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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Combat_EquipLoadThe weight of all the items you have equipped, including in your Quickslots, impacts your Equip Load. You can check your current Equip Load in the top left of the Equipment screen. The maximum is determined by your Physique Attribute.

Based on the weight of your equipment, your Equip Load may fall into 1 of 4 categories:

• Light: you'll move a little faster, regenerate Stamina more quickly, and dodge further. You probably won't have very high Absorption stats if you manage to stay in this category, though.
• Normal: this is the baseline and does not modify your stats. This usually means you are wearing medium armor, or light armor with a lot of Quickslots filled.
• Heavy: you move a bit slower, can't roll very far, and regenerate Stamina slower. However, you also gain improved Defenses to Physical Attacks and your GRIT is tougher to break.
• Over-Equipped: you have too much weight equipped, and suffer a number of negative effects. You cannot dodge or sprint, and your Stamina regenerates even slower than Heavy. If you reach this point, unequip some items.

You can hover your mouse over the Equip Load bar on the Equipment screen to see the effects at any time.

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