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Lore_Body_Combat_Overview*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

Aeternum is often a dangerous place. Mastering combat is important to your survival. Territorial beasts, corrupted settlers, other players, and even the world itself will try to bring about your early demise. You'd best be prepared.

Many different weapons and techniques are available to use, but all require an understanding of the ebbs and flows of a fight. You'll need to switch between attacking and defending in order to manage your Stamina. Remember that running out of Stamina leaves you vulnerable, unable to dodge, block, or attack effectively.

When entering a fight, prepare by drawing your weapon. This can be done by either pressing the number that corresponds to the Quickslot you've placed the weapon in ([1], [2], or [3]), or by pressing [X] to draw the last weapon you used. While your weapon is drawn, you move slower and sprinting costs Stamina. Only draw your weapon when you're ready to fight, and sheathe it by pressing the same button again when the fight is over.

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