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New World Original Release date Lore

Lore_Body_Companies_WarIn order to capture Territories from each other, Companies can declare War. To declare War, you can use the Map or the All Companies menu. Declaring War costs a significant amount of Coin, and you can only declare War on a Company that owns at least one Territory. The exact cost varies based on a number of factors, including difference in size between the Companies.

War plays out in a number of Phases, each with slightly different rules of engagement.

When War is first declared, it enters the Pre-War phase. During this phase, the Companies still may not attack each other without commiting a crime. This phase grants the Defending Company the opportunity to muster their forces, and prevents surprise attacks while most of a Company's members are offline.

After the Pre-War phase comes the Battle phase. During this phase, the involved Companies can attack each other freely without any criminal punishment. Territory protections are active, however. The length of the Battle phase can vary depending on when the War was started and what time the Defender's Siege Window is set for.

The next phase is Siege. The Siege phase takes place during the Defending Company's Siege Window. During this phase, the Attacking Company can bypass the Defending Company's protection on their Territories. This means the attacker can destroy one of the Defender's Protection Wards even if they've paid for protection. This phase ends early if a Protection Ward is successfully destroyed.

After the Siege phase, the War enters a Resolution phase. The Companies can still attack each other during this phase just like during the Battle phase. However, during this phase the Defending Company can declare a counter attack. This is a special way of declaring War that costs less than the initial attack and skips the Pre-War phase. Instead, a counter attack's Battle phase starts immediately after the Resolution phase ends. If no counter attack is declared, the War ends when the Resolution phase does.

You can see the times that each phase will take place in the popup that appears when you choose to declare War, before committing and spending the Coin. While at War, you can check on what phase it is in and when the next one starts in the Wars tab of the Company screen.

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