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Lore_Body_Companies_TerritoriesIn order to start building Structures, a Company must claim Territory. Territories are spread around Aeternum, and vary in size and resources. There is no limit to the number of Territories a single Company can hold.

In order to claim a Territory, a member of the Company must use a Claim Charter on the vacant Protection Ward. Claim Charters are purchased at Trading Posts. They cost a lot and can be dropped just like any other item, so be careful when carrying the Charter to the Territory.

If a Territory is already held by another Company, it cannot be claimed until its Protection Ward is destroyed. If protection is not active for the Territory, this can be done through Criminal action. If protection is up on the Territory, then the Company that wishes to take the Territory must declare War.

Once claimed, Company members with adequate permissions can manage aspects of the Territory from its Protection Ward. At the Protection Ward, you can improve the Tier of your Territory and purchase protection for it.

Upgrading a Protection Ward allows the construction of higher Tiers of Structures. When you interact with the Protection Ward and choose to upgrade it, a new Blueprint is placed over the Protection Ward. You must then supply the required resources as you would any other Blueprint in order to complete the upgrade.

Purchasing protection for a Territory prevents all Structures, including the Protection Ward itself, from being damaged. This protection can be bypassed briefly during a Siege, but is otherwise impenetrable. Keeping protection up on a Territory allows you to not have to worry about bandits and raiders destroying your progress. Protection requires both Coin and Azoth to maintain.

Remember that protection only applies within a certain radius of the Protection Ward, and it does not protect players.

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