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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Combat_AttackTypesDifferent attacks may deal different types of damage. Ultimately, these all deal damage to a character's Health. What's important about Attack Types is that they determine which Defense and Absorption stats are used to reduce the damage the attack does.

There are 9 Attack Types divided into 2 categories.

Physical Attacks
• Standard: a catch-all category that many beasts and monsters deal
• Slash: damage caused by chopping, dealt by things like sword or axe swings
• Thrust: damage caused by impaling, dealt by things like sword thrusts or arrows
• Strike: damage caused by blunt impact, dealt by things like clubs
• Siege: damage designed to damage structures, and uses your Standard Defense and Absorption

Elemental Attacks
• Magic: damage caused by supernatural effects other than Corruption
• Lightning: damage caused by electricity
• Fire: damage caused by flame and extreme heat
• Void: unnatural damage effective against uncorrupted targets

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