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Lore_Body_Crafting_StationsCrafting Stations are structures where crafting can be done. Each allows crafting recipes of a certain type, and require a different Trade Skill to use. Crafting Stations can be found in Outposts or built by Companies on their Territories. Each has a Tier, and can only be used to craft recipes of that Tier or below.

Forges have recipes for Melee Weapons, Shields, Gathering Tools, and Heavy Armors.

Workshops have recipes for Ranged Weapons, Ammunition, and Siege Weapons.

Outfitting Stations have recipes for Light and Medium Armors, Bags, and Trinkets.

Kitchens have recipes for food and drinks that provide a wide range of benefits in addition to filling your Food or Drink meter.

Arcane Repositories have recipes for Tinctures, Potions, Weapon Coatings, and Magical Gauntlets.

Your Camp is also a Crafting Station, but is a bit unique in that it has recipes for a very wide range of items. Many of these recipes don't require refined resources, but don't always have options for every Tier. The Tier of your Camp and the ability to craft the recipes found there is determined by your ranks in the Wilderness Survival Trade Skill.

While viewing a Crafting Station, you can use the tabs at the top to switch to viewing recipes from any other Crafting Station. However, you cannot craft items for a station you are not using.

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