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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Arch_RolfeFeb 24. I have secured a guide, a fellow named Rolfe. Unlike the others, seemed undaunted by the tales of obelisks, spheres – even the dead amongst the ruins on the ridge. “They's dead, no life left in them,” he said. “Guarding nothing, Yorick's all.” He told me that you might chance across one of them in the underbrush while hunting, usually near the great stone structures of the isle, like the lighthouse to the south. I asked if he was not curious about them, and he shrugged – and said if I was, and I had coin or azoth to pay him with, then my curiosity was his gain. “Who cares who built them as long as they're naught more than skeletons now – dead and gone is how I prefer, and I'd rather not join them.”

I told him my interest lay with the Spheres... and perhaps this curious temple he mentioned to the east.

R. Grenville

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