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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Arch_GrowingFearsMay 20. Rolfe again voiced his fears the azoth might awaken that which lies dormant on Aeternum.

The man is a fool, and has not the heart to continue. I reminded him of the great fields of life that blossomed around the obelisks – if that was their power while the obelisks slept, what life might rise should they awake and how could that be naught but a good thing? Do we ourselves not awake each day and are better than when we sleep and know nothing but dreams?

Even my reasoned arguments did not quell the man's doubt. He became quite animated, saying I knew not what might wake at the center Spire... even the dead, the skeletons that encircled the cursed temple might come alive, if their hearts were tied to this land.

I suspect our ways must soon part, though I know his promise of payment keeps him in my shadow for now. If needs must, I will send him away, but before he goes, I will need his azoth for what I plan next. I will unlock the mysteries here, and cast such a light that it will burn away doubts and shadow from fearful minds.


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