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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Arch_AzureFlames[Page is burned, but it looks like it was written on after it was burnt, not before.]

My hands shake as I write this. I was a fool. First the Spire, the great light... the light grew above me like the dawn of a second day, and my heart lept with hope – and again, when I saw the torches along the main road blossom into blue flame. It was as if I'd awoken the isle itself!

Then... then a terrible silence from the Spire as the light streaming from it froze in the air, as if paralyzed by touching the Earth. I confess... I was consumed by a growing dread, and I fled along the road, the blue flames leading my steps... as it turned out, here, to the Temple Ruins from before.

The Temple was no sanctuary. Had the azure flames summoned me here? Whatever occurred at the Spire, it had touched here as well, awakening something terrible. I saw the same blue fire that lit the lanterns of the road now burn within the chest of the skeletal figures I had taken for dead... they were not dead, I see now, merely sleeping. Now they walked, blades drawn, circling the Temple with dark intent. What have I awoken?

May the powers of Aeternum have mercy upon my soul.


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