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Lore_Body_Combat_Healing*Note: All controls are default, and can be changed in the Settings screen

Healing outside of combat can be done by keeping your Food meter high and resting at your Camp. But these methods are too slow to help much during a fight. Instead, you may want to use Potions or team up and supply healing using a magical Celestial Gauntlet.

Potions are consumables crafted at Arcane Repositories. There are several kinds of Potions that regenerate Health, Stamina, or Mana. Potions have a limited number of uses, so you'll need to resupply after running out. If you have Potions, remember to equip them to a Quickslot so you can use them in combat without stopping to rummage through your Inventory.

Celestial Gauntlets are magic devices which are wielded like weapons, but serve a mostly opposite purpose. While wielding a Celestial Gauntlet, you can use [LMB] to place a magic rune at your feet that heals those within it. It has a moderate radius, allowing you to heal yourself and a number of other players in one casting. If you hold [RMB], you can aim this rune a short distance before clicking [LMB], allowing you to place it where it is most needed in a battle. Using this rune carries a heavy cost to Mana, so you may want to carry Potions to refill your Mana if you want to use a Celestial Gauntlet often.

The Celestial Gauntlet cannot deal damage, and can leave you vulnerable as you cast spells with it. It is best used within a group. Its effectiveness scales with your Faith Attribute.

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