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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Crafting_RefiningMost recipes require materials that have been refined. Refining is done at Refining Stations, which can be found at Outposts or built by Companies on their Territories. Refining Stations have Tiers associated with them and can only refine materials up to that Tier.

The Woodshop is used to refine Wood into Timber, Lumber, and Planks. It requires ranks in the Logging and Carpentry Trade Skill to use, and higher Tier refining requires a higher level of skill.

The Smelter is used to refine precious metals into Ingots, as well as to create Charcoal from Wood. Ranks in the Mining, Stonecutting, and Smelting Trade Skill are required to smelt Ingots, but anyone can create Charcoal. A higher rank is required to craft higher Tier Ingots.

The Loom is used to weave Fibers into cloth like Linen, Sateen, and Silk. It requires ranks in the Harvesting and Weaving Trade Skill to create cloth, with higher Tiers requiring more ranks.

The Tanning Station is used to turn Rawhide into Leather. It requires ranks in the Tracking, Skinning, and Tanning Trade Skill to use, and requires more ranks to craft higher Tiers of Leather.

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