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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Crafting_RarityMany items can have a Rarity and a Craftsmanship rating.

To craft an item of a higher Rarity, you need to use higher Rarity materials. As the name suggests, higher Rarity materials are tougher to obtain. They require more ranks in the relevant gathering Trade Skill as well as a bit of luck to obtain.

Craftsmanship is a representation of how well made an item is. If you have enough ranks in the relevant crafting Trade Skill, you have a chance to craft items of higher quality.

Using a higher Rarity of the primary material will increase the Rarity of the final item, which is always better. Using a higher Rarity of any material, including the primary material, combines with your ranks in the corresponding Trade Skill to increase your chances of crafting at a higher Craftsmanship. You can see your chances of crafting at each possible Craftsmanship level while viewing the Recipe. Just like Rarity, having a higher Craftsmanship results in an item with better stats.

When you craft the item, you automatically make a Crafting Roll. You'll see the results of your roll on the Quality Bar when making the item.

Items that are both high Rarity and high Craftsmanship are extremely valuable. Making these requires a significant amount of investment, both in the form of skill and valuable resources.

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