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New World Original Release date Lore

Lore_Body_Crafting_GatherCrafting always requires materials. Raw, unrefined resources are gathered from around Aeternum, and usually require using Gathering Tools. There are several Trade Skills related to gathering. These increase the number you collect and grant a chance to gather resources of a higher Rarity. These skills are also required to refine that type of resource into higher Tier materials.

Some items don't require tools to gather. Flint can be found on the ground all over Aeternum, but especially along the beaches. Small amounts of Wood can be gathered from bushes without the need for tools. Turkeys can be harvested for meat and feathers without a knife. If a tool you do not have is required, you will see that requirement in place of the option to gather when you approach.

A simple Tier 1 version of each Gathering Tool can be crafted at your Camp. They only require Flint and Wood, which can be gathered without tools, and have no skill requirement to craft.
Lore_Body_Crafting_Gather2There are 4 kinds of gathering tools: Logging Axes, Pickaxes, Sickles, and Skinning Knives. Each has a corresponding Trade Skill to increase its effectiveness.

A Logging Axe or Hatchet is used to chop trees to gather Wood. Trees can be found almost anywhere in Aeternum, though in more corrupted areas they may be withered and provide unusable wood. Wyrdwood trees are rare, and tend to grow in dangerous and Lawless Areas, but the Wyrdwood they provide is required for the highest Tiers of items. The Logging and Carpentry Trade Skill improves how much you gather from each tree, grants a chance to receive higher Rarity Wood, and allows refining the Wood.

A Pickaxe or Pick is used to gather stone from Boulders and ore from metal veins like Iron Veins. Boulders are common, but are found most densely in Highlands areas. Ore Veins are less common, and are also most likely to be found in Highlands areas. You can use the Map to identify Highlands areas to search. Starmetal and Orichalcum are rare metals that only appear in dangerous and Lawless Areas. They are required for the highest recipe Tiers. The Mining, Stonecutting, and Smelting Trade Skill helps you gather more from Boulders and Ore Veins, grant a chance to gather higher Rarity resources, and allows you to refine those resources.

A Sickle is used to harvest various plants, both mundane and alchemical. Throughout Aeternum, plants like Hemp, Vegetables, Herbs, and Alchemical Ingredients can be found growing in the wild. Hemp provides Fibers, which are important to creating cloth and clothing. Vegetables and Herbs are used in many Provisioning recipes to create meals, and can be grown by Companies in their owned Territories. Alchemical Ingredients are unique to Aeternum, and provide the power needed to create Potions and Magical Gauntlets. The Harvesting and Weaving Trade Skill lets you gather more from plants, gives you a chance to gather higher Rarities of resources from plants, and allows you to weave Fibers into cloth.

A Skinning Knife is used to cut Rawhide from dead animals, and to collect their Meat. Many types of wildlife can be found across Aeternum. Most allow the harvesting of Rawhide, but some species like Elk have a chance of providing Animal Horn, and others like Wolves could provide Animal Fangs. Explore to find the types of areas each species prefers. The Tracking, Skinning, and Tanning Trade Skill lets you harvest more resources from animals, gives you a chance to harvest higher Rarities of those resources, allows you to tan Rawhide into leather, and gives you the ability to track animals on your Compass at the top of the screen.

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