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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Arch_TheSpireI take no pride in what happened next but do not take this as a writ of confession. Rolfe refused me, and would not part with the azoth he carried. I explained to him, at length, that I was certain of my discovery but lacked the means to test it with the central obelisk, but with his cooperation, we might yet illuminate the secrets of the culture that had come before us.

He grew agitated and said that he would leave at dawn and head back to the Renee's home and seek shelter with the Frenchwoman – and take the azoth with him. He spoke of nameless dangers if I persisted in my efforts, until I grew quite tired of it, and told him I wished to hear no more.

At this point, I ordered him to part with the azoth one last time. He shook his head, and before he could give voice his refusal, I had sunk my knife into his throat. I knew it would not kill him, but I had no use for his body any longer – it was what he carried I needed. If he wanted to go, then so be it. His other belongings would remain should he brave the journey again. I took solely the azoth, and I made a promise that should our paths cross, I would repay him for its use – if Aeternum let him awake as it did for others.

I have one attempt at this – and I shall do so at the central Spire.


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