceptions.

In a Lawless Area, committing crimes does not increase your Criminal Timer. You still have to enable your Criminal Intent (default: [U]), but your Criminal Timer will not be increased regardless of what actions you take. These are areas where player vs. player combat is common, and anyone can turn on you in an instant without suffering the usual penalties. Lawless Areas are dangerous, but often offer some of the highest Tier resources. Some Outposts are Lawless Areas. You can tell if an Outpost is Lawless from its icon on the Map.

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