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New World Original Release date Lore

Lore_Body_Combat_AfflictionsSome attacks or environments can cause harm in ways other than direct damage. These other forms of damage are called Afflictions.

Characters have a Resistance score for each possible Affliction. These Resistances are determined mostly by your equipment, although several Attributes affect them as well. You can see your current Resistance scores on the Equipment screen.

When you take Affliction damage, your Resistance is depleted by that amount. If you run out of Resistance, you become Afflicted. This has different effects for each type of Affliction:
Poison: deals moderate damage over a long time, and will likely kill you if you do not rest at your Camp.
Corruption: deals massive damage over a short time, and will likely kill you before you can address it. Avoid this at all costs.
Wound: greatly diminishes the rate that you regenerate Stamina.
Frostbite: prevents you from running or dodging.
Disease: quickly depletes your Food and Drink meters.

There is one more Affliction that behaves slightly differently, and that's Drowning. If your head is underwater for too long, you die. Your Resistance to Drowning can't be improved, and no attack can cause it.

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