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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

02_Brightwood_Body_04_01It is said that there is a catfish whose skin is lined with azoth.

Dubbed 'Egede Serpe' after a traveler saw it, to catch a Serpe is to peak as a fisher here in Brightwood. If only I could reel in this mysterious creature and perform experiments...

02_Brightwood_Body_04_02Mercury, what can't it do? Used in skin treatments and mood tinctures in the Old World, it can also most readily be extracted from the Swordfish that circle Aeternum. Used ubiquitously by healers across the globe Mercury can be administered in its liquid or solid salt form. The mercury content of the Aeternum swordfish seems irregularly high, but I cannot compare it to an Old World fish without returning home, which is impossible with the storms that haunt the coast.

For now I must rely on anecdotal evidence from the other alchemists who have seen Old World swordfish, as unreliable as those observations can be.


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