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New World ALL Lore dump datamine

Lore_Body_Arch_AprilDig...Grenville's like a horse with blinders, but an honest man and fair with the men - perhaps too fair at times. I don't know what he plans once we unearth this stubborn boulder, but the work is safer than spilling more blood for a drop of azoth.

His man, Rolfe, is a sharp but worrisome fellow, his brow seems to gain another furrow with each passing day. His eyes are always to the woods, and he jumps at every shadow and crack of a branch. Each day he presses Grenville for when we might move on. It is not robbers he fears, that much is certain.

Timber and stone we have in plenty, it's game we need. And we'll need to see some coin from Grenville soon, or else the men's work will slow.


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