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New World Original Release date Lore

14_Edengrove_Body_03_01A scrap of notes from Master Fisher Davies' Journal:

In the fresh waters of Edengrove lurks a sea monster rarely sighted near the surface.

Horned-Tooth Mandje, the mythical eel of legend, swims through fresh water undulating its long, slimy body through the waters.

Its legend states that those who would harm the Horned-Tooth Mandje's waters would face her wrath, a massive tide coming to wash away the perpetrator. This is how Edengrove stays so clean, or at least one would imagine.
14_Edengrove_Body_03_02A scrap of notes from Master Fisher Davies' Journal:

The crystal blue water of Edengrove is inhabited by any number of fish who've mutated thanks to azoth's transformative powers. Fish with two heads, two hearts, and four fins aren't uncommon here, and fish in these waters often share traits. Just the other day I caught an Azoth-Tinged Fish whose dorsal fin was that of a swordfish and the pelvic fins were that of a bass.

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