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New World Original Release date Lore

10_CutlassKeys_Body_02_01Perhaps Warwick may have had a point about rigorous storage cleanliness.

Today I went to the settlement to get another pole from storage, only to find it had tangled itself up with a spear! It took hours to untie, being that fishing line is precious and I did not want to cut it free. Missed the perfect golden hour for fishing, so the day's wasted now. What a mess.

10_CutlassKeys_Body_02_02I remember my mother had a chair in our old home that no one else was allowed to sit in. She never explicitly told us this, but it was understood that mother's chair was a sacred place.

That's how I feel about my spot, my secret fishing spot here in Aeternum. None are to disturb me there.

When I walked out to the spot with my gear last night, though, I saw a man fishing there I had never seen before. We got into a row about whose spot it was, and thanks to the rapier I have on me I won that one. Saw him again the other day in the settlement grumbling about dying. Serves him right.

10_CutlassKeys_Body_02_03I saw something the other day that no one will believe. It has begun to drive me mad.

I thought at first someone was trying to steal my fishing spot again, but upon closer inspection this 'someone' wriggled off into the water with a screech. It was using a tool to get chunks of loose earth from my spot, I know it to be true. I will see you again, Glowing Gnufish, and next time you will be mine.

10_CutlassKeys_Body_03_01Note from Sailing Master Trost

Taking this coin was a terrible idea.

We've had nothing but bad luck ever since it came aboard our ship.

First we had a month with no merchant ships crossing our paths.

Then we lost our captain to a storm that came out of nowhere.

And now the Vernal Bounty has crashed into this place.

If only we'd never seen the Touched Coin.
10_CutlassKeys_Body_03_02Note from Boatswain Gibbons

Trost keeps muttering on about that stupid coin.

I, for one, don't put much stock in superstitions, but maybe he's on to something.

There is something wrong with the crew, they are forgetting themselves.

I think it is this place, but Trost is convinced it is the coin.

Said he was going to do something about it.
10_CutlassKeys_Body_03_03Note from Gunner Marlowe

That blasted coin keeps reappearing.

Trost swears he threw it into the bay, but it's back.

I thought someone is playing a prank on the poor fellow.

Following him, retrieving the coin when he isn't looking, that sort o' thing.

Except, today I was walking along the beach and saw it myself.

There is something wrong about that shiny piece o' metal, make no mistake.
10_CutlassKeys_Body_03_04Note from Boatswain Gibbons

A fight broke out over the coin this morning.

Trost wasn't involved, which surprised me, but then I realized he was gone.

Searched his quarters and found a note, something about leaving this cursed place.

I think he may have the right idea.
10_CutlassKeys_Body_03_05Note from Gunner Marlowe

Rumors of the coin seem to be spreading.

Another group o' pirates came to take it from us.

We didn't stand a chance, they had some big brute of a fellow, that one enjoyed doling out pain.

Benjamin I think his name was. I remember he used to sail on the Fair Weather Friend.

He took the coin and set out across the water.

Good riddance, I say. Maybe we can finally get some peace.
10_CutlassKeys_Body_04_01Recipe for Sea Dog Brew

Good for any time you need to find your sea legs.

Juice of two Limes
Dash of Clam juice
Garnish with Salty Marsh Fibers
10_CutlassKeys_Body_04_02Recipe for Bitter Squall

It's the dregs that will get you.

Barrel-Aged Gin
Grapefruit Bitters
Ground Zedoary Root
Splash of Salt Water
10_CutlassKeys_Body_04_03Recipe for Stormsurge Surprise

A pleasant surprise from the first sip.

Spiced Rum
Juiced Cranberries
Juice of one Orange
One pureed Sugar Beet
10_CutlassKeys_Body_04_04Recipe for Cutlass Quiche

Sure to start a fight over who cuts the last piece!

Four Turkey Eggs
Heavy Cream
Brined Cheese
Crab Meat
Fatty Bacon
10_CutlassKeys_Body_04_05Recipe for Disaster Stew

For when your ingredients are scarce, and company is scarcer.

Salt Water
Chopped Onion
Potatoes or Turnips
Half a head of Cabbage
Diced Sausages
A mess of Kidney Beans
10_CutlassKeys_Body_04_06Recipe for Brined Biskets

These biskets last years with no sign of mold!

Salt Water
Wheat Flour
Anise Seeds
10_CutlassKeys_Body_04_07Recipe for Sailor's Delight

This red sauce is sure to add flavor to anything!

Fermented Anchovies
Fermented Oysters
10_CutlassKeys_Body_05_01By order held of the Skullworm Court
Abided by the Thalassocratic Captain-in-Command
Enforced by the Dispenser of Justice

Let it be known
The Stone Skull Charter hereby is decreed Code of the Law:

(1) " Cruel and unjust treatment shall be punished. Crew or Captain, all those against whom worthy Complaint was made shall be executed. Any honest Fellow that never abused any Sailors shall be freed.

(2) Plunder and loot shall be divided equally amongst those judged Honest and Fair.

(3) Authority of the Captain-in-Command only be challenged by a Common Cause, delivered and judged by a Court of elected officers.

(4) All those who seek to join the Crew shall be given the opportunity to do so, at their Peril and the Judgement of the Captain-in-Command.

(5) The Dispenser of Justice shall be an elected officer appointed by the Captain-in-Command, and whose duties be the Fair and Swift distribution of Justice.

(6) Any and all those who oppose the Code of the Law are as flotsam on the sand, and their Souls shall be scattered midst the four corners of Aeternum. So be it. "

As Decreed, and Duly Signed,
Goldstein the Equalizer, Captain-in-Command!

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